Online Course Creation With Stephanie Obi and Tosin Ajibade (Olorisupergal)

Tosin Ajibade 

Hi Stephanie, can you please tell us about yourself? For those who don’t know you, let them know who you are.


Stephanie Obi: 

My name is Stephanie Obi. And I am a tech entrepreneur. I focus on helping female entrepreneurs to create and sell online courses. All right, I have been doing this for the past eight years.

This is my eight years now that I have been selling online courses. And if you are wondering what is an online course, it is a training that you sell online. Instead of having a physical workshop, you cannot do this workshop online. And sell it. physical workshops are great, but online courses are also addition stream of income. And it is now so important because we are on lockdown. We are on lock down. And if you have an online course, you would have been selling your online courses.

So many of my clients have started sending me thank you messages. Stephanie, thank you, thank you. I am selling like hot bread. If you have an online course, lockdown or no lock down you will be selling. And that is what I help people to do. 


Tosin Ajibade 

This is for me. I will just talk about how I got to meet Steph. So, I met Steph through Tara Fela Durotoye. I don’t know if she is watching. I met Steph through TFD and TFD just connected us together. In 2018, I did my first course with Stephanie Obi. That is the CLD, Course Launched Delivered. I don’t know Steph, if you want to talk about Course Launch Delivered program,  so people can actually know about it.


Stephanie Obi 

Let me first of all talk about how I got into this CLD journey. So, I launched my first my online course in 2012. Before then, I was an Ankara accessories designer. I used to make Ankara. 

For example, I have one I keep on my table here. I used to make Ankara broaches, Ankara hair band, ear ring, necklaces, bangles and all sort of things. And I have built a business from this. My business name was ST Colors. I woke up one day and decided to start teaching people how to make these Ankara accessories and also earn an income. I organized my workshop and nobody came.

Nobody came. I don’t know if you have ever failed before or you have done something and nobody showed up. The disappointment was so much. I cried. I was like, God, nobody came. Nobody wanted what I had to offer. Then I realized that, I think I went to an event and they had a guest speaker and the guest speaker said something about how he had failed different times and how he picked himself up. How he failed this time. How he failed that time. I said, wait oo, see someone talking about their failure. What is my own?

My own is nothing compare to this person. So, I then went back home with ginger. I said I am going to try again. I tried again and I started marketing online. And this time, I had three students. I was happy. I was like, you paid for my workshop. So, I kept on marketing online and more people started paying for this thing. I started getting request from places like Uyo, Onitsha, Abia, Anambra and Ekiti. People were saying, Stephanie, I don’t live in Lagos but I want to this training. I got inspired to launch an online course.

When I launched my first online course in 2012. That time, we did not have internet the way we have it now. For you to watch videos online, you have to change your internet from edge to 3G before you can watch videos. So, people will pay for internet and they will now still come and pay for my videos. I could not believe it. But I was selling. 2012, in Nigeria. And what now shocked me was that the money I was earning from my online course in a month was the same I was earning from my 9-5 in a month. I was working in a 9-5 organization.

Multi-national for that matter. I said wait a minute, what is going on here, what am I seeing. Online course making me money like this. And then I launched the first one and just kept on making me money. I went for online courses. I quit my job; I am going to do online course. I quit my job and started focusing on online course. Big mistake, I suffered. That year, you know what they called, one hit wonder. I was a one hit one wonder.

I did not know what I did to get result so I could not replicate my result. It was the most frustrating thing ever. Frustrating. When you know that you can do something and you don’t know what you did to do it. and I started launching online course upon online course. And sometimes I will sell, sometimes, I will not sell. Sometimes, I will say let me price the course for N2k let me just see.

And so, I will put and online course for N2k. N2k multiply by 50 is N100k, Is that money? Yes. Is it enough? No. because, by the time I paid for internet, I pay for fuel, I paid for generator. By the time I am done, I don’t even have money again. I am back to square one.

That kept happening to me, until after a while, I got a hang of it. I started saying oh okay, this is what to do. This is how to do it. This is how to do it. I became so good at creating and selling online courses. People started saying I should teach them. Come and teach me.

In 2016, I then started teaching people how to create and sell online courses. And that is what I now do with my program called CLD. This program has trained many people. Over 500 people have taken this program. I am not sure of the number.

A lot of people have taken the program and they have created and launch their online courses. Many of the courses that you see and people are launching, I am the one behind it. I am the secret perfume from behind; who is helping people to launch their online courses. Because I started launching online courses in this market before anybody started. I am pioneer in the Nigerian market and the people that have taken the course they have gone on to impact lives. Like I cannot even explain to you.

They have gone on to impact thousands and thousands of lives. They have become international speakers. They have become personal brands on their own. And this course I am talking about it, I started it in 2016 and I still sell it today. It is something I called the perfect online course. I still sell it today. It has gone on to earn me about $280k. One online course. I am still selling it till now.

And so, I feel like I have this secret that people don’t know that they can get. That you can create something and it will keep making you money over and over again. It is like building a house. You build a house and it keeps giving you rent over and over again, year after year. That is what a good online course is, you create it once, and its keep earning you money over and over again. 


Tosin Ajibade 

Wholesome. I was actually intrigued by what Steph said. I am not too clear about this part. Like, I know about the Ankara accessories, I know about everything, but I actually don’t know as much as I know right now. It is good that you are sharing and letting people to know that it is okay for people to fail, but it is also okay if you can pack up and launch you again.

Talking about online course, I also introduced you as founder of Trainquarters and I am sure some people would be wondering what is Trainquarters . I was at the launch, the year you actually launched this, I was there. Thank you for inviting me. But for those who don’t know what Trainquarters is, can you tell us about Trainquarters?


