One of the greatest gifts that Stephanie has is her ability to first of all help you find what your message is and what aspect of your knowledge can be monetized.

A lot of established business leaders have acquired certain knowledge that can be taught to the next generation but that knowledge needs to be put into a curriculum design that makes it effective for that business leader's message to be heard, understood and applied so that the students can produce results.

Stephanie Obi has the capacity to sit with any business leader and help them design, create and promote online courses. Sitting with her is always such a joy because you'll walk away with clarity and fulfilment, knowing that you now have an opportunity to give back to the next generation

Tara Fela-Durotoye, Founder and CEO, House of Tara International

Attracted High Paying Clients

I was struggling with getting high paying students.

Each time I increased my course fee, I was met with complaints and I always had to offer a discount to sell.

I was worried about joining Course Launched Delivered because I didn't want to come into the program and see that the lessons were based on things I already knew.

After I joined CLD, I discovered why CLD is the perfect program for trainers who are ready to scale.

I was able to structure my program in a way that helps my clients get results - This is my biggest result.

I pre-sold my course and earned $2,400 and when I launched my course, I earned $9,000.

Amara Tasie, Creator - Product Sales System


I co-founded SoFresh, the pioneer healthy food company in Nigeria and to date we have grown to 10 outlets with over 150 employees within the space of 10 years.

I decided to teach other entrepreneurs how we built a great team and this is why I signed up to Stephanie's CLD programme in 2018. In 3 months, I launched my course and started launching other products. So far, 35 people have taken my online course, 20 people paid for my webinar and I have sold the replay to many others. I also now offer private consultations.

Many of my students have completely realigned their company's purpose with the right HR strategy. Mission statements have been revamped and they have scaled in number and impact. I'm so proud of the impact my courses have been able to achieve.

Abimbola Balogun, Co-Founder, SoFresh 

$10,000 from my First Launch

I had ideas but struggled to create and execute

After working with Steph, I was able to create a great training tool which I can easily refer people to and free up my time for other projects

When I launched my course, I enrolled trainees from 12 different countries and generated over $10,000 from my first launch

Dupe Talabi - Beautiful Natural Bridal Hairstyles

I struggled to put my ideas to motion...

Before working with Steph, I struggled with putting my ideas to motion especially after trying to do it myself and realising that in order to move faster towards achieving my goal, I needed more experienced and hands-on help.

After working with Steph, I discovered the specific dimension of my calling as an educator, I was able to excellently articulate my ideas into a well structured written flow.

I launched my online course with a very good foundation twice last year, serving up to 30 people and getting results

The fulfilment of seeing the lives of people impacted because of this program and the enormous gratitude that came from a lot of them is everything

Launching my course gave me the courage to own my space as an educator and go deeper into creating more valuable resources for my community

Yagazie Eguare, Creator - Profitable Photography Business


I had so many topics options but I was unsure of which one in particular to teach as an online course and I wanted to work with someone who had proven results in creating profitable online courses. Steph Obi was the only person that ticked the box. 

She helped me to identify the right profitable topic to teach. Also, I remember creating a first draft of the course content and when Steph read it, she gave her expert feedback. We had to start from all over. I loved that Steph could Identify when a course is not properly done and with her expertise we designed the best course.

My pre-launch & launch campaign was superb, Steph & her team's guide was fantastic. She shared templates and other resources that I needed to launch successfully. 

Steph helped with a mindset shift in pricing my course the right way. Pricing my course with the value that it offers to users not underpricing or overpricing the course. It doesn't matter what competition is doing.

During my course launch, I had a few fears and when Steph and I chatted she said something that was very profound.  It felt like the Holy Spirit speaking to me. So my focus changed from fearing that people will not pay to having faith that I will attract the right people who can pay for my course and that's exactly what happened.

I launched my premium course and got 23 students. 


Oluwatobi Otokiti - Creator, Transition to Product Management


Before joining Course Launched Delivered, I had no clue about where to start from in creating an online version of my course. 

