Generate Big Money Quickly

from monetizing your knowledge


Let me tell you about what happened to me 

One Sunday, on my way out of church, I checked my phone and I saw a debit alert. 

I only had N68,000 left in my phone --- this was the equivalent of $188 at the time.

I didn't panic.

I went home and created a plan on how to generate money quickly from monetizing my knowledge.

In 30 days, I had generated $30k.

(222 X N50,000 = N11,100,000) - This was the equivalent of $30, 833 at the time.


This is the same thing that happened when I wanted to buy a new car.

Someone hit my car on the streets of Lagos.

I didn't panic.

I went home and created a plan on how to quickly raise the money to buy a new car.

This is me, jumping in front of my new red car.

My ability to generate huge sums of money quickly from monetizing my knowledge has been one of my biggest assets

...and today, it's now your turn 

The truth already have what it takes to generate thousands of dollars from your knowledge 

but you may have been holding yourself back because:
  • You've been secretly battling with fear of putting yourself out there, fear of rejection, fear of what others will say, etc
  • You're not sure of what topic to teach
  • You're not sure anyone will buy your course. You're scared of failing
  • You're not sure of how to structure your content and put a course together
  • Or maybe you've already tried to monetize your knowledge, it didn't earn you enough money and it was just a waste of your time

Allow me to help you fix this problem 


Knowledge is the New Gold eBook

Here's a fraction of the secrets you'll discover in this book

  • Six different ways to make money from your online course (page 74)
  • What to do when you have so many online course ideas, and you don’t know which one to pick (page 167)
  • How to find the people who can pay for your online course (page 171)
  • How to structure your course content (page 180)
  • What content to share for free, and what content to sell in your online course (page 189)
  • The two major types of online courses you can create, even if you’re starting from scratch and you’ve never taught before (page 192)
  • How to deliver your online course (page 190)
  • 20 strategies to grow your audience from zero to thousands (page 206)
  • How to launch your online course (page 225)
  • How to create videos for your online course (page 240)
  • What to do if you feel like you’re not good enough to teach (page 150)
  • 11 reasons why people will pay for your online course if you feel like nobody will pay for it (page 56)
  • How to create time to launch your online course (page 124)
  • How to design a vision board that will motivate you (page 126)
  • How to prepare for the camera if you don’t like recording videos (page 130)
  • ...and so much more, I just had to stop here


Find Your Topic Masterclass

In this video training, I will take you through my proven process of:

  • Discovering what topics you can teach
  • Narrowing down what topic you should choose

Without this clarity, you won't be able to make any progress.

(Valued at $1,000)


Bestselling Online Course Topics

In this pdf resource, you'll get access to 500 topics that have already proven to be bestselling topics.

It will serve as inspiration and help you to make a decision quickly

(Valued at $97)


20 Ways you can Monetize Your Knowledge

In this video training, I share 20 different products you can create - the truth is, an online course is not the only way you can monetize your knowledge.

Once you're clear on what topic to teach, the possibilities are endless.

(Valued at $297)


Money Mindset Mastery

In this video training, I share how you can overcome the mindset blocks that are currently stopping you from monetizing your knowledge

(Valued at $497)


Test Your Course Sales Masterclass

In this video training, I share a formula you can use to test if anyone will pay for your course.

This training will save you from creating courses that nobody wants to pay for.

(Valued at $497)


300 Profitable Markets

If you're not sure of who will pay for your course, this resource will help you.

It contains a list of 300 different types of people you can target.

(Valued at $97)


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(Includes bonuses valued at $2,485) 


Read from clients I have helped to monetize their knowledge

Over 300 people have paid for my course and it's still selling

I remember creating a first draft of the course content and when Steph read it, she gave her expert feedback. We had to start from all over.

I loved that Steph could identify when a course is not properly done and with her expertise we designed the best course.

My pre-launch & launch campaign was superb, Steph & her team's guide was fantastic.

She shared templates and other resources that I needed to launch successfully.

She also helped with a mindset shift in pricing my course the right way.

During my course launch, I had a few fears and when Steph and I chatted she said something that was very profound. My focus changed from fearing that people will not pay to having faith that I will attract the right people that can pay for my course and that's exactly what happened.

To date, Over 300 students have paid for my course and it's still selling.

Tobi Otokiti - Creator, Transition to Product Management 

Over $30k in course sales

In 2020, during the Pandemic, my business grew. I took on so many one on one coaching clients and on some days I would have 3, 2 hour coaching sessions with female executives. I was exhausted.

