Keep Reading if this sounds like you:

  • You're stressed up, working day and night with so many clients. You feel so  overwhelmed, busy, exhausted and burnt out
  • You want to be able to spend more time with your friends and family. You thought entrepreneurship would give you time and flexibility but now, you're always working
  • You have to pivot. Times have changed and your current business model is just not working.It can't take you to where you want to go.
  • You feel stuck, your income is not growing, it feels like there is a cap over it, you need a way of making more money with your expertise.
  • or maybe you've tried to launch an online course before, and it wasn't profitable. You don't know what you went wrong.

You need to launch an online course, so that you can get your life back

Let me help you make this transition...

I was a Daddy's girl by all standards, but after my father died unexpectedly, I had an awakening.

I started asking myself...why am I always working?

Why am I not enjoying life? Why am I not making memories?

I went into business to pursue my passion and somehow I lost myself in the work. I found myself struggling to stay profitable and so I was always working.

I was always overwhelmed, I could not take a break, I was not enjoying life.

I was lost in the hustle.

...but when I woke up, I decided to change my life.

I started travelling, I've travelled to four countries since I made this decision and I now want to see the world.

I started watching African movies with my mum, just to spend some time with her.

I started going on regular spa dates, lunch dates, facials, etc

You know what happened?

My business became even more profitable because I just kept reselling my perfect online course.

To date, my perfect online course has earned me over $280k and I'm still selling it.

My next goal is for it to get to a Million Dollars.




This is a 30 Day Challenge to help you Launch your Perfect Online Course™


even if you're not a techy

even if you're not sure of what you can teach

even if you don't have a lot of social media followers

even if you're not sure anyone will pay for your course

My proven framework has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs just like you to launch their online courses



  • Rest, spend more time with your family, start enjoying life
  • Travel, do whatever makes you come alive, stop worrying about the hustle
  • Pivot without worrying about whether you can replace your former income
  • Scale up your business, become a celebrity, become known in your industry
  • Celebrate yourself for finally achieving a goal that has been on your to do list


One of the greatest gifts that Stephanie has is her ability to first of all help you find what your message is and what aspect of your knowledge can be monetized.


Tara Fela Durotoye, Founder House of Tara International 


I decided to teach other entrepreneurs how we built a great team and this is why I signed up to Stephanie's program.

I launched my course and started launching other products including webinars, consultations, etc

Abimbola Balogun, Co-Founder, SoFresh


I had been wanting to launch my course for over 2 years but Stephanie made this dream a reality.

Over 53 people have signed up to my courses and webinar and about 100 have bought e books. This is spread over Nigeria, US, UK, France, Israel, South Africa, Canada, Australia.

Kemi Lewis, Founder, KLS Naturals


$97 * 10 customers = $970

You can earn this the first time you launch your online course. This is a very conservative figure. You can get more than 10 customers

$97 * 20 customers = $1,940

You can keep reselling your perfect online course over and over again. 20 customers is still a very conservative number




  • We have two packages
  • Click on the Join Button and select one of the packages
  • You'll get a receipt from us to confirm your payment
  • The challenge starts on the June 8th, 2020
  • The orientation starts on the 1st of June, 2020

Challenge Only


  • Access to the 30 day challenge only

Challenge + Tech Support


  • Access to the 30 day challenge
  • Online Course Set Up
  • TrainQuarters Starter Plan for One Month


This is what the challenge contains:

  • Access to lessons from my Proven Framework for 30 days
  • 6 Live Sessions
  • Daily Exercises
  • Access to CLD Tribe, a Private Support Group for 30 days
  • Access to Fearless Gang Devotionals
  • Access to Easy to Follow Tech Trainings
  • Access to a 30 day accountability program

This is what the online course set up entails:

  • We will open an online school account for you on TrainQuarters
  • We will upload all your videos and workbooks with you
  • We will help you set up your sales page
  • We will connect your payment platform to your course
  • We will design your Course Cover Graphic for you
  • We will set up your online course for sale

This is what the TrainQuarters Starter Plan entails: This Package

  • Allows you to have a branded online school
  • Allows you to host one online course
  • Allows you to publish your course to the African Course Creators Marketplace, where we also help you to market your online course to more people
  • Allows you to train 100 students
  • Allows you to receive money from your course directly to your account. We don't collect any additional transaction fees
  • And so much more

Meet The Creator of The Knowledge is the New Gold Challenge

Stephanie Obi, The Queen of Online Courses

  • Earned over $280k from one online course
  • Spent the last four years helping people create and sell online courses
  • Founder of Online Course Platform, TrainQuarters
  • Founder of Online Course Production Company, which has produced online courses for Africa's most successful entrepreneurs including Ibukun Awosika, Tara Fela Durotoye, and Osayi Alile to mention a few
  • Author of the Amazon Bestselling Book, Knowledge is the New Gold
  • First Class Graduate, Computer Science
  • MBA, Lagos Business School

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay directly to your bank account?

If you have problems making payment, kindly send an email to

I can't afford it, how can you help?

We have partnered with SheCluded, a company who gives Nigerian women loans to develop themselves. If you're interested in taking a loan, click on the Join Challenge Button for more details

What if I don't have any topic to teach?

If you feel that you don't have anything to teach, you're probably not ready for this challenge. The people who succeed in this challenge are the people who know that they have something to teach. It's not a question of age, it's about whether you believe that you have something to offer the world

I have so many ideas, I don't know what topic to teach

Our proven framework will help you find a topic that people will be willing to pay you for

Can you tell me if my topic will sell?

The only way I can answer this question is if you follow my proven framework. My clients have used this framework to discover topics that did not sell and topics that sold. If you follow this proven framework, you will get the answer to your question 

How does the online course set up work?

You will be assigned to a dedicated account manager who will handle the techy aspect of your online course

Will I make my money back?

This is not MMM (MMM was a ponzi scheme that promised to double people's money...until it went burst).

I have a proven framework that helps people to launch profitable online courses. It works if you do the work. Only join if you are ready to do the work please.

Is there anything else I have to spend money on?

Yes, you will need to pay for the software required to host and market online courses

Who is this challenge for?

Entrepreneurs who already have a business and have successfully made sales

Who is this challenge not for?

People who are not ready to launch an online course in 30 days

People who have never sold anything successfully before

People who do not want to listen to references from the bible

When does the challenge start?

June 8th, 2020

Can I get a refund?

No we do not give refunds because we have found out that people who do not have an option to back out of their commitments get better results. We do not want to attract dabblers or people who do not believe in our ability to get results. Only sign up for this program if you trust that Stephanie can help you.

How long will I have access to the lessons and the private group?

30 Days only

Can I pay installmentally?

Yes, as long as you finish paying before the 8th of June. If you don't complete your payments, you will not be allowed to join the challenge.


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