I was not sure of how to price my course, how to really create value for my students and I was worried about whether anyone would be able to afford my course.

I was also afraid that I would not be able to make the cld course fee back but now, when I look at myself now... I literally have to pinch myself to see what I have become in one year actually. 

I have gotten into million dollar projects from students who took my courses

I have and still keep getting speaking engagements for corporate organisations and bodies centred around the field of project management. 

I have been able to create an unforgettable experience for my students who have in turn become raving fans, willing to link me up for any consulting projects.

I only have three words for Stephanie, Thank you,  Coach!


Rosemary Imhanwa - Creator, Project Management Professional Training


I decided to launch an online course because I wanted to help more wig makers across Africa but I had no idea of where to start from.

Before joining Course Launched Delivered, I was really worried about whether I would get a return on my investment but I took a step in faith. 

Course Launched Delivered helped me to launch my course, price it right and attract the right audience.

The first time I launched my course, it earned over $5,500 and I’m still selling it. The course also positioned me as an expert, I started getting global recognition and it 

If you’re willing to do the work in Course Launched Delivered, you’re going to get results

Christiana Christopher Ogunlesi - Creator, Machine Wig Mastery


I enrolled into the Course Launched Delivered even though I did not know anything about technology except how to operate my phone and laptop.

With all I learnt from Course Launch Delivered, I launched my online course with an email list of just 600 and Instagram followership of about 400.

I made sure I did everything Steph taught in the course and I still made sales!!!

Today, I’ve relaunched my course so many times, launched many other courses, and I’ve gotten students from different countries taking my course.

Stephanie Obi gave me a voice! I knew I had a talent but Steph defined and sharpened my talent to a very profitable level!

Course Launched Delivered is a game changer!


Miriam Raymond - Cake Instructor


The first time I reached out to Stephanie Obi,  I told her "I am not techy oooo" can you help me?

She said Yes and I signed up for Course Launch Delivered.

By following Stephanie's guide, I not only launched my online course, I also hosted a successful virtual summit.

Course Launched Delivered is like a one stop shop for running your online business, because Stephanie taught us how to host a webinar, how to grow our email list, how to build and maintain a website, etc

I am now the go to techy person amongst my friends.

I woke up this morning thinking about my life Pre- Stephobi and Post-Steph Obi the difference is CLEARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.


Doreen Ayodele - Tax Hack Course


"Previously when I launched a course, I barely got up to 5 paying students.

After Course Launched Delivered, I launched one of my courses and I got close to 20 paying students. 

It was a great success. My email subscriber list grew from 1000 to close to 4000 in just a short time. Now my courses, landing pages are more professional,my conversion rate have improved a lot and I now know how to strategically plan and launch my courses"

Rotimi Leigh - The Wealthy Baker


I was worried about whether it was really possible to reach my goals because I have been following the internet for over 15 years now. Nothing else I tried worked.

My conclusion was I sucked at marketing.

This was my last try to make the internet work for me.

Stephanie helped me to resolve my struggles, by working through my mindset issues, growing an email list, building a website,  writing sales pages and creating online products. I'm doing so many things I thought I could not do before. My confidence has grown considerably. I also hit my 7 Figures goal, and I have so many happy and thankful students.


I have gotten lots of results from working with Stephanie.  I was a bit apprehensive, as I am more reserved and she is always laughing, but she takes her work passionately. Her joy and laughter has lightened my days and made me less serious, more relaxed.


Ayopeju Falekulo - Montessori Course


I enrolled for Course Launched Delivered online course at a time when I was at a crossroad in my life.

The limiting belief that I run a social enterprise so shouldn’t charge my worth for the invaluable time and resources I was giving people was a major dilemma for me.

I was afraid to make the investment and unsure of what the outcome will be.

I took the leap and I went from having very little knowledge about online courses to creating a mid-range transformational course that people paid for within the first 48 hours of my launch.

