[Case Study]: How to launch a Successful Flash Sale with Online Courses

I just rounded up my own flash sale of my online courses, and I was happy with the results.

In today’s post, I decided to share with you my results, the steps I took to achieve it, and the mistakes I made so that you can avoid them.

My desire is that you also launch your own flash sale with online courses, so that you can earn more money in your own business easily.

45 people paid for this flash sale, and in total, I made $1215 (N450,000) in eight days….and this is just one stream of income.

The most interesting part of this launch for me was that, I set it all up and went on a holiday.

I travelled to Akwa Ibom State, in Nigeria for my cousin’s wedding and I was just dancing and goofing around as credit alerts were popping up in my phone.

Here is a complete breakdown of how I executed this launch.

First things First, what is a flash sale?

It’s a quick sale you can run in your business to quickly bring in some money into your business.

Why should you run a flash sale?

The first obvious reason is if you have an emergency and you want to make money quickly.

Instead of going to borrow money or sell off your gold, you can just put some online courses together and sell them off at a reduced price, for a limited time.

It works because it’s a good deal for your followers.

They know that if they don’t take the offer, they will have to pay full price for the online course once the special offer is over.

The second reason is that it gives people who cannot afford your high priced products an opportunity to buy something from you.

For instance, I just finished the launch of one of my signature courses, 7 Figure Online Business. It was priced at $420 (N200,000).

Not a lot of people can afford that, but a lot of people can easily afford a $27(N10,000) product, so it’s an easy decision for them to make.

The third reason is that it helps people to trust you faster.

There are a number of people who can afford your higher priced products, but they are not sure about how good you are.

If you offer them a low priced product, they can buy it, just to see whether the content is good.

If they are impressed, they will buy your higher priced product without blinking.

For example, I once sold had a flash sale, where I sold a mini course called “How to make eye-catching images” for $6 (N2,000).

Over 50 people paid for that product and some of them went on to purchase my higher priced product which was $315 (N120,000).

One of them categorically told me that the value she got from the $6 product was so much, and she could only imagine what she would gain from the $315 product.

You see what I’m saying? Lower priced product helps you to build trust.

Not everybody needs to buy a lower priced product to gain trust in you, but some people do, so you launch a flash sale every once in a while to attract them.

What do you need to launch a flash sale

1. A bouquet of mini courses.

I took out of the modules of one of my signature courses, and packaged it as a course.

PS: If you are wondering what a signature course means and how different it is from a mini course, check here.

I called it 1000Plus.

The value was $119 (N44,030)

I then included one of my mini courses that I created last year, and added it to the bundle.

This mini course is worth $97 (N35,890).

I then included the recording of one of my live events, and added it to the bundle.

I sold tickets to the live event for $81 (N30,000).

The total value of the bundle was $297 but I decided to sell it as $27.

Do you see why it’s a no brainer?

Basically, what I have realized is this,

“Every training product is an asset that I can resell over and over and over again.”

When I create online courses, I know that I can resell them over and over again, and I can even increase the price later if I want, or I can add them as a bonus to another product, which will increase the value of the product.

Even when I host live training event, I record the trainings so that I can repurpose the content.

2. Sales Page

A sales page is basically a page that contains all the details of your flash sale.

You can’t possibly speak to ALL the people who are interested in buying your online course.

Your sales page should contain all the information they need, they benefits of buying the bundle, how to pay and how the bundle will be delivered.

3. Count Down Timers

Countdown timers are very visual, and they show people that your flash sale is coming to an end soon.

I have a countdown timer on my sale page, and I also have a countdown timer on my emails.

For my sales pages, I use OptimisePress, the timers come with the software.

For my emails, I use Motion Mail App.

4. Graphics

You also need some form of graphics to show people the deal.

Like I said, people are very visual.

For my images, I use Canva.

It’s a free tool I use to design my images online.

You can share this image along side some other images on Social Media, to raise awareness for your special offer.

I also highly recommend that you do some live streams where you share valuable content. End your session by asking people to sign up for the flash sale

5. Emails

You need a sequence of emails to tell people that you have a flash sale available and the date it expires.

I send these mails repeatedly, and it might seem scary to send too many emails.

Here’s the truth, not everybody will see all those emails.

Some people will just skip it, and will be alarmed when they realize that the sales is over.

People ALWAYS say to me, “Stephanie, I didn’t see the emails”.

As you send these emails, bear in mind that you are doing your email subscribers a favour.

You are telling them about this new, hot, amazing offer you have, you are not trying to be too salesy.

If they take the offer, they are the ones benefiting.

If they don’t take the offer, they may have to pay full price for it, and end up spending more money.

Nobody wants to spend more money for something they can get for less…absolutely nobody.

Bonus Tip

Write all your emails at once, schedule your emails up and go to play.

Like I did, I travelled to a wedding.


The only mistake I made was that I ended my flash sale on a public holiday, and there were so many people who sent us emails that they could not pay because they had problems with their banks.

We got so many emails asking for an extension, but I like to stay away from this.

Deadlines are deadlines.

Just imagine if I ended my flash sale on a normal day when all the banks were working properly, I would have doubled my sales.

I also made $1,215 without any Facebook Ads.

If I had run some Facebook Ads, retargeting the people who visited my sales page, I would have gotten more sales too, but I just wanted to see what my results would be if I did not use Facebook Ads because I wanted to know how much I could earn without them.

Next time I do a flash sale, I’ll run some ads and I’ll do a blogpost about my results.

It’s a wrap.

I launched my flash sales with online courses successfully, and so can you.

The thing with online courses is that, once you get a hang of how to create and launch them…there is SO MUCH that you can do, and so much more money you can make.

If you are thinking, I really want to create and launch my online course this year but I need some help, I have a new program coming up. It’s called “Course, Launched, Delivered”

You can sign up for it here


If you know someone who needs to be earning money through online courses, please send them this post.

We are the Omenukors (People who build houses, in times of famine)

Have questions?

Post them in the comments below

Thanks again

With Love



  • Eunice Iwuji

    Reply Reply June 28, 2017


    Please, do you mentoring?

  • Wani

    Reply Reply June 29, 2017

    Awesome post – thanks for sharing! I was one of the ones who missed out – had the page open and then somehow missed the deadline. Lol – keep up the fab work 🙂

  • Doris

    Reply Reply February 22, 2018

    thanks a lot ma. you are amazing
    my question is to launch my online course, can l achieve that using my phone.. which phone is preferred?

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