Stephanie Obi 

Trainquarters is a tech platform. I cannot believe it, but I am tech founder. I cannot believe it. And I will tell you why I cannot believe it. I cannot believe it because, I went to school to study Computer Science. But when I was in school, I said I don’t want to do or practice Computer Science. I said I don’t want to do it. But I was doing it because, I just read to pass.  But in fact, I graduated with a first class in Computer Science. When I finished from school, my parents did a huge party for me. All my parent’s friends called me first class. How is first class? She is fine. Where is first class now?

Everybody had an idea of what I should do with my life because I had a first class and here, I was saying I want to teach people how to make Ankara accessories. But, any ways, my Ankara accessories led me to my online course. When I had a problem with my Ankara accessories business, because I have a tech background, the way I could think about solving that problem was using technology.

That because I have a tech background. Other people could have done something else. But for me, I was like, can’t I leverage on technology to solve the problem. As I was helping people to launch online courses, they kept telling me that, Stephanie, this thing pass my power,  because I am techy and I have a tech background, I will be saying, just do like that,  just do this, just do that. They will say, “Steph, it’s not just do this, just do this”.

This thing is too techy. So, they could not create online school. An online school is where you host your online course securely, so that, nobody can steal your content, so you can protect the online course. For your videos. When somebody pay for the course, you will give them a username and a password, to protect your contents. So, they could not build this thing by themselves. Me, II could build it because I am techy. 

When I was building my own online course, I built my online school by myself. It took me three months, but I did it. For another person that is not techy like me to build it, you will just demoralized them. So, they kept telling me that, “Stephanie, this is too much tech for me. I said okay, I will find a solution. We then started building online schools for them manually. But it was too manual and it was too long and I was like, what can we do and I decided to do launch a tech platform.

The first person that will asked to do the tech platform was in India. The guy, after some months, we did not see him again. And he is in India. I sent mail, sent mail, entered voicemail. I said okay, let me work with a Nigerian, somebody who is here, that we can see every day. We started working with a Nigerian. The guy was using big English for me. You know when you want to do something techy, you will be saying the agile, the something, the something. even me that is a techy, by the time I started dealing with tech jargons I was like, okay, just be doing it. just be doing it.

The guy started doing it now, after three months when I saw what he built. I said okay, this is not what I want. All right. So, we started again. I was so passionate about the women I was trying to help. I was like technology cannot stop them. Because they have a message that the world needs to hear. Technology cannot stop them. We started again, we started building tech platform again. And finally, we launched.

Last year, we launched this tech platform. And it makes me so emotional because it was such a long journey to get there. But now, anybody, anywhere can go on Trainquarters , open an account and immediately have an online school. The same way you can go to Gmail and open an account and immediately, you have a g-mail an account and you can send email. Gmail has made it so easy for everybody to send email. That is the way we have done it. Trainquarters has made it so easy for anybody to have an online school.

So, if you are doing Instagram live for example and you want to save the lives and sell the lives, you can save your IG lives, upload it on Trainquarters and sell it. If you are doing webinars, you can download your webinars, upload it on Trainquarters and sell it. Any contents you want to sell, and you want it to be protected, you can upload it on Trains quarter and continually sell it. People normally do things like sending their videos on WhatsApp.

That is great idea when you are starting, but the problem with selling content without protection is that it can be pirated. Not even piracy, pirated is even too long. It can be stolen. People will buy it for N5k or N10k and they will start reselling for one thousand. We wanted a solution that will work with African.

There are other international platforms who used to solve this problem, but the problem is that they could not connect with our Pay stack or flutter wave. They could not connect, it  was so manual. You will put your course on their platform, you will now create “sell your online course” somebody will pay to your Nigerian account and you will then start given them access manually. It is manual.

The way an online course supposed to work, people can just be paying and as they are paying they will get their log in details and you can continue. If you are trying to sell an online course over and over again, to be doing it manually is a lot of work. We came up with our solution and we can integrate with local partners, local parent platforms and it will be easy for the people who are launching online courses here.

The second thing is that there are many platforms you need to launch and online course. You need email list; you need a lading page. Lading page is like a webpage. You need to have a place to host your videos. There are many things that you need. By the time you add all these things, the costs add up. So, what we did here, because people here are beginners, we launched an all in one platform, so that you will not pay so much money when you are just starting your business. You have something that you cannot easily use without spending a lot of money. It is It is a tech platform that allows you to easy owns an online school. 


Tosin Ajibade 

Wholesome. Okay, so you talked about people who need to launch and you talked about the whole process. When you were explaining, you were like, hope I have not lost you guys. Because it sounds so technical. And the work that goes behind it is actually a lot. So, I am saying this because I have had an experience of all these and I know how tedious this is. 

I am just going to say thank you for launching Trainquarters . Like I said, I remember when I also wanted to launch in 2018 and I had…I was like oh my God. And your team members actually helped and all. For most people who are just joining us. What are these women talking about, what are they are saying? For anyone who is watching, what do you think is ideal for them to launch as course. 


Stephanie Obi 

So, a lot of people always ask me this question, what should I teach? I don’t feel like I have arrived. Here is the thing, you will never arrive. There is no day that you will say, I bit my chest, I bit my chest, I am too good. Never, because there is always be somebody who is ahead you.

There would be always be somebody you look up to. There would always be somebody who you admire. Somebody that started before you. There would always be. You know what, there would always be somebody who is just starting. Who has started life? Who is just starting?

There would always be somebody who is ahead of you and there would always be somebody who is behind you. And so, when you decide to start teaching, it is not about knowing everything, it is about knowing enough to help another person. I know something and I can help someone. Now the second part is, but I still don’t know what I know, there is something I want you to remember, I want to assume you are 26. You might be above 26. I believe. Let us just say average number 26 years.

For the past 20 something part of your life. You have been doing something every time. That you have already become so good it at it. Whether it is cooking stew, cooking jollof rice, cleaning your house.  No matter how tedious, or how small you think it is, let me tell you, that thing is something. do you know there is somebody who teach people how to tidy yourself? You clean your house normally.

