Talks with Ubi Franklin 


Ubi Franklin 

 I don’t have any other question to start with. But this, I like money. You need to tell me how you made 280,000 dollars from one course. We need to start from there first. Because my listeners will like to hear that as well. 


Stephanie Obi 

 Okay, here is the thing. First and foremost, the first thing that all of us have to understand is that we are all unique. I know that this thing you have heard this thing before, but I am going to say it again. I need to say it again. You are unique. There is a way you see the world. There is a way your mind works. It is only you that can think that way all over the world.

When you package that thing that you know into an online course and you sell it online. People would continually pay for that your training over and over and over again. So, a training I created in 2016, that same online course, I kept selling it in 2016, 2017 I sold it, 2018 I sold it, 2019 I sold. 2020 I am still selling it. The same thing. Why? Because you cannot learn it from anywhere else. I will keep increasing the price. I will keep marketing it. One course that I created in 2016. Because it is only me that can teach that thing. It is only me that can teach it. I will continually make money from it. And that is what I wanted to share with everybody here today.

There is something that you can teach, that only you can teach. You can say, okay, I only want to teach Nigerians. That fine. When you are ready you can wake and say, this thing I am going to teach Ghanaians, I am going to teach people in Kenya. I am going to teach people in America, people in UK. Because it is only me that teach that thing and that is how I have been doing it. It is called a perfect online course. It is only you that can teach you.


Ubi Franklin

Having said that, where is my ten percent?


Stephanie Obi 

Ten percent of what?


Ubi Franklin

They say eyes wey see na him go chop. I need to see my ten percent. Because, I cannot be hearing thousand, thousand. 


Stephanie Obi 

Ten percent is too small Ubi. Come let me teach you how to do it. You will make your own money. What is ten percent?


Ubi Franklin

No, when you give me that ten per cent, I will take it and turn it into something and then I will come and give you another ten per cent from that. All right. Welcome to the show.

That was good introduction, because when I bring people on the show, there is always something I have learn. There is always something they all have to learn. And going through your bio, looking at the kind of thing you have done. You are very important to a lot of my listeners and my viewers to learn from you. 

I have a few questions for you, but before I go into the questions, I want you to kindly introduce yourself. What you do? How you got to where you are? Just a little introduction. Then we get into the questions. 


Stephanie Obi 

Hi everyone, my name is Stephanie Obi. I am a tech entrepreneur and I help Africans to make money using online courses.

Ubi Franklin

All right, in 2018, you published a book. An amazon best-selling book, Knowledge is the New Gold”. To show more people that they could turn their skills, knowledge and expertise into profitable online courses. Can you please tell us more about that book?


Stephanie Obi 

First of all, I will tell you a story. I haven’t always been a tech entrepreneur. I used to be a fashion entrepreneur. I used to make Ankara accessories. There was the time when Ankara accessories were reigning. I cannot remember the year, maybe 2010, 2014. So, we used to do Ankara every day. Ankara everything, Ankara hair band, Ankara bags. Everything, girls used to always wear Ankara.

That time, I used to be an Ankara accessories designer. And I will show you an example. Something like this, I used to make this. There were bronchies that you could wear. So as a normal African entrepreneur, just selling my accessories and then. I have been doing this thing for years and I was like, I feel like teaching other women how to start and do an accessories business. Because, I had done an accessories business for years. I have been doing business since I was 17. All through when I was in the university, I was selling.

When I went to do NYSC, I was selling, when I got my job, I was selling. When I went back to school to do my masters, I was selling. When I came back and I got my second job, I was like selling. So, I had done business for 10 years. And I was like, I am a young female who is empowered. I know how to make money and I would like to teach other women how to make money.

Then I decide to organize a workshop to teach people. To get started, I organized my first workshop, Ubi, nobody paid for it. As in, the empty picture of my table and my chair is still there. I was so embarrassed. Like shame. I was so embarrassed.. You know this thing I am doing; it is not about money; I want to impact lives. Just for us to cover the costs, it has to be paid. And then nobody paid for it. I see remember that I was crying. I picked myself up. I went for one training program. It is something like.

