Just in case you don’t know who I am.

My name is Stephanie Obi and I live in Lagos, Nigeria.

When I started my business, so many people told me,

"Ohhh Nigerians don't open their emails"

"Online businesses can't work here".

"Nigerians won't pay to learn from you...".

But everyday, I find that I'm defying the odds in this industry.


In 2019 alone, my online course crossed the 6 figure mark in USD, and the majority of my customers are Nigerians.

Here are the steps I took:

1. I made a decision


I know that this might sound like an obvious step or even a trivial step but it was the most important step I took.

I decided to earn 6 figures from one of my online courses and this directed every other decision.

I did not achieve this goal by luck or wishful thinking, so I was not surprised when I eventually hit the goal.

I invested in myself.

I invested in my business.

I grew my mindset.

I took action.

If you want to achieve 6 figures too from your online course, you have to believe that it's possible and take action.



2. I focused on my Area of Specialization


A common misconception is that to make more money, you have to launch many different courses, so you'll see course creators teaching online courses on so many different topics.

Instead of spreading myself too thin, and teaching topics I knew little about, I focused on the topic I am an expert on, which is creating and selling online courses.

This is a topic I have been working on for the past seven years.

I have a proven framework that hundreds of people have used to successfully launch their online courses.

My customers have earned four - five figures in USD from their online courses.

Personally, I have taught thousands of people using my own online courses.

I have written an Amazon bestselling book on the topic, etc.

It's my own area of expertise.

If you wake me up in the middle of the night to ask me any question about how to create and sell any type of online course, I can answer you without thinking.

Instead of launching a cheap course, I launched a premium course on my area of expertise so that I could attract customers who value specialisation.

In every service industry, specialists are always more expensive than generalists.

In the past, I used to launch cheap online courses on different topics and I would get hundreds of customers but it was difficult to earn up to One Million Naira because of how cheap the products were.

I was always broke, always hustling from month to month to try to earn more money, but with my premium course, It brought me a lump sum when I launched it.

I actually earned $60,000 when I launched the course in Feb 2019. In Naira, that's N21.6M. Compare this with N500,000 (that's how much I used to earn from my mini/cheap courses).


3. I attracted my ideal clients


Instagram brings me great leads for free...but it’s not not enough to meet my sales target because only 1% of the people following you on Instagram might become customers.

It can be more than 1%, but I’m just being conservative.

To attract more of the people who need my help and can afford my online course, I use Facebook Ads.

With Facebook Ads, I target:

  1. People who look like people who have already bought my online course before
  2. People who look like people who are already in my email list
  3. People who look like people who are following me on any social media platform
  4. People who follow my competitors
  5. People who are interested in things my clients are interested in

I know a lot of people are hesitant to spend money on ads, but I look at the big picture. I’m trying to earn $100,000. If I spend $1,000 or even $5,000 on ads, I will not die.

Facebook Ads bring me in contact with people who have never heard of me before and I can run these ads to any part of the world.

In other words, with Facebook Ads, I can attract an unlimited number of leads and I can continue to sell my premium online course to them.


4. I ran evergreen webinars 


An evergreen webinar is a short online training that continually sells your online course all year round.

Instead of stopping people from paying for your online course, you can keep running ads to attract a new audience, keep directing them to your evergreen webinar and keep selling your course to them through the webinar.

The best part is, your evergreen webinar can be live or recorded.

If you just want to set up the webinar once and it continually brings you income without your input, you can have a recorded webinar and set it all up to run on autopilot.

Luckily for me, I set up this system before my dad died in 2019, so when I went into mourning and could not really work, the evergreen webinar kept selling my course and I saw my account grow from $60,000 to $100,000.


5. I sent emails consistently


After setting up the evergreen webinar,  I also set up follow up emails.

This is the most important part of sales.

Some emails were to explain.

Some emails were to inspire.

Some emails were to announce.

Some emails were to explain.

Some emails were to answer questions.

Some emails were to remind.

The gold is in the follow up.


If you’re still reading, and you’re thinking to yourself, “I want to make 6 figures too from my online course".

I want to also launch a premium course and set it up to bring me income continually with an evergreen funnel.

I want to learn how to use Facebook Ads to attract more of the people who can afford my premium online course.

In my signature program, CLD Accelerator, I'm sharing uncommon strategies, templates and the coaching you need to earn six figures in USD from your online course.


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