There is somebody, her name is Mary Kondo, she wrote a bestselling book. She sold millions of it. What does the book do? It teaches you how to tidy up. She launched the book. She has online course of it. She also has a Netflix show on it. What is she teaching? Readying your home. 

I have a client, who teaches people: she teaches parents how to stop shouting. She is teaching people how to stop shouting. Like how to stop shouting at their children. All right, now many of us, the only way we know how to discipline our children is to shout and many times, when you are shouting, the child feels like you don’t love them. But you want to discipline them and how do you discipline them without destroying their self-esteem and she teaches a course on how to stop shouting. It is amazing.

You might be surprise that this thing that you take for granted and that you think that it is not a big deal, people want to know how to do it. And these things they don’t teach it in schools per se. They are things you just pick up. You might have taken in it up somewhere, may be your mother taught you and become so good at it. But other people don’t have that experience and they want to learn.

So, if you ask yourself what do people ask me all the time. People would come and meet you and they say, how do you do this thing? anything they keep asking you. How do you lose weight? How do you make friends? Your Instagram page, ten thousand people, how did you get to 10, 000 followers? All these questions they are not ask you, they are not asking you because they don’t know what to do. They asking you because they do not know. And if one person does not know, many more people do not know.

Another thing you can ask yourself, what painful experience have you overcome? Let say you want to enter university, but you were always failing JAMB. Failing JAMB. But you eventually get it. That thing, how did you get it? Let say you want to get a job, but you keep trying. You could not get it for three years. But eventually you got it. And every two years you are changing jobs. People now want to learn from you. So, whatever painful experience that you have, people want to learn from it.

My own painful experience is that I went and resign from my job thinking that I have reached cash stalk online course will make me rich. I went and resign. Oya now, produce the money, I could not produce the money. I was a one-hit wonder. That painful experience has now become my own online course. Because I teach it now. I teach people how to profitable make money from online courses.

So, anything you went through and you may have been crying. That oh God, why me? Why me? Why am I going through this thing? Why have you forsaken me? That thing that you are there crying about, when you get out it, there are still other women who are still there crying that Oh God, help me.

If you understand this thing, I am telling you, you will be successful forever. That no matter what, there are people who are looking at you and are saying I want to learn from you. Whether you think you are enough, they see you, and I am like I am inspired by you and I want to learn from you. So, if you are having ideas, please drop it in the comment sections. 

Another one is that, an exciting goal you have achieved. Think about the last time someone told you congratulations. Think about it. When was the last time? Why were they telling you congratulations? Is it that you wrote a book, published a book? To publish a book is not a bean. 

You actually sat down and wrote the book. Published it. You published it. If other people are saying what is there in publishing a book. Guess what? There are people who are looking at you and saying, she published a book, me too I want to publish a book. I am inspired by you.

Any time people tell you I am inspired by you.  it is not just compliments. Ask them, what do you like about me? What is it that you see? Many times, we are our hardest critics. We are so hard on ourselves. That we don’t see how amazing we are. Next one, what tools do you know how to use? Simple things like Canva. I taught Canva, in 2015.

Till today, people are still telling me thank you. thank you for teaching me Canva. Canva is a free tool, you go online and read it and watch it and learn how to use it. I did not have anyone to teach me, I went online and I practiced Canva myself. When I got it, I said let me teach other people about it. people paid for that course. Till today, it was 2015, people were still telling me thank you.

Till today, people are still telling me thank you. why? Because I helped them to get results in a shorter time. Now you might be saying, oh, You-tube is there. Why would anybody learn from me when there is YouTube. Guess what, not everybody wants to spend countless hours going to YouTube to go and watch everything and go and start research.

Some people are DIY, they will go on You-Tube and learn everything. But some people are like, I don’t want to learn using YouTube. I want the person that I will be seeing her. I will ask her question; she will answer me. 

Meanwhile, a lot of people  are still battling with Canva, can you imagine, like, if I wanted, I could have still be selling that online course on Canva, over and over again. No matter what, there are people who are just coming into this online world. and who want to start using Canva to create design.

The whole world is not staying in one place. People are always moving. As  they are moving, they are tying to learn new things. If you position yourself as someone who teach these things. Will everybody in the world learn from you? No, some will learn from Youtube and some will learn from you. So, don’t say there is a Youtube. Some want to learn from you.

People still ask me, “Stephanie, can you teach me this, can you teach me that.” I am now the one that say, “I cannot teach this, go and meet this person, go and meet that person”. If there is a tool you know how to use, don’t put yourself down. You can teach it. Now, some people say but, I learn this thing from Youtube, should I be teaching it.

Let me explain something to you, someone of us, if we like, let us watch all the YouTube videos in the world, we cannot understand it.

For instance, me now, I can learn tech things on YouTube. If you show me any tech videos, I will sit down, and watch and I will understand it. But if you tell me to go and watch videos to draw my eyes brow, that is when the wahala will start. Like, I don’t understand this and this my eyes brow. I say I want to be a slayer.  If I like I go online and watch videos all the YouTube videos on how to draw eyes brow. I cannot get it. why? Because all of us have different strengths.

My own strength is tech. My own strength is business. If you ask me any business or tech question, I dey here, I will answer you. but if you ask what design do you use to line your lips, there is going to be problem. So,  that is how God created us. He created us to be interdependent on other people. One man’s strength is another person’s weakness.

If you so good at something, that is what God blessed you with. He gave another person something else. So, don’t say because God bless me with this thing, nobody will not learn from me. It is not true. That things that God I blessed you with, is your strength.

There are things I cannot do, now, in my own stage, where I am now. There are things I can do it, but I will say, I don’t have time to do it. I don’t have time to do it. I want another person do it for me. I want another person to teach me in 10 minutes how to do this thing. I don’t want to use that training time. I want shortcut. There are two ways to learns something. You can learn it from someone, or you can figure it by yourself. And in every market, there is always a good of person who wants to learn it by themselves. And it is okay.