Something like motivational speaker and instructor to come and speak. Something like this, where they bring African leaders to come and speak. Something like the show you are organizing now. I went there, and then the business speaker that was talking to us kept on telling us about all the time he has failed.

I started this business I failed, I started this business I failed, I started this business I failed, I was like. Wait, see someone that is so successful, he did not just automatically get to this success. He failed several times and why I am here doing like the whole world has ended. Why I am here crying or complaining. I picked myself up, and I said I am going to start again. Yes, I know accessories, but I don’t know how to do marketing very well.

That time, I was not really active on social media. I thought like social media was just a fad. That it will soon fade off. That time, we had high five. I was like, the way high five left, that is how Facebook will fade. When I had to start marketing my training, I started using online marketing and people started coming to me.

I started getting customers. I first of all got my first set of customers. And I was like okay, this business can work. People started reaching out to me from Yola, Owerri, Anambra, Ekiti. Stephanie, I saw you online, I want to take your training, but I cannot come to Lagos. I don’t live in Lagos. Everything happens in Lagos, when are going to get to my areas. When are you going to get to my areas?  And because I could not travel to all those different locations, I said, okay, let me see if I can do an online course. This was 2012.

That time, to watch videos online, you have to move from EDGE to 3G. It is now that we can be doing live streaming like this. That time, you first of all, have to have a good phone. Now, the few people that have good phone, to buy data is another problem. It was an experiment and I said let me try it. I launched my first online course. And look, in one month, I started earning the same amount of money I was earning from my salary, from my 9-5. I was earning it from my 9-5. I could not believe it, 2012. How is this even a business?

That time, there was YouTube. I was like, why would somebody pay to watch my videos? But guess what, they were paying. And I was like, ooh my God, Knowledge is the new gold. I quit my job. I am going to start a business. And I became online course crazy. I was saying I am going to make money. Online course. I will launch online course. I will launch online course. You know what happened to me?

The thing that happen to me that year. I was a one-hit wonder. You will release one song and you cannot release another song that will be a hit. I could not launch another online course that will be hit. It was only that my online Ankara course that I was selling that was a hit. Every other thing that I was doing, I was launching courses, launching courses, there was not a hit.

Now what I know now is that my Ankara accessories online course, was my perfect online course. Instead of launching different online courses, I should have just stayed there. Instead of trying to launch the remaining on line courses. I launched 20. Twenty. Every month I was hustling. Every month, I was hustling. Every month, I was hustling. And it taught me a lot. 

One thing I realized is that, wait, first of all, you can make money from online courses. Knowledge is the new gold. If you know anything, you can package it into an online course, and you can sell it over and over again. You don’t have to launch 20 online courses. Just launch one. Imagine that you are different things. You have different business and you just one to reach to help.

Launch that one and keep reselling, why you do other things with your life. These things I am saying, the more I say it, the more it looks like film tricks. I have been saying this thing online by monetizing your knowledge, people don’t believe me. First of all, I wrote a book and, in this book, I was explaining to people why people can actually make money online. Whether you think you are fine or not fine. Whether when you talk,  you voice is somehow. No matter who you are, you can monetize your knowledge online and you can get paid. 


Ubi Franklin

Looking at your profile, you are a first-class graduate from computer science plus an MBA from Lagos Business School. And going to work in a 9-5 job and then from there you failed. You failed first.  Your first workshop, you failed. You went to a conference.

You went to a conference, and at the conference, you found out that there is body there would has failed before and start saying their story and that inspired you to go and start something and today, you have made a lot of money. Now, something is very key and that I want you to hit on. Why you were talking, you said something like your first online course was like a hit song for you. All right.

Being in the Nigerian music industry, I understand what a hit song is and what it means to people. Now, your first online course was a hit and instead of you to watch that one and scale that one a little bit, you went to start other things. I am relating this to business, there are a lot of business owners that when they sell something. You see, I tell people when I-phone drops I-phone X, 10X Pro, 11 Pro or whatever it is.

