I want to tell you about my client, Bola.

Bola has been in the family business since the day it started.

Her family owns Banrut Rolls, and they produce a line of tissue papers (Toilet Rolls, Kitchen Rolls, Serviettes, Facial Tissues etc)

Bola was the Chief Operating Officer of the company and for the longest time, had kept herself away from the limelight.

She just did her work, and she did it well.

But a time came, when she started feeling like mentoring other entrepreneurs.

She started sharing posts on Instagram and hosting some Instagram live sessions.

Before she knew it, people started sliding into her dm to ask questions.

Some would engage her all day, asking questions upon questions.

Some would visit her factory and spend the entire day with her asking questions.

And would continue on Whatsapp after they left for weeks.

At first she didn’t mind...she was impacting lives.

But with time, she realised that it was not sustainable.

She still had a business to run.

She still had a family to care for.

Attending to people on on one would eventually burn her out.

So she decided to launch her online course even though she was not a techy.


Watch this video to hear her speak about what happened next.


The first time she launched her course, she priced it at N120,000 and 26 people paid for it.

She relaunched it again, and had 15 students.

Then a set of people started asking for live classes, and so she launched Live classes using the same curriculum in her online course.

The first live class In Lagos, she got 32 people.

The first live class in Abuja, she got 26 people.

She held several more live classes in Lagos and Abuja, and still had students in her online course.

That’s not all, people started to approach her for private consultation gigs, factory visits, etc.

Today, she’s now a well known speaker at conferences and in her industry.


She said to me, “One year ago, if you had told me that I would be doing all I’m doing now, I won’t have believed you”.

Technology almost held Bola back, but she learnt how to launch her online course even though she was not a techy.

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