So, if you launch an online course and they don’t pay for it. Don’t take it to heart. It is not something that you should be worried about. Don’t say that, oooh God, nobody wants me. Your own is just to find the people who wants to pay for it.

They are out there, find them. Find the people who wants to pay for it. That is when marketing comes in. You have to show up and be a great marketer. All right. Let’s say, in  my case, it is accounting that I am so good at. Meanwhile, for another person, they cannot deal with number. When they see numbers, there are eyes just start rolling. Find what is your own strength and put it up.


Tosin Ajibade 

In-between your conversation, you just did something, like God, you reminded me how you started the fearless gang last year. If you are not in this gang, you are nowhere. I was like, which one is fearless gang again. I was like. Okay, Stephanie, you are talking about fearless gang and then we are on this gang together. Add my own name, we are inside this together.

So, I just want you to talk about fearless gang briefly and how you created that brand. From self-belief to also inputting it into others. A lot of us felt, for me, I felt if I was not part of that gang, then I am missing out. That is what I felt. I am serious. Let’s talk about that fearless gang. I really want to learn about it. I am serious. 


Stephanie Obi 

So,, you know it started with me. All right, so look at me now, I am here doing live videos. Do you know that once upon a time, I could not do this thing? fear will finish me. Before if I want to talk in a place and speak in front of a people, my body will lose control, I will start to shake. I will be shaking uncontrollably. Why, fear. And I realized that fear has been, my journey to this point has been a journey of overcoming fears. From one level to the other, I have been overcoming fear.

And how did I overcome this fear, how? I went to start talking about how to overcoming fears. Because this fear is real and fear can hold you back. Like it can hold you back like this. And the thing about fear again is that it does not completely go away. The levels just change. So, at first, you might be afraid of maybe climbing to stop one. After step one ends, you will be afraid of climbing to step two.

After step two ends, you will be afraid of climbing to step three. And if you are not sure of what is happening to you, you will just be in one position and you won’t move. This year will pass you by, you won’t move. And then, at the beginning of the year, when you review your goal, you will say, this thing I say I wanted to do, I did not do it. why did I not do it? And for some people, they will start blaming other people. My mother did not do it for me. My sister did not do it for me.

My cousin, aunty friends, brothers, something, something, did not do this for me. And I so, I wanted to address it and that is not everybody who is doing you something. It is you who have not made a decision. You are still afraid. And because you are still afraid, you have not moved. And fear can be speaking to you in a way, that you be just be saying he he, and you will not move.

So, I wanted to have that conversation and to talk about fear. And In fact, I am going to set a goal that I am afraid of. My go for this year is to earn one million dollars. I will say it, and I will say it out and I will start telling you how I am getting it. Every week, I will share with you what I am doing. Because I want to inspire you to also set your own big goals and start working towards them every week.

Of course, people tell me Steph, why are you sharing it, are you not afraid? what if you say this goal, that you want to earn this amount of money and you now don’t earn it. What if that. I will say, if I don’t earn it, is it the end of the world? I will continue next year. But I will no longer be afraid of what people will say.

I will no longer allow the fear of what people will say come over me. And I want to show people that we re all on a fearless journey, let us go on this fearless journey together. That is how I started. So, in January, we had a vision board session where we talked about this fear and everybody set a vision for themselves.

So, all through 2020, as a family. Like as a tribe, the fearless gang, we are all supposed to be working towards our fearless goals. Covid-19, or no Covid-19 oo, lock down, or no lock down, no matter what, we all going to go through towards the thing that we are passionate about. Or we have set to be our goal. That is what the fearless gang is about.

The fearless goal is about setting your goal and working towards it every day. Because many of us sabotage ourselves. We say we want to live healthy life, oya now, live the healthy life, but you are still eating junks. You say you want to marry; you want to meet someone you love, go and meet people.

Put yourself outside, but no, you are going in another direction. You say you want to make x amount of money, in January, you were gingered. You put it up there in your vision board. Oya now, take the step, but you take opposite directions. It is like I want to be that person that reminds you to go and look after your vision and ask yourself, am I achieving my goals? Am I working towards my dreams? Am I allowing fear to make decisions? Because fear always makes decision for people.

You will be saying, what if, how can I? Other ones you are doing like this, some other person who is not afraid. She has taken action. She has gone. You are still there saying what if? Will I? should I? A lot of that is fears, disguised as failure. 


Tosin Ajibade 

 You are talking about your goal. Your one million dollars goal. There is someone who you and I know . I am sure you all followed her, I think one of her goal last year is to be earning 100, 000 dollars by the end of 2019. Within 90 days, she earned $100k. And she showed the number. January to March 31st, she already met her goals before the end of the year and there is something that people will say. I don’t know, we have different people watching.

There is power in the tongue. There is power in the tongue, there is power in whatever it is that we say. Regardless of if we believe or we don’t believe it. In as much as we pray or we do this or we do that, as long as you say it, it becomes known. So, I believe in your power, I believe in this school and I know that you will achieve it, definitely. 

This is something that, it is actually inspiring because we live in fear every day. You know,  when I saw the fearless gang, I said to myself, I don’t want to miss out. I don’t know whatever it is but I really do not want to miss out because we all face our fears every day or face our vision board.

We all know how these things are deep in our heart but we don’t know how to even come out to even talk about it. We don’t have people showing themselves like they are actually overcoming their fears, they are overcoming whatever it is that… whatever challenges they have in front of them and it’s difficult for people, I would say for myself for example, it’s really difficult saying “hey God”, next thing I am thinking, next thing I am pushing forward, the next thing I am not achieving that thing because I have moved, I have moved it over and over again, I am not seeing any need why should I do it, I don’t know what’s up.