They still send update to make sure that they fine-tuned that product. Now, I tell people., I watched a video where Mark Zuckerberg said, ideas don’t come fully form. So, I can tell you an idea right now and I will release it. When people start using that product, it helps you build into what you want to do. There are a lot of people watching you that get excited like you right. They get excited like you.

They sell something and it works and they want to start selling other things. Why not focus on what you are doing? In our entertainment industry, people like Timi Dakolo, like Praise, Waje, Omawunmi, Chike, these guys have maintained a particular genre of music. And they are on that line and they are making money. When you try to start other things that people are not used to seeing with you.

It is not bad to start other things, but try and squeeze that first one. You need to explain to us. Tell us your experience when you start, about your experience when you found out that your first product was selling. And then you had to launch other 19 products to make it 20. And then you found out that that same first one was still selling. How was that experience?


Stephanie Obi 

It was a hard moment. I don’t know how to explain it. It was like, you leave your gold. You leave the thing that is your bread and butter and you go and start doing other things. It was such a hard moment for me. That is why, even till now, I now preach, don’t try to do so many things. Don’t try to launch so many online courses.

Just pick one, and then keep selling it. And that how come my new online course that I now launch. After launching 20 online courses, I now launch one online course. And I have been selling that same one online course since 2016 and that is the course that have earned me over 280, 000 dollars.

Guess what, it is because I have stay consistent. I have been doing it. When you wake up in the morning, it is online course, when you wake up in the night, it is the same thing. You know what happen, mastery. Mastery has happened. I know this topic to my blood. As in if you pinch me like this, it is my topic that will come out. Because I have work with people over and over and over again. And I have seen all sort of scenario. Because I have work with people over and over again.

I have seen a book on this thing. I now launched a whole tech platform on this topic. You know, so. What I found is that, we are not here to do so many different things, we all have an assignment on earth. We all have a purpose. When you found your own and you just stay there, that is where you will be blessed. And it is not easier for you to support other people. Because, you are like, this thing you are doing is amazing I like what you are doing.

How can we partner? How can we partner? Because now, you know that this thing you are doing is your own thing. My own is my own thing. But let us see how we can collaborate. When you know yourself and you know another person has their own, there would be more collaboration. It is not about competition. They are just saying, how can we work well to do something bigger? But that start from understanding your own self and what you bring to the table. 


Ubi Franklin

 What you did basically was instead you found out that after the other ones failed. You went back to that one that succeeded, built a proper structure around it to make sure that the revenue comes out properly. Is that what you did?


Stephanie Obi 

No, I will tell you what I did. So, in 2016, the market had changed. So, once upon a time, Ankara accessories were like hot cakes. All the girls were wearing Ankara accessories from head to toe and it was a big business. But the market had now changed. Ankara was a trend. We had left Ankara.

So, I now asked myself in 2016, what do I know? What else do I know very, very, very well. What have I been doing for the last four years and that I know how to do very, very, very well? And the answer was online course. I now had to seat down and start documenting my processes.

What worked? What did not work? How did I do that time? What did I say? What email did I write? I am telling you. I started documenting processes. It was like doing SOP. I was writing short processes. This is how to do this. When I did it like this, this is what I discovered. And because no other person has done this in our market, I did not even have anywhere to copy it. It had to come from within. I pioneered it. Because there was no other person doing. I then decided. It was a decision that I made. I must emphasize this point. I made a decision to start doing online course. I know a lot of thing, but I asked myself.

Out of all this thing that I know, which one can I start out in? which one if I say yes, I want to teach, people will not say who are you to teach this course. I know that you can teach this course. I have seen you selling online course. When I decided to now teach, I had proven expertise. All right. Yes, I said that everybody can teach, yes, I said you can make money online. But guess what, you cannot teach everything.

You cannot teach every topic. You have to teach to the one that you know. You have to teach the one that you have expertise in. I met a guy recently, he said he is teaching people how to do drop shipping and then I ask him, how much is your course, he said N5k, I said, okay, tell me about me about when you did drop shipping, he said he had not done drop shipping. I said okay, how can you be teaching something you don’t know? He said the person that taught me has not done it too.

