Just in case you're just meeting me for the first time, my name is Stephanie Obi. I specialize in helping entrepreneurs to teach online, get paid and impact lives. I do this by helping them to create and sell online courses. Over the last three years, I have helped hundreds of women across the globe create and sell online courses including Africa’s most successful entrepreneurs such as Ibukun Awosika, Tara Fela Durotoye, to mention a few.


I recently launched a mini course and got 240 students who paid me a total of $19,365 in three days.  In this post, I will be sharing a break down of the steps I took to achieve this result

How I Created This Mini Course

I started by thinking about the major problems people who want to launch an online course for the first time have.

  1. They are not sure of what topic to teach
  2. They are not sure of how to create the course
  3. They are not sure of how to sell the course
  4. They are not techies. They probably don't have a website
  5. They may not have taught before, so they are not sure of how to structure the lesson
  6. They may only be used to live workshops

I have been teaching online since 2013 and I know the answers to all these problems. I have also helped hundreds of women entrepreneurs who had these same issues to get answers. I recorded video lessons to answer all these problems and turned them into a mini online course, called "Your First Online Course".

The value of this package was $2,879 but I priced it at $250

Over 240 people signed up when we launched the course, the total sales came to $19,365 (N6,971,400).

We received payment from Paystack (for Nigerian customers), Fastspring (for International customers) and Direct Transfers into our bank account. 

We have now set up this course to sell on autopilot and we receive an average of 3 sales per day.

How I promoted this Mini Course

1. I designed a Sales Page

A sales page is a page that contains all the details of your online course.

No matter how small you want to start, you cannot speak to everyone who wants to get more details about your online course.

They will have questions about what it will include.

They will have questions about whether your online course is for them.

I always use a sales page and we still receive a lot of questions anytime we are launching a course.

It's better for you to spend your time answering questions and resolving objections than to be explaining to people one by one.

The sales page is typically long because it is detailed and it should also be designed in a way that it sells your online course for you.

This on its own is another art.

A copy of this my profitable sales page template is available on TrainQuarters. You can customise it and use it to sell your own Mini Course.

PS: TrainQuarters is a tech platform I launched in 2019, which makes it easy for you to sell your online course to more people by providing the tools, trainings and a course marketplace so that you can make more money from your knowledge, skills and expertise


2. I sent emails

I decided to launch the course with a flash sale.

I sent emails to my email list, telling people that the flash sale for the mini course was now available.

The title of the first email was "It's Here! Flash Sale is Here!!!

I sent more emails reminding them that the flash sale was still available.

It might be scary to send too many emails when you're launching your course but here’s the truth, not everybody will see all those emails.

 Some people will just skip it.

Some might have been having a crazy morning and did not see the first email you sent. 

People ALWAYS say to me, “Stephanie, I didn’t see your emails”.

Meanwhile I was sending emails consistently.

As you send these emails, bear in mind that you are doing your email subscribers a favour.

You are telling them about this new, hot, amazing offer you have.

If they take the offer, they are the ones benefiting because they can get it at a reduced price and the course will change their lives.

If they don’t take the offer, they are the ones who still do not have access to what can help them improve their lives, businesses, careers, relationships, etc and they will pay a bigger price from all the mistakes they will keep on making.

I'm sure you've heard this quote before, "If education is too expensive, try ignorance".

So don't feel awkward when you're marketing your course or sending multiple emails, you're doing people a favour.

If they don't want to see your emails, they can unsubscribe. They probably don't need your help...and that's okay. You were not sent to help everyone.

Bonus Tip

Write all your emails at once and schedule them up, so that they will keep delivering while you're busy with something else. You will just be seeing credit alerts on your phone when one of your emails go out.

I highly recommend that this is automated, and this is one of the things you can do on TrainQuarters.

Schedule it and smile at your alerts on your phone.



3. I promoted it on Social Media

I shared it repeatedly on my Instagram page because Instagram does not show everybody your posts.

