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How to turn your knowledge into an online course that makes money and impacts lives

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  • Six different ways to make money from your online course (page 74)
  • What to do when you have so many online course ideas, and you don’t know which one to pick (page 167)
  • How to find the people who can pay for your online course (page 171)
  • How to structure your course content (page 180)
  • What content to share for free, and what content to sell in your online course (page 189)
  • The two major types of online courses you can create, and what to include (page 192)
  • How to deliver your online course (page 190)
  • 20 strategies to grow your audience from zero to thousands (page 206)
  • How to launch your online course (page 225)
  • How to create videos for your online course (page 240)
  • What to do if you feel like you’re not good enough to teach (page 150)
  • 11 reasons why people will pay for your online course if you feel like nobody will pay for it (page 56)
  • How to create time to launch your online course (page 124)
  • How to design a vision board that will motivate you (page 126)
  • How to prepare for the camera if you don’t like recording videos (page 130)
  • ...and so much more, I just had to stop here
Get the eBook for just $49

(eBook and Bonuses valued at $1,500)

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24k in 60 Days Masterclass

If you follow this training and earn $24k every 2 months, you will be able to earn $144k at the end of the year.

If you even just earn $10k every 2 months, you will be able to earn $60,000 at the end of the year

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Bestselling Online Course Topics

If you're not sure of what topic to teach, this resource has a list of over 500 topics that people have created courses on and made money from. It will serve as an inspiration to help you get clarity

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300 Profitable Markets

If you're not sure of whether people will pay for your course, this resource has a list of over 300 markets (target audience) that already pay for courses. Just pick one and get started on your course

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Access to 30 Days of Tech Support

If you're not techy and you're wondering whether you can really create a course. This bonus will give you access to thirty days of tech support on our platform, TrainQuarters - which can handle any tech related issue when it comes to creating or selling an online course

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Money Mindset Video Training

If you find that you struggle to ask people to pay for your classes or you can't charge a particular amount  for your course, this video training will help you overcome the money mindset blocks you may have that you may not even be aware of

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Get the eBook for just $49

(includes bonuses valued at $1,500)


Get the eBook for just $49

(includes bonuses valued at $1,500)

Read from clients I worked with to monetize their knowledge 

Steph helped with a mindset shift in pricing my course the right way. Pricing my course with the value that it offers to users not underpricing or overpricing the course. It doesn't matter what competition is doing.

During my course launch, I had a few fears and Steph said something that was very profound. It felt like the Holy Spirit speaking to me.

My focus changed from fearing that people will not pay to having faith that I will attract the right people who can pay for my course and that's exactly what happened.

 I launched my online course and got 23 students with an email list of 200 people. To date, Over 180 students have paid for my course and it's still selling.

Tobi Otokiti - Creator, Transition to Product Management  

I co-founded SoFresh, the pioneer healthy food company in Nigeria and to date we have grown to 10 outlets with over 150 employees within the space of 10 years.

I decided to teach other entrepreneurs how we built a great team and this is why I signed up to Stephanie's CLD programme.

In 3 months, I launched my course and started launching other products. So far, 35 people have taken my online course.

Many of my students have completely realigned their company's purpose with the right HR strategy. Mission statements have been revamped and they have scaled in number and impact. I'm so proud of the impact my courses have been able to achieve.

Abimbola Balogun, Co-Founder, SoFresh  

I had ideas but struggled to create and execute.

After working with Steph, I was able to create a great training tool which I can easily refer people to and free up my time for other projects.

When I launched my course, I enrolled trainees from 12 different countries and generated over $10,000 from my first launch

Dupe Talabi, Creator - Beautiful Natural Bridal Hairstyles

Even though I didn't have all I needed (like a website, a standard kitchen, a course topic, email list, etc), I successfully created my first online course "Your First 7 Cakes".

With all I learnt, I launched my online course with an email list of just 600 and instagram followership of about 400.

I made sure I did everything Steph taught in the course and I got a total of 9 students which is a record breaker for someone with such a lean email list. In Course Launched Delivered.

I learnt:
How to host a webinar
How to grow my email list
How to structure my courses
How to develop social media content
How to create a converting launch plan
How to create a know-like-trust synergy with my audience
How to define my niche in a saturated industry I learnt how to be me!

Stephanie Obi gave me a voice! I knew I had a talent but Steph defined and sharpened my talent to a very profitable level!

After two months, I launched my course again on a higher price (about 20% increase). Today, I have about 26 students from different countries of the world taking my online courses.

Miriam Raymond, Creator - Your First Seven Cakes

Get the eBook for just $49

(includes bonuses valued at $1,500)

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