What is an Online Course?

Simply put, an online course is a pre-recorded training program that has been designed to solve a specific problem that a particular set of people all across the world are experiencing, and is delivered online so that these people can access the training irrespective of where they live.

This means that they don’t have to travel to a particular location to access the training program.

They can watch it from the comfort of their homes or while they are in a moving vehicle  as long as they have a device that has access to the internet. They can also watch the training from their smartphone, tablet or laptop.

How does it work?

An online course consists of lessons. The lessons can be in video, audio or text format. The lessons are usually arranged sequentially in an easy to follow manner, so that anybody taking the course can easily understand what is being taught.

The lessons are also delivered through an online school, which learners access using a unique username and password that they receive after paying for the course.

The students can log in at any time of the day to watch the lessons.

How long do online courses last for?

This is dependent on the results you want people to get while they take your online course.

Some courses focus on helping students learn a skill or make slight improvements, hence they are mini courses, and the lessons can be consumed in a short period.

Some courses focus on helping the students to go through a complete transformation, and the students require more time. These are called transformational or signature courses and they usually last for 60 – 90 days.



How can I create an online course?

We have a 90 day program that takes you through the process of creating, launching and selling your own online course. To find out more about it, click here.


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