I'm available to speak as a keynote, expert panelist, or workshop host for the following topic:


  • Journey to a Million Dollars: How I'm growing my business to a Million Dollars and Beyond
  • Hustle Free Products: How to Create and Sell Products that will bring you income even when you're sleeping
  • Go Fearless : How to dream and achieve scary business goals


  • The 120 Talents Income Plan: How to attract millions of dollars like King Solomon
  • Go Fearless : How to dream and achieve scary business goals
  • The Great Commission: How to create books and courses that evangelise in the marketplace
  • Journey to Mrs: An ambitious Girl's journey to achieving Mrs Somebody and Million Revenue Streams

Corporate Organizations

  • Loyal Millennials: How to attract Millennials and turn them into life long customers.
  • ThoughtLeadership for Companies: How to create books and courses that build thoughtleadership in the market

Government & CSR Departments

  • Digital Jobs for Nigerians: How to create digital jobs and unlock unemployment


Stephanie Obi is a leading African Woman in Tech, pioneering the learning technology industry in Africa. She has spent the last seven years creating online courses and technology platforms that help individuals and organizations to train millennials. She also runs an agency called Training Millennials, which has produced online courses for Africa's most successful entrepreneurs including Ibukun Awosika, Tara Fela Durotoye, and Osayi Alile to mention a few.

Dubbed the Knowledge Broker, Stephanie is all about creating wealth opportunities for Africans. She has helped over 1,000 business owners across the globe to monetize their knowledge leveraging technology and is empowering African Millennials to start digital jobs with their knowledge.

Stephanie is the founder of TrainQuarters, a learning tech platform which makes it easy for individuals and organizations to own their online schools and host their online courses. She's a First Class Graduate of Computer Science and the Author of the book, Knowledge is the New Gold.

Recognised as an expert in African technology space, Stephanie is regularly invited to speak at conferences and has been featured in reputable media platforms. She loves to travel to experience new cultures.