Someone commented and said this looks spiritual and I believe it is spiritual, I was actually close to tears and I had my tissue already because it’s something that if people don’t see it the way it is, they won’t think about it the way you are talking about it. I don’t know if you understand what I am saying. You are saying it fearlessly and people are saying… I am sure people are watching and are like: what is she talking about? This is something I have always feared most of my life. 

So,, for anybody who is watching, we don’t know but that online course is very important for you. I know how long I have dealt with my online course. I know how long that has pushed me aside and all but it’s really great that we are having this conversation right now. And that for anyone who is watching, you know, they can actually take that fear away from them, from their heart, do what it is that they need to do to put themselves out there and also teach what they can teach because like you said, knowledge is a new gold.

You list your book also and I got copies for people, I got copies for my family, I got copies for myself and it’s something that is very difficult. If you don’t believe in something that you do, I mean, other people would not also believe what you do. So, I believe it’s spiritual, I believe its energy: passing energy. Passing that energy, people also need to believe in that energy you are passing, you also need to believe in yourself. So, it’s something that is very very deep. 


Stephanie Obi 

 Alright, now here is the thing that I always say that even though you set this big, heavy goal like this big, fearless goal, you can’t do it by yourself, you can’t do it by yourself. So, you need to surround yourself with sisters or brothers who can help you, alright?

Like, you need to surround yourself with people who speak life to you every day because there will be days when you feel down, there will be days when you don’t feel like it. You know, I also have my down days but I have people that I turn when I am feeling down. I call them and then they speak life back into me.

So, you need to have people who will ginger you not the one that you say: this my goal, I am not sure I can achieve it,  and they say yes, you can’t achieve it, you can’t achieve it, what were you thinking. So, when you set a big goal for yourself, surround yourself with the right people.

That’s why, this thing about community, I have found that it’s the most important thing and that’s why I decided to do a challenge because a challenge will surround you with people who are like-minded and all of you can push together and you will see that I am not alone, alright?

So, this period of covid-19, if you follow the news of the lockdown, you can get depressed. If you follow what is really going on, all the things happening in the news, you can get depressed because there are so many, there is so much bad news you know, flying around, but  regardless of the bad news you can still be making money, regardless of lockdown, you can still be making money. But for you to believe that thing, it will be hard.

For you to get yourself out of that: “oh, my business is locked down”, because some companies now have shut down and are saying we are not paying any money. That might affect you and your business that used to be normal before now has a like quiet period. And you now listen to Stephanie tell you that: oh, no, don’t worry, you can do it, you can make money online.

You know, you will be gingered: oh Stephanie, this is so inspiring, yes I can, yes I can, yes I can. Oya now, tomorrow morning when you wake up, all the ginger will disappear because you will know now that motivation is not enough. Inspirational messages are not enough. You need tools, you need like ‘how’ tools.

Okay, what do I do? What’s the first step? What’s the second step? Am I getting it right? You know, you need the tools, you also need community who can say: can you people help me do this? What do you think? Someone will say I was going through something something today and I tried this, it worked.

Come and see how I did it. You need a community of like minds who are all doing the same thing and your energy can rub off each other. I don’t do anything alone. This month alone, I have my accountability partner in a community who we are working together to achieve our goals, alright? And we help each other. This lie that they say that women don’t help each other is a lie, they help each other. And so your work is to get yourself connected to a community. 

If you are alone,  sometimes, we can be alone, you have to now find somebody who understands you. Sometimes, your friend can be over the internet, I met many of my good fiends now on the internet, two of us paid for an online course, we became friends in the online course because we are on the same journey and we became life friends, it’s a life friendship now because you will find like-minds.

Sometimes, your husband might not encourage you, your wife might not encourage you, your parents might not encourage you, your sisters will not encourage you, your aunties, uncles might not encourage you. It’s because they don’t understand, and that’s why they might be tough on you.

That period when they are being tough on you, find another community. If you are trying to launch an online course, I will strongly recommend that you join our community, it’s the CLD tribe community and in fact, we are having a 30 day challenge where we will show you how to create and sell an online course in 30 days. And let me tell you one interesting thing, the way I teach online course, you will sell your online course before you create it much. People will pay you first before you create it. If nobody pays you, it’s okay. We will just pivot.

In tech, there is something called pivoting, we will just pivot, we change and you test another idea and sell it. Two things can happen, it’s either they pay you or they don’t pay you, they don’t pay you, it’s okay. Even me, with all my years of experience, I can sell something and nobody will pay me for it. You know, before I will be crying that: oh my God, I failed. Now, I don’t fail, I don’t cry again, I just change, like I just pivot.

I want to teach you guys how to do this thing and if you master it, this is the method of starting a business, this is what you do to start a business before you go and start spending money on machines, and other things . You test your ideas, get money for it and that money is prove. I believe that cash is the only true test. Unless somebody actually paid for this thing you are selling, you are not sure if it is a product yet.

Cash is the only true test. If nobody has given you cash for it before you create it, it is not a proper online course. So, the way I do it, people will pay you first before you actually create the course. So, please I encourage you, the challenge is starting on Monday. It’s called ‘Knowledge is the New Gold Challenge,  It’s N50k. You can click on the link on my bio. My handle is @stephobi. Click on the link on my bio and find out more about it. If you can join us, please join us. We even partnered with a finance company who can loan you money if you desperately need a loan.

Their name is Shecluded and they fund women who need loans to take training programs. So, if you have a training program and you want a loan, they will give you to invest in yourself. That’s how deep they are. You can sign up for the Shecluded loan to pay for our program. I believe that if I am going to teach you how to monetize your knowledge, you  have to invest, you have to pay, so that you can see that people actually pay for trainings. When you pay, you will take the class seriously. If you see our clients, they are over serious. When people pay for things, they take it seriously.


Tosin Ajibade

Someone asked a question and I actually had to pin it because I didn’t want to miss it. So, about having accountability partners, what if they have nothing to offer in terms of push.