After coaching for 6 hours straight, sometimes even 8 hours, I wouldn't want to talk to another human being. All I did was coach and eat in between.

Before I knew it, my friendships started to suffer and I gained so much weight, I became embarrassed to leave the house. My mum came to stay with me and complained bitterly about my long working hours and about my incredible weight gain (you can trust our African mothers).

What was so painful was when I looked at my account I couldn't really justify the long hours per se. I was working very hard but I was burnt out and I wasn't happy.

So I decided to work with Stephanie Obi.

To date, this online course has earned over $30k 
and it's still selling.

Glory Edozien (PhD), LinkedIn Visibility Expert

In January 2023 alone, 80 people paid for my course

Before I worked with Stephanie, everything was a struggle for me. I wanted to deliver the best value and impact lives but the money people were paying me was not encouraging.

I wanted to increase the price of my course but I felt that people would not pay for it because they would not be able to afford my course.

After I joined her coaching program, everything changed.

- My course got rebranded .

- I increased the price of my course by 350%

- My course sales skyrocketed and I was able to make much more money.

I also started attracting quality clients who were interested in my course.

Ibironke Yekinni - Creator, Switch to Software Testing

I'm proud of the impact my courses are making

I co-founded SoFresh, the pioneer healthy food company in Nigeria and to date we have grown to 10 outlets with over 150 employees within the space of 10 years.

I decided to teach other entrepreneurs how we built a great team and this is why I signed up to Stephanie's CLD programme.

In 3 months, I launched my course and started launching other products. So far, 35 people have taken my online course.

Many of my students have completely realigned their company's purpose with the right HR strategy. Mission statements have been revamped and they have scaled in number and impact. I'm so proud of the impact my courses have been able to achieve.

Abimbola Balogun - Creator, Building Great Teams

I realized I was worth it

I enrolled for Stephanie's online course at a time when I was at a crossroad in my life.

The limiting belief that I run a social enterprise so shouldn’t charge my worth for the invaluable time and resources I was giving people was a major dilemma for me.

I was afraid to make the investment and unsure of what the outcome will be.

I took the leap and I went from having very little knowledge about online courses to creating a mid-range transformational course that people paid for within the first 48 hours of my launch.

For me, the course was much more than creating an extra source of income or monetizing my knowledge. It was about beliefs that had held me back from truly doing things afraid, charting new paths and living life fully.

I realized that I was worth it.

Hauwa Ojeifo

What's The Investment?

This package includes:

Find Your Topic Masterclass (Valued at $1,000)

Bestselling Online Course Topics (Valued at $97)

20 ways you can monetize your knowledge (Valued at $297)

Money Mindset Mastery Masterclass (Valued at $497)

Test Your Course Idea Masterclass (Valued at $497)

300 Profitable Markets (Valued at $97)

Knowledge is the New Gold eBook(Priceless)

Total Value : $2,485

but your investment is:



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(Includes bonuses valued at $2,485) 

Incase you're wondering, who Stephanie Obi is

Stephanie Obi is an award winning business coach and online course expert who helps entrepreneurs to monetize their knowledge.

She has helped some of Forbes Africa's most powerful women and LinkedIn Top Voices to launch online courses and is the author of the Amazon best-selling book, Knowledge Is The New Gold.

She is a recipient of the Beta Gamma Sigma 2021 Entrepreneurial Achievement Award, the Social Media for Social Good Award and was named one of the "100 Most Impactful Women" in 2022 by The Richer Woman for her work in helping to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

She has spoken at the Women In Management, Business & Public Service Annual Conference, one of the largest women in leadership conferences in Africa, as well as The Lagos Business School’s Entrepreneurship Expo and Contest.

She has been featured on Forbes, Thrive Global, Guardian Woman, Arise TV, Channels TV, Business Day, Vanguard, etc

She's a First-Class Graduate of Computer Science and holds an MBA from the prestigious Lagos Business School.

She has been featured on

Stephanie Obi has the capacity to help any business leader design, create and promote online courses

One of the greatest gifts that Stephanie has is her ability to first of all help you find what your message is and what aspect of your knowledge can be monetized.

A lot of established business leaders have acquired certain knowledge that can be taught to the next generation but that knowledge needs to be put into a curriculum design that makes it effective for that business leader's message to be heard, understood and applied so that the students can produce results.

Stephanie Obi has the capacity to help any business leader design, create and promote online courses. You'll walk away with clarity and fulfilment, knowing that you now have an opportunity to give back to the next generation

Tara Fela Durotoye - How to Structure Your Business Course

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(Includes bonuses valued at $2,485) 

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