So, I just said if he can teach it and does not know anything about it, me too, let me teach it. And this is how there are quacks in the market. Instead of becoming a quack, you should teach what you know. Because there is something you know. I have a client, who teaches parents, “how to stop shouting.” 


Ubi Franklin

 You have someone that teaches parents “how to stop shouting”


Stephanie Obi 

Yes. One of my clients, during this Covid-19, everybody is at home with their children. Just imagine that you have to work, you children are at home and they screaming. You get mad and you start shouting and before you know it, you are always shouting at your children. 

People say I don’t want to be a kind of mother that shout. I want to be a mother that my children still love me. Guess what, mother and fathers are paying for her online course on how to stop shouting. So, you will be there, you will be saying this topic is not something, it is not ghen ghen. You are looking for packaging. It is not gish gish.

People are paying for the most ridiculous. It is not ridiculous because that is what people want. Another of my clients, she teaches people how to style their hair. They will wash their hair together online and then style it. Because this Covid-19, we have been on lock down and I cannot wash my hair. As simple as that. Before I go to saloon to wash it, now, I have to wash it by myself. I don’t know how to do it. I don’t know how to style the hair and I want to look presentable.

Guess what, there is someone online teaching people on how to wash and style their hairs. So, there are so many things we take for granted. 


Ubi Franklin

 I have learnt something now. I have a lot of things in my head. I am going to set up my own platform. I need to come to you for some lecturing. I need to tell people how to do something. see, Covid-19, we need to make money. I need to teach people how to set up something thing.

There is a lot of things I know in my head. That is very brilliant. Stephanie, as a leading woman in the knowledge technology industry in Africa. Talk to us about creating a world of opportunity for women in Africa using your signature method; perfect online course. 


Stephanie Obi 

So, the first thing I always say is that. The first thing I say is that. First thing I want everybody here to understand is that you are money making machine. You have not seen it. I am telling you. I am telling you. You have not yet seen it. I am telling you. I will tell you a story. April 2nd, 2020. I checked my account, my account balance, guess what I found there, N68k. My home accounts. I had N68k. By 27th of April, yesterday , did you know how much I have earned? In this Covid. Lock down. Over N10million . Using this thing, I am trying to explain to you guys. I am not playing. I know I laugh a lot but I am not playing. 

Number one, you have to find that thing that you are so good at. That thing that everybody keeps complimenting you about. How you made you jollof rice. How you wear your suits and not your tie. When they compliment you, you will just say thank you. You will just say my guy.

That thing as simple as it is, if you decide to package it into an online course, you don’t even have to create any video yet. Just say this thing I know how to do very well. Let me test it. Let me create a sales page and let me sell it online. All right. I create a sales page and I will say how to knot your tie. Or how to cook jollof rice. Let me tell you, people will pay you before you create.

Before you actually create the video for the online course. And I will tell you why they are paying you. They are paying you because you are a solution provider. You are a solution provider. Even though it seems so basic to you, it is solving problems. It is solving problems. As basic as it sounds. So, the perfect online course it a course that people will pay you for it, and then they will be like, I really want a solution to this problem that I have. I want to learn this thing that I know how to do very well. And I am willing to pay for you in advance.

You want to make a cloth; you give the tailor money to design the cloths for you and then you wait. It is the same thing. People can pay you money to create an online course and then they wait, because they seriously want that thing. When you get the money, you can then create the videos and create the online course. After you then create the online course, every month, you keep reselling the online course. Every month. And that is how all of us can create wealth even in Covid. So please, I know that there is a lock down. But let me tell you something.

There are many more problems. There are new types of problems. Let say before, somebody had to, when they want to do their children birthday for example. There children birthday, they want to do cake. They would normally have called someone to come and do cake, now the person that they called cannot do the cake. Lock down, they cannot move around and the mother is now saying how will celebrate this birthday.