Stephanie Obi 

How can you open your mouth and say you have nothing to offer? You that God created, you can never say that.

Tosin Ajibade 

Okay, so someone here is asking how much CLD is and how long it is. So, you already talked about it, it’s N50k. So, she also mentioned here again that she joined a committee but they were too much and it’s hard to connect with anyone because people usually ignore my post. So, how is CLD different? 


Stephanie Obi 

No, they are not ignoring your post, calm down now. Like you said, they are too much, they are not ignoring your post. Haha, don’t see the world like that, they are not ignoring your post. What I will recommend is that you try and help another person with a question. 

I don’t know what your post is about but what I will recommend is that if you find yourself in a community, help first, help first. When you help other people, they remember you and they become your friends. They will be like: oh, this person helped me, this person helped me and they start looking for you because you helped them. So, instead of always looking for somebody to respond to your own post, you answer another person’s post and make connections. 

Number two, all of us behave differently in groups, some of us are introverts and because we are introverts, we don’t really enjoy large groups. Some of us are extroverts, and in fact, the bigger the group, the bigger the party. You know, I love it, I love it. Now, if you find yourself in a group where you are an introvert and you are in this big massive group.

That’s the more reason why you should make your own few friends in that group. Make your few friends and in that group, the few friends will be it for you. You are not trying to connect with everybody because it’s overwhelming, it can be overwhelming.

Just connect with your few people and then you guys like work well together. And you can even create another separate group outside the group to help yourselves. Do you understand? So, it’s like you form like a  half accountability partners out of that group and you people support each other. That is if you are an introvert. 

In my own CLD group, people that live around each other, they come together and then they connect, like without me. I am the founder of the group but they are making connections. They are going out together and they are in different countries. Some of them are in London. You know, they will say: oh, let’s go out for lunch together and then they connect and then they send us pictures: hey, we went to lunch together, one will say oh, we went to the beach, one will say oh we went to this.

Alright, so make your own friends within that large group. If you are an extrovert, you don’t have any problem. Everybody is your friend. You are just there, always chatting, always chatting, always chatting but what is important is that you find your people, you find your people. That’s what is important. 


Tosin Ajibade

 Okay, Esther said something about helping people. Esther is the founder of And she was talking about how she has featured over three hundred women but she can’t remember 10% of them helping her.


Stephanie Obi 

Firstly, have you asked them to help you?  Many times, the more successful you are, the stronger you are. Let me tell you now, the stronger you are, the less people that are coming to you to say let me help you. Look at this covid-19 now, have you seen some people that are doing charity, are they doing charity for people like me? For all you know, I don’t have food to eat in my house.

How will you know I don’t have food to eat? Because I put lipstick and I put eye pencil, how will you know I don’t have food to eat in my house? How many of you have sent food to people who look as if they are successful?

So, the truth of the matter is that many times, if you are a strong woman or maybe a man but if you are a strong woman, people don’t think that you are looking for help, they don’t even think that you need help. If I tell you Esther, I don’t have food in my house, you will tell me it’s a lie, Stephanie, I don’t believe you.

Meanwhile, I may not have food in my house. All of this one can just be packaging, I just put my face together and put my face together and show off like this. It can all be packaging. So, if you need help from anybody, ask.

Before, if I need help from you and you don’t help me, I have not asked you o, I am just like: if it’s me, I will help you without asking you, so why can’t you help me without me asking you? and I will be angry. In fact, I will so angry that one day if I now open my mouth to talk, I will pour anger on you. And the person will just be like: “Haha, I did not know that you have this problem.” And many times, the person is going through their own problem that they cannot even look at you and say oh, where is this person? I have not heard from her in a while.

So, sometimes, we are too busy, we are even too busy with our own life that we are not even looking to say: oh, this person, wait, I have not seen her online in a while. Sometimes, I do it now because I know that I might be going through some tough period and nobody will know. And it’s only a few… even my good friends might not even look for me. They are like: Stephanie is okay, she’s working, she’s working, she’s okay.

They make assumptions, and so me too, when I see that somebody that is out there is not out there again, I will send the person a DM. Of course, this thing has backfired many times you know. One time, I sent somebody a DM, if you see the way she insulted me, I say ‘na who send me’ but it will not stop me from still being caring, it won’t stop me from still being loving, it won’t stop me from still helping people. It won’t change who I am.

So, back to you Esther, those people that you said that you featured them and they did not something, something, something. Look, if you have been helping people for years, the day you ask, the day you ask, the way help will rush you, the way help will rush you but we have to practice how to ask. Not in a begging point of view. Just say: I want to do this, can I come and do this something something or will you help? You know, ask without begging, just ask and they will be willing to help you because you have added value to their lives over the last years.


Tosin Ajibade 

Okay, someone is asking if she can join the CLD tribe? She is not based in Lagos, Nigeria.


Stephanie Obi 

Of course, we have people from America, from Kenya, and so many countries. It’s an online course so everybody can pay. You know, so anybody can join, you can even join us from outside, like wherever. If you notice the way I talk now, I have to say 3pm West African time, my language has changed because we have international customers. Yes, you can join us even if you don’t live in Nigeria. We are international.


Tosin Ajibade 

Stephanie, we were talking about CLD. And someone asked a question before we went off. She asked about can she sign in and you talk about people signing in from Kenya, from South Africa. And the rest of them. I don’t know if you can emphasize more about that. She is also watching so she can learn more about that


Stephanie Obi 

The beauty of online course is that you can sell your course to anybody anywhere. You can sell your course to people anywhere. You can sell your course to people anywhere. I am telling you. So, from my own course, people are signing up from anywhere. She said she just join; the same people can happen to you too.

Customers can come from anywhere. People always tell me that Stephanie, when I launched my online course, nobody wants to pay me. People don’t want to pay me. My friends don’t want to come. Don’t worry, there is a market out there, it is just to overcome this fear. It is just to overcome this stupid fear.

