My name is Ijeoma Ndukwe popularly known as Nwanyi Akamu and I sell pap. I run a food processing and packaging company called Bubez Foods, but I have a deep passion for empowering female entrepreneurs.  I help them to get clarity over their brands and what they need to do to build a sustainable business.

People started coming to me from afar to help with their brand strategy, but I could only work with two people at a time due to my tight schedule. I found myself turning the people I was passionate about back. I knew that there had to be a way to help more people.

I reached out to Stephanie Obi, the teacher of Online Courses. I paid for her program, learnt her Course Launched Delivered Method and delivered my online course.

In two months, I earned $13k from my first online course. I now have over 50 students enrolled in my online course from all over with world.

Ijeoma Ndukwe (NwanyiAkamu)


I wasn’t sure of what to expect when i joined the Course Launched Delivered course, I had doubts but i was certain about learning something new.

2 modules into the course, i got clarity on my course title and before the course was over I became certain of the best way to present my own online course.

Prior to the course, i wasn't tech savvy but the video lessons made techy stuff like A,B,C and now i can say i'm 7/10 when it comes to tech stuff.

Course Launched Delivered did not only empower me to launch my own online course, but i was equipped to do a whole lot more.... like building my email list to 1200, knowing how to communicate the value of my course, knowing how to network in the social space and so many other stuff.

I launched my online course, The Profitable Manufacturer, which helps manufacturers to build profitable businesses on the 15th of December 2017 and I got a total number of 29 students.

What gives me joy is the fact that I'm able to guide a lot of people in the manufacturing space from the comfort of my room and they in turn get all info needed in the comfort of their space as well.

All of these achievement was made possible because the "quintessential online course coach", Stephanie was on board holding me by the hand to ensure i got it right. She is one of my 2017 miracles and I'm forever grateful.

Don't worry about your topic, content, launch, presentation style, delivery,etc All will be like ABC after Course Launched Delivered.

Bola Adefila


I enrolled into the Course Launched Delivered Online Course even though I did not know anything about technology except how to operate my phone and laptop.

It wasn't easy at first but Steph was always there to explain, clarify things and show me the way forward.

Even though I didn't have all I needed (like a website, a standard kitchen, a course topic, email list, etc), I successfully created my first online course "Your First 7 Cakes".

With all I learnt from Course Launch Delivered, I launched my online course with an email list of just 600 and instagram followership of about 400. I made sure I did everything Steph taught in the course and I got a total of 9 students which is a record breaker for someone with such a lean email list.

In Course Launched Delivered, I learnt:

  • How to host a webinar
  • How to grow my email list with different strategies
  • How to structure my courses
  • How to develop social media content
  • How to create a converting launch plan
  • How to create a know-like-trust synergy with my audience
  • How to define my niche in a saturated industry

I learnt how to be me! Stephanie Obi gave me a voice! I knew I had a talent but Steph defined and sharpened my talent to a very profitable level!

After two months, I launched my course again on a higher price (about 20% increase).

Today, I have about 26 students from different countries of the world taking my online courses.

I have developed a total of 6 more online courses, some of which am planning to launch soon.

I now prefer to take more students through my online course because it’s less stressful than delivering live physical classes.

Believe it or not Stephanie Obi is a game changer!

Miriam Raymond


"Previously when I launched a course, I barely got up to 5 paying students.

After Course Launched Delivered, I launched one of my courses and I got close to 20 paying students. 

It was a great success. My email subscriber list grew from 1000 to close to 4000 in just a short time. Now my courses, landing pages are more professional,my conversion rate have improved a lot and I now know how to strategically plan and launch my courses"

Rotimi Leigh


I was worried about whether it was really possible to reach my goals because I have been following the internet for over 15 years now. Nothing else I tried worked. My conclusion was I sucked at marketing. This was my last try to make the internet work for me.
Stephanie helped me to resolve my struggles, by working through my mindset issues, growing an email list, building a website,  writing sales pages and creating online products. I'm doing so many things I thought I could not do before. My confidence has grown considerably. I also hit my 7 Figures goal, and I have so many happy and thankful students.
I have gotten lots of results from working with Stephanie.  I was a bit apprehensive, as I am more reserved and she is always laughing, but she takes her work passionately. Her joy and laughter has lightened my days and made me less serious, more relaxed.

Ayopeju Falekulo


I had been sitting on a course idea for sooooo long, but working with Stephanie helped me to find clarity. I created my first mini course about the basics of leveraging Instagram to grow your business, a course that had been on my mind for so longgggg. In the first round, I got 30 students

Omeyi Yangs 


I enrolled for Course Launched Delivered online course at a time when I was at a crossroad in my life.

The limiting belief that I run a social enterprise so shouldn’t charge my worth for the invaluable time and resources I was giving people was a major dilemma for me.

I was afraid to make the investment and unsure of what the outcome will be.

I took the leap and I went from having very little knowledge about online courses to creating a mid-range transformational course that people paid for within the first 48 hours of my launch.

For me, the course was much more than creating an extra source of income or monetizing my knowledge. It was about beliefs that had held me back from truly doing things afraid, charting new paths and living life fully.

I realized that I was worth it.

Hauwa Ojeifo


My biggest fear and concern before working with Stephanie was that I would not get the support I would need to move ahead but Stephanie did a phenomenal job in helping me overcome my struggles, especially on gaining clarity and breaking away from self-limiting thoughts and money blocks.

I was amazed at her geniality, generosity in giving, endless sense of humour that fosters easy and stress-less learning.

I have so grown in my online business, I could not have imagined where I would have been without her help. She opened up a world of possibilities for me.

Her work is a masterpiece, it is simply a plug in and make money system.

Gilbert Nnaji 


I call Stephanie my Angel Gabriel, because I had a total makeover while working with her.
She helped me to discover my niche, my mindset changed and my outlook to life took a dramatic turn. I discovered hidden strengths I never knew existed.
1. I launched my signature group mentoring event, VALID DREAMS with Francisca
2. I got an award from Lions Club, Akure ( based on VALID DREAMS)
3. I got featured by Phenomenal African Women #PAW, an international NGO
4. I built my website myself
5. I wrote a book
6. I launched my facebook community
7. I launched my online school

Francisca Ogunlade