Let me see if I can make the cake myself. But I don’t know how to make cake. What will she do? She will come online and look for somebody who has online course and she will buy. That is why even though other businesses are shouting down. For people who have online course, they are selling like crazy. It is not just me; my clients are selling in this period. Right now, everybody is learning.

Everybody is learning new skills due to one thing or the other. If you are here, please, knowledge is the new gold. This Covid-19, the effects are not going anywhere, anytime soon. The earlier you learn how to make money in a Covid-19 environment.

All right, where people can walk around anyhow, the better for you. And the beauty of this thing is that you can sell your online course to people in Kenya, in the US, in the UK. Ubi, you should have an online course by this time. I don’t know if you have seen all these Masterclass people. They are launching online courses.  It is this thing I am telling, that is what they have seen. You see musicians. Everybody who and have gotten successful. They are all teaching now. They are teaching. They are all teaching.


Ubi Franklin

Stephanie, I know that for a fact, I am coming to you for some lecture. You know, no man knows it all. Like I have been saying, we need to start looking for other ways we can make money. We need to teach people something.

Something that really shocked me that you said earlier is the fact that somebody teaching parents how to stop shouting…but we would discuss that. My next question to you is that, Stephanie, there is a major problem in our country, Nigeria when in it comes to the youth and wealth creation. Many times, people ignored courses, training or seminars as they feel it offers little values. Why is that so?


Stephanie Obi 

There are number of things. Number one, a session like this that we are having, it cannot solve all your problems. Do you understand? What it can do is to inspire you. But it cannot solve all the problem. There are many things deep things that you are dealing with. But when people attend session like this, they expect that all their questions will be solved. No. this is just a one-hour session. It is not in-depth.

So, many times, seminars, conferences, live streams and all of that. They can only give you tips because it is just one hour. Now, if you now want to get the results, you have to attend a training program. In the training program, you will go in-depth and then if you have questions, the teacher will answer.

What has happened in our market is that, we have so many people who are inspiring the youths, but they don’t have enough tools. That is why I am saying again, after this inspiration thing you are doing with the this talk show, they also have to be tools. This is how to do this. Come let me show you how I have been able to get to this level of success. It is not everybody that will pay for this, but some people want to learn from you.

All the time they are asking you, can you show me? I am making a call to everybody who has been successful in Africa, let’s teach other people how to be successful in Africa. Not only will you impact lives, but you will also make money. It is a win-win for everybody. The youths are frustrated with our aspire to perspire like they say. Because after they go home, they deal with the reality. What if they went home. This is how he does it. And here is the thing, you don’t even have to teach everything that you know.

You know so much. You can say let me just teach this one. Just this one thing. And if you teach this one thing, people will keep on telling you thank you. I will tell you a story, when I launch this my online course on accessories, somebody wrote to me from the UK. Stephanie, “I found you online, I paid for your online course, at that time, I was just out of, I was going through a lot tough period in my life, I did not have any money. I felt so vulnerable. I came, I used my money and pay for the online course. I took the step.

Today, I have my own business. I am making my own money. And I believe that my dreams are possible. I applied for fashion school and I got in.”  She says something that really hit. She said “thank you for changing my life”. At that time, I was just at age of 26. Twenty-six, I am changing your life at age 26. Me, small me. But guess what. Small me had something that she knew. And I told myself that I might not know everything. I may not know everything. I may not be like a big mentor. I may not be big, but I know something.

That small one I know; I will help another person. And the way I explain it, there are different levels in life. Some people are in level 1, some people are in level 3, some people are in level in 5. At every point in time, there is always be somebody who you are looking up to, who is your mentor. Every time, you can never reach that point where you know you don’t have anybody you admire. No matter what you want to do.

There is somebody who has done something more than you. So, you are in level 3 and somebody in level 5 who you are looking up to. But guess what, there is body in level 1 who has not even started. Who does not even know, that they are running around in cycle? But when you come and you show them a step by step training. A step by step online course, that will help them get a particular result. They will get result. They will. And they will thank you and you will make money. 


