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Create an online course that people are excited to buy, no matter the price and regardless of competition

Structure your course in a way that will help your clients get results even if you're not always there with them

Write stories and content that will make your audience beg you to sell your course to them

Serve more Clients without being physically present all the time and get some time back for yourself

Course Launched Delivered includes an online course, live coaching, and a supportive community. 

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This package is for you if you need help with:

-- Packaging an irresistible online course

-- Pre-selling your online course

-- Creating your course content

-- Planning your course launch

-- Launching an evergreen funnel to sell your course


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A tech platform that makes it easy for you to host your online course and other products for your coaching and training business

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Knowledge is the New Gold

In this Amazon Best Selling Book, you will learn:

Six different ways to make money from your online course (page 64)

What to do when you have so many online course ideas, and you don’t know which one to pick (page 143)

How to find the people who can pay for your online course (page 171)

How to structure your course content (page 154)

What content to share for free, and what content to sell in your online course (page 162)

The two major types of online courses you can create, even if you’re starting from scratch and you’ve never taught before (page 168)

How to deliver your online course (page 163)

20 strategies to grow your audience from zero to thousands (page 178)

How to sell your online course (page 197)

How to create videos for your online course (page 209)

What to do if you feel like you’re not good enough to teach (page 77)

11 reasons why people will pay for your online course if you feel like nobody will pay for it (page 93)

How to create time to launch your online course (page 106)

How to design a vision board that will motivate you (page 108)

How to prepare for the camera if you don’t like recording videos (page 116)

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