How to Launch a Premium Online Course

even if you don't have a huge audience, you have a full or part time business and you're not techy

Here's what you will learn:

  • The top three mistakes a lot of coaches make with their online courses and how to avoid them
  • The most important thing you need to attract high paying clients (Hint: It's not years of experience as a coach)
  • My 4 Step Framework for Launching a Premium Online Course that attracts high paying clients and gets them results especially if you can't be physically present all the time to coach them

One of the greatest gifts that Stephanie has is her ability to first of all help you find what  aspect of your knowledge can be monetized online.

A lot of established business leaders have acquired certain knowledge that can be taught to the next generation but that knowledge needs to be put into a curriculum design that makes it effective for that business leader's message to be heard, understood and applied so that the students can produce results.

Stephanie Obi has the capacity to help any business leader design, create and promote profitable online courses.

Tara Fela-Durotoye, Founder and CEO, House of Tara International

I had been wanting to launch my online course for over 2 years but Stephanie made this dream a reality!

I knew what I wanted to teach but I didn't know how to start. I had no clue about how to go about it, plan it, schedule it or even what sort of website would work. Stephanie gave me step by step clarity and even validation.

Today, 53 people have signed up to my courses and webinar and about 100 have bought e books. This is spread over Nigeria, US, UK, France, Israel, South Africa, Canada, Australia. I then started attracting international speaking opportunities in Atlanta, Kenya, UK, etc. It has been so surreal.

Kemi Lewis, Founder KLS Naturals

Hi, I'm Steph 

Even though I didn't have a lot of time, didn't have a huge audience and I wasn't sure if anyone would pay me what I wanted to charge because I live in Africa and there were so many people teaching the same topic at rock bottom prices, I launched my first $97 online course and it was a huge success

After that, I quit my job to face my coaching business full time, and then I started struggling to consistently attract high paying clients who valued my expertise. it was really a struggle to remain in business until I discovered my proven framework.

Today, I attract so many high paying clients using my premium online course and they get results...amazing results. It's so humbling to see them use my framework to clarify their message, launch irresistible courses and impact lives in a transformational way.