What Topic Can I Teach?

You can teach anything you know as long as you know enough about that topic, and there are people who want to learn from you.

In life, we have a lot of teachable moments, where we learn something very valuable, the only problem is that we take these experiences for granted.

In some other cases, some things come to us easily, and we assume that every other person also has that skill, and are not interested in learning it.

You can teach anything.

Here are some examples of Online Courses some of my clients have created:

It’s your turn:

To brainstorm on topics you can teach, you can ask yourself the following questions:

  • What question do people always ask you?

Especially the compliments. You may not realise it, but you keep doing something that other people admire and they want to learn how you are doing it

How did you lose weight?

You are very good at networking, how do you do it?

  • What painful experience have you overcome?

Anytime we have an emotionally painful experience, and come out of it victoriously, we have learnt how to lot from that experience.

There are other people who are going through that painful experience and you can help them come out of it too.

They will even listen to you more, because you deeply understand what they are going through, and you won’t judge them. Instead you will give them practical tips on what they can do to get the results that they want. You will even know the exact examples, illustrations, relevant lessons, exercises, resource guides, etc to come up with when you are creating your content.

Failing a certification exams and finally passing them after the third attempt.

Not able to succeed in job interviews for three years.

  • What exciting goal have you achieved?

For every goal you have achieved, there are tons of people who want to achieve that goal and are struggling to achieve it.

They are even beginning to look like failures because they have not achieved that goal.

Don’t take your achievements for granted.

Even if you know someone else who has achieved a something greater than you, don’t be intimidated by their success.

There will always be a set of people who want to learn from you, and who want to achieve the specific goal you have achieved.

I wrote a book in 10 days

I ran a marathon

  • What tools do you know how to use very well?

The more sophisticated a tool is, the more difficult it is to learn how to use it.

If you have spent a lot of time mastering how to use a tool, I can bet that there are a lot f people out there who don’t want to spend the type of time you have invested learning how to use that tool….they want a shortcut instead.

Video Camera

Sewing machine

  • What do you spend so much time researching on?

Chances are, you know a lot more than the average person on that topic. Not everybody will have the time to read all the books you’ve read. They might not even know how to apply all the information they come across online.

If you have research a topic, applied it, and gotten results, people will be willing to pay you to teach them how to get the same results.


Cooking healthy meals

  • What software or web application do you know how to use very well?

Once again, you have probably invested a lot of time learning how to use a certain software or web application and there are many people who don’t want to spend all that time. You can also create a course to teach them so that they will save time.



  • What skill have you learnt?

If there’s a skill you know so well, you can also teach other people how to learn this skill.

Playing the Piano

Designing Accessories

  • What exclusive information do you have?

By virtue of your experience or background, you might be privy to some information that other people don’t have.

Speaking French fluently

Finding a good job in a saturated industry

  • What do people come to you for advice on?

This is a topic that you are already the go to person for, among your family and friends.

Organising events


The list is endless.

To do this exercise, just get a pen and notebook and list out every idea that comes into your mind. Some ideas might sound stupid, but don’t edit yourself yet. Just write them out.

You will discover that you have more than enough topics that you can create an online course on. Your next problem will be, “which one do I pick?

How do I know what Online Course Topic to pick?

In our 90 day program, we take you through the process of validating your course idea and selling it. To find out more, click here


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