Ubi Franklin

 Let me talk for the men. Men in the building, let me hear you say, yeah, yeah. My next question to you is that, are there any courses tailored to men on your platform? 


Stephanie Obi 

All right, so, when I started, I started with women. I had a bias for women because, I was teaching fashion accessories and my customers were women. So, I have always been around women. I always been were women say I don’t have money. I always heard of, I am trying to earn money basically. All right.

So, because I had been surrounded with women over and over again, I am more bias towards women. I am very passionate. I have built an entire business to help women. But the question I am getting now. Especially in this Covid-19 time, “Stephanie, this same thing you are doing for women, can’t you help men too”? The short answer: Yes. The principles are universal. They will work for you whether you are a men or women. Whether you live in Africa or America. Or any other continent or Europe. They will work for you.

Over the last few years, I have just focused on women because I am so passionate about women. But guess what, I am now passionate about Africans. Because in this Covid-19, we have to help ourselves. Because, before, when there is a problem, it is Nigeria that has a problem or Africa that has a problem. Right now, the whole world has a problem and they are going to take care of themselves.

In Africa, we have to take care of ourselves. Even if they say, okay, in this Covid-19, we want to give stimulus package, we want to help the poor. Guess what, it is the poorest of the poor that they are going to help. We that we are middle class. We that we are in the average, we have to help ourselves. And how can we help ourselves? It is by starting a digital business. It is by starting an online course business that will earn you money whether you are on a lock down or no lock down. To answer your questions, my system, my process, my framework can work for anybody. Before Covid, I was focusing on women, but post-Covid, it is now an African issue. I am focusing on African now. Male and female. 


Ubi Franklin

You are making me think differently. there is something you are sparkling in my spirit. Finally, before ou go, what are some of the thing that are going obsolete now as we wait a permanent solution to the Corona Virus. And what advice will you give to individuals, small businesses, big businesses this period. 


Stephanie Obi 

Okay, the things that are going obsolete. They are quite obvious based on what is happening. Any business where people have to gather. Any business where you used to make a stream of income from people gathering. Now, even though they might relax the lock down, and we will all be wearing our masks, people are still going to avoid crowded places.

Now, any business that was touchy, that you have to come close to the person to do, even though they like you, they love you, people are going to be very, very careful. Because of that, those businesses are going to suffer. They will struggle. Even though it looks like “oh God, this is such a very horrible thing”. But guess what? there are so many opportunities.

You just need to switch the flip. Just flip the switch. Whatever you are doing offline, can be done online. No matter what you are doing offline. There is a digital version. All of us now has to become digital. About three years ago, I was invited to the Win Big conference to speak about the future of work. I said it, that a time will come when all of us, will be working from home. And it will be normal.

We will be selling digital products; it will be normal. We would be selling online courses it will be normal. And I said it that time that but we are getting there. But it still looks like it was still far. But guess what, who would have guessed that Covid-19 will come and it will bring it closer to us. 

The first thing I am going to say is that this is the new normal. Don’t think that when Buhari removes the lock down and we will go back to normal. This is the new normal and I will now have to innovate . How do you innovate? It is to ask yourself.

One way to ask yourself is that is there anything I know that I can package into a product and sell it online. Short answer: Yes, there is. And this thing I am telling you is that one way is an online course, but it is not the only way. There are many more ways. But one way is through an online course and you can package anything you know as an online course and sell it.

Please, don’t sleep on this bicycle. Because whether you do it or not, it is selling. Whether you do it or not, it is selling. I can show you screenshots of people telling me “Stephanie, Thank you”. because the best time to have launched your online course is last year. If you launch it last year, by now, you already have income entering your count. But, if you did not do it last year, do it now.

I launched knowledge is the new gold challenge to help people do this thing I am telling you. In 30 days, 222 people joined us. They are taking this challenge. There is nothing stopping you to join this challenge. If you say you don’t know what to teach, come will help you. If you say you don’t know how to market online, come, we will teach. This is thing are thing that you can learn.