For me, the course was much more than creating an extra source of income or monetizing my knowledge. It was about beliefs that had held me back from truly doing things afraid, charting new paths and living life fully.

I realized that I was worth it.

Hauwa Ojeifo - Joy Online Course


God bless the day I decided to invest in myself by signing up for Stephanie's CLD Program. I had been teaching courses but the highest I ever made was $555. When I got into the program, Stephanie's teachings literally opened my eyes.She showed all of her master plans. They were simple and well detailed teachings, nothing withheld.

I hit the ground running immediately and this time I made 10X what I used to earn from my courses. Today, I've decided to pursue my dream to live overseas for a year to learn a new language. I'm very excited because as I explore the world, I have an online business that won't suffer.

Wonderfull Abuah - Sew Clothes That Fit


Even though I enjoy working one-on-one with my private clients, people were asking me for help with their personal brand websites so they could launch their online businesses and I couldn't help everybody at once.

So, I created my signature course Build & Launch, following Steph's launch plan and within 6 months I've earned more than $10,000 from 2 launches.


This is not the first time I'm following Steph's method. When I launched my first course, I was 7 months pregnant and tired most of the time, so I chose the simplest of every launch strategy she taught in CLD.


Steph’s method was easy to follow and her voice of encouragement was ringing in my ears. It worked, and I've had profitable launches back-to-back!


Thank you Steph for making online courses easy and breaking it down in such a way that anybody can follow the steps and end up with an online course. 


Today, I have students from Nigeria, US, Canada, UK, France, China, etc. From my home office, I have helped people in places I've not even been to and their thank You notes light up my eyes!


Online courses are a major stream of income in my business and I’m thankful for the opportunity to help people move forward with their brands and businesses


Tolu Michaels - Build and Launch


Before I came on Course Launched Delivered, I was uncertain about what exactly to teach from my wealth of knowledge.

I also did not feel confident to put myself out there. I did not know how to leverage tech and social media and I did not know how to price my services.

Course Launched Delivered made me feel so self assured, optimistic, hopeful and motivated.

I became certain about exactly what to teach and how to structure my course, confident in my own niche, voice and audience despite how many other similar content is out there.

I learnt how to use different tools/sites excellently eg canva, webinars, Instagram and Facebook Ads.

I learnt how to market effectively, price confidently, filter content to sell and those to give as freebies, etc.

The first time I launched my course, it was successful. I'm even launching again.


Amarachi Olusina - IELTS COURSE


As a pioneer in the natural hair industry, I had been wanting to launch my online course for over 2 years but Stephanie made this dream a reality!

I knew what I wanted to teach but I didn't know how to start. I had no clue about how to go about it, plan it, schedule it or even what sort of website would work. Stephanie gave me step by step clarity and even validation.

Today, 53 people have signed up to my courses and webinar and about 100 have bought e books. This is spread over Nigeria, US, UK, France, Israel, South Africa, Canada, Australia. I then started attracting international speaking opportunities in Atlanta, Kenya, UK, etc. It has been so surreal. 

Kemi Lewis, Founder KLS Naturals


Before working with Stephanie, I was dealing with indecision. I desired to make a change but I not sure what to do.


Steph helped me to find my gold. I had been dulling myself since. I launched a successful mini course and the feedback has been wonderful so far. I'm working on the next course with many people already calling to ask when I'm starting.


I’m so happy. With what I have learnt so far the sky is the starting point.


Buchi Iduozee - Training Beyond Slides


I feel like with what i've learnt from Steph, the opportunities and possibilities are endless.

I always knew I wanted to launch my cake classes online, but I didn’t just know where to start.

After working with Steph, I now understood so many important things I never even considered before.

I grew my audience to 3000+ people.

People actually paid for my course and said thank you!

I just want to say thank you for the awesome journey!

My business game has changed for the better.

Bimpe Omotosho - Beautiful Fondant Cakes