If you overcome it, and you show up, and you market your products fearlessly, you will get customers from all over the world and I am telling you, you will see.

Remember that I told you this thing on this particular day. But you have to take a step of faith. Yeah. Now the beautiful thing about this thing again is that, when you launch online course, it is not the only thing you can launch. You can launch life after classes, you can write a book, you can do coaching, you can do consultation. There are many things you can actually do, when you have found your topic.

When you know your ideal clients, when you have become a brand. There are many things you can do. I am saying that when you. So, you may be an entrepreneur who already does training. I am saying come and do the online training session. You might be somebody who have never taught before, you just do your thing but you don’t teach. You too, come and teach and be doing your online course. I will tell you; because this is something you can be selling lock down or no lockdown. And then you might be saying I am not a coach, that only coaches teach. I was not a coach. I was a fashion entrepreneur. And let me tell you something. You that knows the thing, you are not teaching, one scam artist somewhere, he is packaging things and teaching.

Going on Google, they have no business doing this topic, they are the ones who are now making mouth online. One day I saw somebody, he says he teaches people drop shipping. I saw him with my own eyes. He said he teaches people drop shipping. He teaches drop shipping. I asked him, so tell me, have you ever done drop shipping before? He said no.

So, tell me, how are you teaching what you have not done before, what  you don’t know. He said, he paid for somebody online course and the person too has never done drop shipping. The person was teaching what he does not know. He said if this person can teach what he does not know, me too can teach it.

If you see the guy, he dressed up. He wore suit, he wore tie. Big boy. I looked at him and I said, how much money are you making from this? He said he makes cool cash. He is making money from something he does not know. Yet you that knows it, you are saying you are afraid. People that don’t know anything, they package themselves and then they go and teach nonsense online.

That is because people like you who actually knows things have not taught. If you noticed, in America, all the successful entrepreneurs are now teaching. There is a platform called Masterclass. I don’t know if you have seen it. If you have seen their adds? All of them are now teaching. Why? Exactly. If you noticed. Yeah, if you know something, you can teach it, no matter how simple you think the thing is to you. I launched my first online course when I was 26. You don’t have any excuse. It is not about how old you are. As long as you know something.

There are many 24 years old who will want to learn from you. Even 25 years old. Even those who are older than you. I have grand-mothers who have come to learn from me. Why did they come? They said, “oooh I have retired. I want to do something and I don’t know what to do. But I have so much experience. Stephanie, what can I do?” I will say “ come, let me teach you how to launch an online course”. Grand-mothers. They are launching online courses, making millions every year. I am not joking. They are not small women.

Imagine me, a small girl,I will be teaching and encouraging them. They are not my mates, but guess what, there is something I know how to do, so I can show. If you are mother, you can learn from your child. This tick tock now. Many of us don’t know tick tock. But these teenagers know tick tock and we are all learning tick tock from them. It is the same thing, no matter how old you are, you know something that you can teach somebody.


Tosin Ajibade 

Someone asked this question. How do you change your audience to the ones that can afford your course? I think that is a very important question. Because sometimes, people will have followers but they cannot even convert their followers to even understand what they are putting out there when it comes to launching a real course or launching something. So, I think this question is very important.


Stephanie Obi 

It is not really a question of affording the course. It is really a question of the problem you are solving. It is not a question of whether they can afford the course. It is about whether you are solving a problem. All right, so, I want you to understand this.

It is like if you have a headache, if you have a headache, and your head is pounding, no matter what, you are going to need a pain reliever. And you are willing to pain for the pain reliever. Okay, if they say, there is scarcity because of Covid-19, we have run out of Panadol, we have only one Panadol left. And this Panadol we want to sell it for N1k.

That Panadol even though you know that it is cheaper, but because you have that headache, you will say please, give me the Panadol like that, I will pay N1k. That’s the problem. If people are not buying your course, you have not yet show them what the problem is. In my own case, the problem is that, there is Covid-19, you are on lock down, you are not making money.

This lock down, we don’t know when it will really end. Even if it ends, the world will not go back the same way again. You now need a way of making money online. How do you do it?

Now, you see the way I have painted the picture. People now say, okay. This is the problem. I have this problem; I need to make money because I need to eat in my house. I need to pay my bills. I need to send money to my mother. I want to invest during this period. I need money. And because they need money, they are coming to me to learn how to create and sell an online course.

So that they will make money. We are both clear about what the expectations are. We are both clear. We are not here to play. We are not here to dance around as if we have nothing to do. It is a serious program. We hope that in 30 days, you should make x amount of money. I am very clear. And I have a framework they can all use to get this result. I have done this for over 4 years. I have trained over a thousand people on this thing and they have gotten result. I know what I am saying. 

My online course solves a problem. We are now clear. This my solution actually helps people to earn 10, 000 dollars in a year. That is, CLD helps people to earn 10, 000 dollars in year. And what is the price, 1,000 dollars. So, if you are trying to earn 10,000 dollars in year and you are not ready to pay me 1,000 dollars in a year. Then you are not serious. You want to earn 10, 000 dollars and you don’t want to invest anything, you don’t want to pay anything, then you are not serious.


So, people who come to my program are people who desperately needs a solution. Maybe they have been trying it by themselves and they were like it does not work and I need help and I am coming to Stephanie because I need it. Everybody has a coming to Jesus moment.

When they say I need this; I have this package that is 1,000 dollars. I then create another version that is 139 dollars, which is the 50k own I was talking about. It is still me. It is still my knowledge. But I have created a different package that is 139 dollars or in naira that is N50k . It is still me but I have taken a part of my one-year program and I have said come and talk this one for N50k.

If you have people that cannot afford it. you create different types of products. Now, that 50k package, some people will still say, I cannot afford it. What do I do? I will give them my book. My book is N7500. If you cannot afford N50k, and you don’t want to take a loan. I still have book. “Knowledge is the New Gold.

