Just in case you don’t know who I am.

My name is Stephanie Obi and I live in Lagos, Nigeria.

When I started my business, so many people told me,

"Ohhh Nigerians don't open their emails"

"Online businesses can't work here".

"Nigerians won't pay to learn from you...".

But everyday, I find that I'm defying the odds in this industry.


In 2019 alone, my business has crossed the 6 figure mark in USD, and the majority of my customers are Nigerians.

Here are the steps I took:

1. I made a decision


I know that this might sound like an obvious step or even a trivial step but it was the most important step I took.

I decided to earn 6 figures from one of my online courses and this directed every other decision.

I did not achieve this goal by luck or wishful thinking, so I was not surprised when I eventually hit the goal.

I invested in myself.

I invested in my business.

I grew my mindset.

I took action.

If you want to achieve 6 figures too from your online course, you have to believe that it's possible and take action.



2. I focused on my Expert Positioning 


A common misconception is that to make more money, you have to launch many different courses, so you'll see course creators teaching online courses on so many different topics.

Instead of spreading myself too thin, and teaching topics I knew little about, I focused on the topic I am an expert on, which is creating and selling online courses.

This is a topic I have been working on for the past six years.

I have a proven framework that hundreds of people have used to successfully launch their online courses.

My customers have earned four - five figures consistently from their online courses.

Personally, I have taught thousands of people using my own online courses.

I have written an Amazon bestselling book on the topic, etc.

It's my own area of expertise.

The beauty of online courses is that you can scale up one online course and thousands of people can pay for that same online course.

You don't have to be launching someone thing new every single month.

I've made this same mistake in the past and I used to launch several cheap courses in the past to stay afloat. What I realised with time is, instead of playing small, living from month to month, and hustling, I can launch a signature course on my area of expertise, charge premium fees and attract the type of people who value experts.

Instead of selling information, I can sell a transformational online course and help my clients get powerful results. This will make a bigger impact in the lives of my clients.


3. I attracted my ideal clients


I'm very clear on who my ideal clients are and started implementing strategies to attract them.

I used Instagram and Facebook Ads.

If you post consistently on Instagram, you’ll notice that Instagram will suggest/expose your page to people and they will start following you, especially if they like the content on your page.

However, not everyone who follows you is your ideal client.

Your ideal client has some specific problems and you can identify your ideal clients by offering them a solution to one of their specific problems.

The people who respond to your solution are your ideal clients.

They are typically a fraction of your social media followers.

In my own specific example, I know that my ideal clients want to launch an online course and don’t know where to start from and so I offer them a free pdf guide to help them get started.

PS: If you want the free pdf guide, you can get it here.

The people who sign up for the free guide are added to my email list and I can keep sending them more personalised emails via email, which also helps to build a relationship with them.

Instagram brings me great leads for free...but it’s not not enough to meet my sales target because only 1% of the leads you have might become customers...if not less.

It can be more, but I’m just being conservative.

To get more leads, I invest in Facebook Ads.

With Facebook Ads, I target:

  1. People who look like people who have already bought my online course before
  2. People who look like people who are already in my email list
  3. People who are following me on any social media platform, because Instagram and Facebook do not show your posts to all the people who are following you
  4. People who are on my email list, because they may not have seen my email
  5. People who are following my competitors

I know a lot of people are hesitant to spend money on ads, but I look at the big picture. I’m trying to earn $100,000. If I spend $1,000 or even $5,000 on ads, I will not die.

Running Facebook Ads bring me in contact with people who have never heard of me before and I can run these ads to any part of the world.

In other words, with Facebook Ads, I can attract an unlimited number of leads and I can continue to sell my signature online course. This will help me to earn $1,000,000 from this same online course


4. I ran evergreen webinars 


A webinar is a short online training that solves a specific problem for a group of people.

It can be a live or recorded webinar.

An evergreen webinar is a recorded webinar that is always available.

Anyone finding you online for the first time, can find your webinar, sign up for it and learn from you.

If they like the way you teach and want to learn more, they can sign up for your online course at the end of the webinar.


Webinars are powerful because it gives you an opportunity to give prospects a taste of your content and they can decide to pay for your online course if they want to learn more. 

My evergreen webinar is titled “How to create your course content in 30 days even if you’re not a techy”.


I decided to teach this topic because even though people know that they can make money from an online course, they procrastinate and procrastinate because they think that it will take a lot of time...and this is how the devil robs people of all the money they would have been making if their online course was ready.


I created  this my online course in 2016.

I sold it in 2016.

I sold it in 2017.

I sold it in 2018.

I’m still selling it in 2019.

I will sell it in 2020.


Just imagine if I had held myself back from creating this online course.

I would have been broke, period.


There are many entrepreneurs who don’t have any business ever being broke because they are loaded in their brains, but because they don’t have the time management strategies I shared in the webinar, they are suffering for nothing.


In this webinar, I also shared:

  1. 5 places to get ideas on what to teach, for the people who are not quite sure of what they can teach (Don’t worry, you are not alone. It happens to the best of us. Many times, we take the things we know for granted because it comes to us so easily)
  2. The number one thing to avoid when creating your online course for the first time (You don’t have time to make all the mistakes I made)


To watch the webinar for free, click here.


5. I sent emails consistently


I sent different types of emails, at different times to promote my online course.

Some emails were to prepare my ideal clients for my online course.

Some emails were to educate.

Some emails were to inspire.

Some emails were to announce.

Some emails were to explain.

Some emails were to answer questions.

Some emails were to remind.

Basically, they were a lot of emails but those emails are important because they are people out there who read those emails.

There was a time when I used to struggle to send emails because I felt like I was bombarding people’s inboxes. 

I would stop sending emails and then get messages from people who desperately needed my online course asking for it because they had not seen the emails.


What I do now, is to write my full email sequence and then schedule it up.

Another thing that made those emails powerful is the copywriting.

Copywriting is the art of writing emails that appeal to your ideal clients. It begins with understanding what your ideal clients are going through and writing emails that hit home.

Don’t get worried if you’re not a good writer.

I learnt it can be learnt.


If you’re still reading, and you’re thinking to yourself, “I’m tired of hustling to grow my online course business. 


I’m bringing together a mastermind of driven female course creators and together, we will work through your:


    • Online course
    • Ideal clients
    • Positioning
    • Price
    • Lead generation
    • Content strategy
    • Webinar
    • Sales Page
    • Emails


This mastermind is exclusively for women who have launched their first online course and have earned four figures from it, and are now trying to earn $10k - $90k consistently.


During this mastermind, I’ll share more advanced strategies on how to scale up your course sales, and you’ll get the accountability you need to succeed from a group of driven women just like you.


If you’ll like to apply to join this mastermind, click on this link.


If you’ve never launched an online course before, this mastermind is not a good fit for you as everything we will be saying will be flying above your head. I’ll encourage you to sign up for my signature course, Course Launched Delivered instead. Click here to learn more and to see the success stories.


Here’s the link.


Hope you enjoyed this post.


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