If you just share it once, a lot of people will not see it.

I shared it repeatedly on my Instastories, Facebook Page, and even Whatsapp Stories.

Once again, you always have to remember that not everybody is seeing all your posts.

So post a lot more frequently when you are launching a course.

Create images that will get people's attention.

You can create these images yourself on Canva or you can ask a graphic designer to create an image for you.

They typically charge $5 - $14 per image.

You can also do livestreams.

I didn't do this during this launch but it's also a great way of letting people know that you are launching a course.


4. I ran Facebook Ads

Once again, because I know that not everybody is seeing my Facebook posts, Instagram posts and even email...I ran ads on Facebook and Instagram.

I however only targeted people who already follow me on social media, read my emails and visit my website.

I spent $400.

What can I say? It takes money to make money.

Even though I spent $400 in ads, I made $19,365.

The ads were directing people to the sales page directly (Hint: Another great reason why you need a sales page to scale).

Here's how I also look at it.

It's a numbers game.

I know that not everyone who follows me will pay for my course but if I can just convert 0.5%...not even 1%.

If I can just convert 0.5%, I'll be profitable and so I use all the tools available to me to promote.

If you're reading this and you struggle to invest in your business...you're limiting yourself.

Don't allow your small business or small budget keep you small minded.

There's always a price to pay to achieve big goals.

PS: If you live in Nigeria and you're wondering how to pay for Facebook Ads, you can use an Access Bank Dollar Denominated Card (They didn't pay me for this mention, that's just what I use and I know it works)



5. Deadline Timers

Let's be real.

An online course is really a set of videos that you give people access to.

There's no real urgency.

The videos are always there.

If you don't give people a reason to pay for your online course now, they will ask to pay for it later and not today.

This later can become never.

This is why I used deadlines and I also used a tool called Deadline Funnels which helps me to visually display the deadline timer so that it's very visible.

If the deadline counter is not visible, it's easy for people to miss it.


Want to Launch Your Own Online Course Too?




I wasn’t sure of what to expect when I signed up for Stephanie's course. I had doubts but I was certain about learning something new.

As I watched her lessons, I got clarity on my course topic and before the course was over I became certain of the best way to present my own online course.

Prior to the course, i wasn't tech savvy but the video lessons made techy stuff like A,B,C and now i can say i'm 7/10 when it comes to tech stuff.

She did not only empower me to launch my own online course, but i was equipped to do a whole lot more.... like building my email list to 1200, etc.

I launched my online course, The Profitable Manufacturer, which helps manufacturers to build profitable businesses on the 15th of December 2017 and I got a total number of 29 students.

What gives me joy is the fact that I'm able to guide a lot of people in the manufacturing space from the comfort of my room and they in turn get all info needed in the comfort of their space as well.

She is one of my 2017 miracles and I'm forever grateful.

Don't worry about your topic, content, launch, presentation style, delivery, etc All will be like ABC

Bola Adefila


I had been wanting to launch my course for over 2 years but Stephanie's Course made this dream a reality! Step by step, clarity, even validation! Thank you!!

Before I got into the course, I didn’t know how to start!! I knew what I wanted to teach but had no clue about how to go about it, plan it, schedule it or even what sort of site would work!

I was able to create my site and have launched my course twice since then! This is within one year of taking her course.

I’ve made 7 figures in Naira and I’ve been able to enrol students from different countries around the world.

The best part is, I have a fully functional online school and a course I can automate anytime I want!

Kemi Lewis


Before working with Stephanie, I was dealing with indecision. I desired to make a change but I was not sure what to do.

Steph helped me to find my gold. I had been dulling myself since. While taking her course. I found a topic I could teach and I launched a mini course, a live workshop, and corporate trainings...all on the same topic. I was able to launch multiple streams of income.

I’m so happy. With what I have learnt so far the sky is the starting point.

Buchi Iduozee


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