Don’t let it hold you back from creating wealth. Don’t let any excuse. Because what is really important is that, can you put food on the table for your family? Can you take of your children? Can you pay school fees? Because people don’t want to know. You still have to pay that school fees. Like the responsibilities that you have, they are going to come knocking despite Covid-19. So, can you take care of your family? Despite the challenges. And If you cannot, there is no need to be ashamed. Let’s do this. 


Ubi Franklin

Being one of the people to start online courses in this part of the world, Nigeria, and  talking about the future of work. People like you are already identified as  part of the future of work a lot of time. Any time I hear people want to talk about future of work, I am always interested. Right now, there is thing I can do. That I always give to like four or five people to do.

Right now, I sit down and put them together and doing some on my laptop and I am doing some on my phone, I am putting everything together and now, you know what, I will say that, you know, I will save that amount of people. It is like for example, Uber. Uber launched uber bikes. Though Cabs are not working right now, there are bikes, food delivery.

Chains are actually working. People have been asking few questions on the comment section, I feel like I should drop that to you. There are people that want to register to your course, they want you to teach them one thing or the other. If you are that available, how do they register and how do they access you? How do they get through to you? For you to give them that lecture?


Stephanie Obi 

Thank you for asking this question. My handle is @Stephobi. Number one, follow me. Number two, if you want to be a part of the challenge, click on the link on bio and you will read about it. That will give you, like all the information that you need. We currently have a batch of people who are currently in the challenge. Two hundred and twenty-two people, men and women. But if you join us, you can join the next set that that is starting very soon. That is how you reach us, @Stephobi


Ubi Franklin

All right Steph. Thank you so much for coming on the show. There are people like you that I have promised that I will contact because there are few things that I need to learn from you. There are Nigerians that feel like they know all. But Covid-19 has taught us that, you don’t know anything.

Everything you ever wanted in life, somebody has it. If you want money, somebody has it. If you want knowledge, somebody has it. If you want internet, the Telcom has it, if you want sim card, somebody is selling somewhere, if you want a phone, there is somebody making and producing and selling the phone somewhere. There are people that feel always stuck up.

Somebody will feel that Ubi Franklin knows it all. No, I don’t. One of the best thing I have done this period was to set up this platform and I have a lot of people that are from different walks of life that I have come here to share their knowledge.

Going through your profile, so, and I keep asking myself, there are people that are doing things in different corners, making some money. You know, you see, why some people are complaining, my business is lockdown. You have made this period, from 2nd of April till today, you have made 10 million. See, Stephanie, I heard about it, I will forward you my account number. I am not expensive. Let me tell you something, when I started making money. I started making with percentage.

So, I don’t play with percentage. If my artist go for show and come back, I collect my percentage. If I give an artist a show, I collect my percentage. I am not looking for the 100 per cent. I am looking for 10 percentage. That is a future of work for me too. Percentage game. So, I have identified that. I am sure that there are a lot of people that are going to sign up on your platform right now. I am sure a lot of people are going to check you up on your social media platforms. What thing you have done today is that you have actually open a lot of people eyes. For them to look around them.

For example, I saw a video of a woman. I think it was on a Youtube, she is using her daughter to make a lot of money. Because her daughter has a special skill and she decided to take that skills for what she sees everyday as a mother and put it on YouTube and when she saw that the number was increasing, she now had to create a platform where parents sign up and her daughter are teaching them.

You know the same way they watch Corp patrol and that is how they watch her daughter teach their kids a few things. And it was really interesting and I did not know we are going to come online and have this type of conversation we are having now. Everyone is actually opening up their eyes to things around them. I always say to people, everywhere you are standing, there is money. You just need to figure out how you can make that money. Thank you so much for coming on the show and blessing us with your knowledge. 


Stephanie Obi 

Thank you for having me. I really appreciate. Thank you for also allowing me to talk about my product. I don’t take it for granted. And for everybody who is listening, thank you for listening. I hope that you get something from me. This thing I am telling you, forget this laugh I am laughing up and down. It is real. 


Ubi Franklin

Thank you so much. We will come to you.