Empowers Others. Make Money Too

A step by step guide to starting a business that impacts the lives of people, makes a lot of money and leaves a legacy in the sands of time

Does any of the following apply to you?

  • UnFulfilled Employee

    You have a 9 – 5, and you like the money that hits your account at the end of the month, but you still feel a void. You know that your life should mean something more. You know that you are here to impact the lives of other people. You are just not sure of how to go about it, where to start from, or if it even makes sense. You have tried changing jobs, but it didn’t solve the problem. You are looking for a way out because you know that you cannot continue like this. You are unhappy and you would really like to do what makes you happy

  • Home Maker

    Ever since you got married, your priorities in life changed. Your number one priority is now your family. You want to be able to take care of your children. Every day you read stories of house helps hurting little children and your heart skips a beat when you see the kids. You fear that it can happen to you too. You really want to be able to keep an eye on your kids, but you also have to make some money, there are bills to be paid. You want to be able to make your own money; you don’t want to always have to run to your spouse to ask for money all the time. You just wish that there was a way you could combine home making with money making.

  • Multitalented, Multi Gifted

    You are not really sure of what you want to do, you seem to be so good at anything you decide to do. Everybody calls you a jack of all trades. You have tried all sorts of things from makeup to beading to fashion design to catering to events planning … but no matter how much you try, you just get bored after a while. After spending money to learn the skill or even teaching yourself through Youtube…you don’t use it for anything. You know you can be more, but you are just not clear about how to go about it

  • Frustrated Entrepreneur

    Dollar has gone off the roof, it does not even make sense anymore. For the past 3 months, you have not been able to order any of your products from overseas because the price is now ridiculous. You have been thinking of what else you can do. You are willing to try something new with all the knowledge and experience you have gotten over the years

  • Freedom Seeker

    You are a free spirit, you don’t like to be limited by constraints. You want to be free to live your life the way you want it. You want to be able to hop on a plane and go somewhere at any time you want. You want to be able to travel to different cities. You want to be able to work from anywhere, you don’t want to be entering Lagos Traffic

  • Passion Driven

    You have something that bothers you at night, you can’t sleep. You are so passionate about it. It’s like the thing keeps chasing you wherever you go. You have started something about it, but you do it for free. It’s like an NGO. Money is not really important to you, it is the impact that is more important. You wish that you could spend all your time on this passion that means the world to you, so that you can impact more people

Let me help you

My name is Stephanie Obi and I help people who want to impact the World to reach more people, make more money and leave a legacy.

In 2013, I quit my 9 - 5 to face my Online Business and it was a rough experience because I didn't really know what I was doing, and I didn't even know anyone else who was building an Online Business in my country. I felt so confused but the only thing I was sure about, was that I wanted to impact the world.

I have figured it out now, and I want to help you to build your own Online Business, so that you too can impact the world.

My first Online Business, ST Colours A-School, an Online Ankara Accessories School has reached over 2,000 ladies in over 10 countries and has recorded tremendous impact in the lives of the recipients and in my bank account.

I confidently say that the internet is a gift to the 21st century because for the first time, anybody can impact the world, irrespective of their location.

I am excited to invite you to:

The Start Your Online Business Workshop is a one day live bootcamp, that will be dedicated to helping you start an Online Business.

An Online Business is the easiest way to impact the world, it also gives you room to create the kind of life you want to live.

No more sitting in traffic to go to an office, no more leaving your children with strangers you can't vouch for, no more frustration over not doing exactly what you were born to do, no more joblessness, no more sadness. 

This is a one of a kind bootcamp, and I will be showing you everything I wish I did when I was starting my own Online Business.

If you attend this workshop, you will make less mistakes and you will achieve results faster than I did, because I will be showing you the proven process that eventually worked for me.

How to find A Good Profitable Business Idea

The biggest reason that stops people from starting a  business  is the Business Idea Dilemma

It’s either they are thinking:

  • I don’t even have any ideas
  • I have an idea but I’m not sure this idea can work…I am still thinking about it
  • I don’t have enough experience do this. I need to get a Masters to be able to do this
  • I just saw someone on Instagram doing this idea. I can’t do it anymore
  • My family member is already doing this idea, I can’t do it again, it will be as if I am competing with her, or I stole her idea
  • I feel as if my head is about to blow, I have so many ideas, I don’t even know which one to do again, I am just confused
  • I have an idea but I am not sure it will work or how to go about it or how to get started

In this workshop, you will learn how to  find the right business idea for you...because before you can start an online business, you need a business idea that is actually profitable

The Different types of Online Businesses You can Start

There are 7 main types of Online Businesses.

We will explore each one of them, so that you can make an informed decision on what type of online business you want to start.

You will leave this workshop with a good understanding of what it will require to make your new online business successful.

This knowledge will help you to adequately plan and prepare for your new venture.

In this workshop, you will choose what Online Business Model is best suited for you

The 3 Deadly Mistakes Aspiring Entrepreneurs make and How to Avoid Them

The reason most new businesses fail, is because they keep making the same fundamental mistakes, and hence we have a high failure statistic.

The reason these mistakes have not been identified is because people keep blaming the economy, lack of infrastructure, lack of capital, etc for business failure.

The entrepreneurs who succeed in this market, despite the challenges have avoided the 3 deadly mistakes.

In this workshop, you will learn simple steps you can take to keep your new business alive, despite the environmental challenges

How to Earn More Than Your Monthly Salary

The most significant reason people stay in jobs they don’t like is because of money.

"How will I find money to pay my bills? I have a family and kids and school fees to pay, I don’t want to be reliant on other people for money".

The big mistake they make is that they try to save…but guess why I don't typically advise this for everyone.

The salary some people earn is not even enough for them, not to talk of saving.

How much money do you want to be saving monthly?

How long would you have to save before you can make the capital you need?

Instead of saving, start making extra money (preferably your monthly salary) so that you can have the guts to resign.

In this workshop, you will learn a faster way to start making money, so that you can have the courage to resign as soon as you can

The Smart Way to Find Mentors

Every successful business is built on the back of mentors. Nobody becomes a superstar all by themselves.  Mentoring is one of the most important things you need if you want to get an Online Business, but there is a lot of confusion around getting a mentor.

How do I find a mentor?

How can I find a mentor who is the right fit for me?

This bonus training will be a video training that will share a proven and tested framework  Stephanie used to find her mentors (who are amazing by the way). Tara Durotoye,  Bankole Williams,  and Steve Harris

Hint: Most people are going about this...the wrooonnngggg way

Stephanie is like a doctor of business. The long years of confusion I had been experiencing was just brought to perfect order and clarity in a matter of minutes.

- Joy Agbamuche

Stephanie took me through an intense path finding process in discovering more of my gifts and talents given to me by God. Words cannot express the joy I have discovered from learning so much about myself, talents and the power of being unique. I am very grateful to Stephanie for her patience, understanding and zeal in taking me through this process.

- Funmi Kehinde



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Bank: Diamond Bank

Account Name: ST HUB LIMITED

Account Number: 0053603578

After paying, please send a mail to accounts@stephanieobi.com to confirm your payment and to get a receipt 

I met Stephanie at that point in my life where I was confused. I was doing so many things but getting little reward for it. I just didn't know how to‎ make more money and yet impact the world. However, she opened my eyes and I saw how I have been sitting on a gold mine.  Since then, my mode of work has changed and I am now singing  "We are making money,We are making money..this year,this year.. " Thank you Stephanie for helping me smile to the bank.

- Lara Kudayisi

Stephanie is the real MVP! I am not even playing.  In this world where everybody and anybody is forming business coach, it's rare to find those you connect with. Those who just get it.

- Mofolusade Sonaike

Details of the Workshop

The workshop is available online at Steph B-School.

The live workshop held on the 5th of December 2015. We recorded the session and it is being hosted online at Steph B-School.

On Steph B-School, you get a username and password that you can use to access the workshop recording

Frequently Asked Questions

When are you going to have another Live edition?

We don't know. If we decide to host the live workshop again, it might be in December 2016. We advise that you take the online workshop


Please can you make the workshop available in CDs?

No, you can only get them online at Steph B-School

What if I have questions?

There is a section where you can ask questions.

What is an Online Business?

An Online Business is a business you can run irrespective of your location. You can work from home or from a remote city, and still do business with people all over the world

How much can I make if I start an Online Business?

Your success in business is largely dependent on you and whether you actually implement all I will share with you at the workshop. This is not a get rich quick scheme. It requires hard work, dedication, perseverance and doggedness.

I already have a business, can I take this program?

If you want to turn your business into an online business, you can attend the workshop. Also if you want a refresher program in business or you want to start 2016 on a new note, you can. You know what they say...Innovate or Die

More Questions?

Stories from Past Participants

My biggest concern before I decided to attend the 2015 workshop was my lack of clarity in running my cake baking and decorating business. I was earning some money via the business but I didn't know why people were buying from me hence my inability to promote my products properly. I also got bothered about my desire to give more by helping others succeed in the Nigerian cake industry but didn't know how to go about it without the feeling that I was disorganized and copying another persons idea. Being stuck in my 9-5 job while I felt unfulfilled was also driving me nuts.

The biggest benefit I got from attending the workshop is clarity. I was able to understand the root cause of my concerns as well as proven ways to get them resolved.

I'm still working on getting results but so far, I've been able to create a online survey to test my new idea of teaching the business of cake decorating. I'm preparing my first e-mail newsletter that will be launched once my website and email marketing account  is setup. I'm also learning how to write engaging posts.

Working with Stephanie was money well spent. I was able to speak out my concerns without the fear of being judged or mocked. I realized that speaking out also helped to get to the root of the matter hence your ability to deal with the issues appropriately.

I'm now well able to move from the point of feeling disorganized to being able to identify what I really want and how I intend to solve them.


Bose Adebowale

My biggest fear before I attended the workshop was that I'll be just one of those barely-get-vy business owners. There was also that nagging fear of failure especially because there was pressure to do a regular job but I had tried it and knew it wasn't for me.

Not only did the workshop help me resolve my struggles, I saw that I was on the right path after all.

My mindset has changed and I've stopped thinking small. I had many 'Aha' moments and I started to note the areas to tweak in my business.

I now see that anything is achievable and possible.  This workshop helped me see how I can help people yet still make money while at it. Stephanie’s energy and optimism is contagious and that left me energized too *grins*.

Attending this workshop was enlightening,  eye opening and refreshing to say the least. I realised all over again the importance of self - improvement.  I left feeling like there was so much more to me than I even know. I left the workshop feeling like I had to fulfill purpose at all cost.

Titilola Oloyede

My biggest fear or concern before I decided to attend the workshop was whether it would be worth it. The price was a huge chunk of my profit from the last month.

However the workshop helped me resolve my struggles. I became strengthened to be persistent with my work. I noticed that Stephanie has been consistently doing the same thing really well over time. I resolved to do the same.

I got the strength to break price limits, stretch my expectations of profit. I became unapologetic about setting prices. I used to be very easily swayed, if they price the goods too much I'll budge just to make a sale. I now stick to my guns and people come around still to pay for goods.

The workshop was fun, and Stephanie is extremely passionate. She made me see the endless possibilities in doing business online.

Funmilayo Adeniyi

See You at the Workshop