How to turn your knowledge into online course and make money and impact knowledge. I have book. Off course, I also have people who say Stephanie, I don’t want book, I don’t want online course. I want to be talking to you one on one. I want privacy. So, I still have private consulting. So, when you find your topic, you can launch multiple different types of products that people will pay you for. All fingers are not equal.

Some people that cannot afford this, will afford this. So, you will create a range of products. Some people that cannot afford this solution, this is the one they will buy. Some people will say Stephanie, I want to work with you for one year. I will pay you down for one year. Some say, I cannot afford you for one year. Let me work with you for one month. Some will say I can only afford the book. Some say I want privacy; I am going to pay for one on one coaching. Your own is to create different types of products and you will attract different kinds of customers.


Tosin Ajibade 

There is a question here, can an existing company sell and market their existing courses on Trainquarters?

Stephanie Obi 

Of course. We just made it easy for you. You don’t have to go and meet a developer to start building online school for you. As soon as you create an account, you already have an online space. You just need to learn how to upload your videos, and lock it up. And then give people the link to pay you. In minutes, in minutes, instead of doing one long thing with developer. If you have a course. A live class already, you can put it up online. If you have videos and it will become an online course. 


Tosin Ajibade 

Okay,  so, there is a question here. Stephanie, is there a way to contact you after the challenge and ask for clarifications? 


Stephanie Obi 

: Which kind of clarifications. If you need help, I don’t need free consultation. I did not come to Lagos to count bridge. If you need help. If you need clarifications. If you want me to answer your questions, I am going to beg you now, join the challenge. Because if you ask me question, I will not answer you.  I don’t even play. I am not afraid to tell you that sorry, I don’t do this for free. I am telling you. If you allow yourself to go like this, people will just be wasting your time. I am telling you. I am telling you.

Just get ready for it. you will see it. If you want to talk to me for 30 minutes, you will pay consultation fees, 250 dollars. Then I will get on the phone and talk to you. I don’t do free what. II can come online. Instagram live and do free thing. On my page, I will do free thing. On my blog, I will do free thing. Video, I will do free thing. But if you want me to work with you one on one and you don’t want to pay me? How will I eat. How will I pay for internet? You will just see on Instablog, Stephanie begging for bread. I don’t even play. I will ask you to pay me. 


Tosin Ajibade 

There  is a question here: How do you create a course from having the ability to show business owners on how to think of ways they can make money? 


Stephanie Obi 

You should just do one. You should just join the CLB tribe. If you want to show business owners how they can think on how to make money. So, if you want to create a course on that, join this CLD community. Start from Monday. You understand. You can actually join and everything would be done in 30 days.

From ideation to execution. And again, there is a platform where you can even launch with Trainquarters . You don’t even need to go back to what we have discussed already. Everything has been tabled out on how you can start from what it is that you know to what it is that you can put it into and how you can package everything together and marketing, promotion,  and then the platform which is Trainquarters. I think everything is just straight forward and to the point.

I want to also add that, many times, when you have a rough idea like this, your idea is still very like fresh. It has to be refined. It has to be refined. There are so many things, that this your topic wants to do. By the time we are done with it, you will not believe it. By the time we are done with these things that you have said, you will not believe it.

This is why Tosin is just encouraging to just join the challenge. Because, this thing still has to go through refinery. We will refine it into something that is so irresistible. That you won’t have to talk too much and people will be rushing to pay for it. But it has to go through some work. So, the question you have ask me is not a 30 minutes questions. We would work with you for 30 days to actually refine it. And refine into something that is actually very good.  


Tosin Ajibade 

Someone said, I am an SMEs consultant. What kind of course can I launch? 


Stephanie Obi 

This can kind question that you are asking me? How will I know. How will I know? Because, I say I am the queen of online course, people expect that I have one crystal ball like this. When they ask me, Stephanie will my online course sell.

I will open the crystal ball, and say this. I don’t know what online course you will create. Because I don’t know what you know. But guess what I know. I have a framework and I will help you to go through this framework and when you come out of it, you will not only have clarity over what you can teach, but you will also have a product that you can sell. And you will also sell it. you will actually make money from it. All right. I don’t give people. 

So, I don’t have straightjacket answers. What I have is a process that everybody passes through and after you pass through it, you will come out with an answer. So, even me when people come to my program, I am also looking at them to see what they will do because I don’t know.

Let’s say you are thirty. For the past thirty years of your life, you have different experiences that have made you who you are. So, you just tell me I am an SME consultant, do you know how broad that is? Do you know how many SME consultants we have? As in, you didn’t even tell me SME consultant focusing on a particular niche. It is so broad but when you then dive into your experiences, we can find a goal, we can find what we can monetize. But the way I do it is not by sleeping and waking up, it’s a set of processes that people go through. It’s a set of processes.


Tosin Ajibade 

 Okay, so there is a question here. She is asking a question about the launch, that can they fly after thirty days?


Stephanie Obi 

 I will tell you what will happen after thirty days so that you know what to expect. Within thirty days, we are going to design your online course. Then we will sell it, then you will then create it. So, after days, you will now have an online course that people have actually paid for. After thirty days, that’s what is going to happen within thirty days. So, when you say fly, I don’t know what fly means.

Do you mean fly to where? So, we have to get clear on what you mean by fly. For me, I am very clear in terms of numbers and CLD community is divided into numbers. People who want to earn $10,000, they are in one group, people who want to earn a $100,000 dollars this year, they are in one group and we are all going on that journey. So, you will decide after you have launched your course the first time, what group you want to join and so you will be quite clear, quite specific.

So, when you say fly, I am a business person, I don’t know what flying means but if you tell me how much you want to earn, I will recommend something. Golden events, Dipo says flight will be booked with 30 billion. Even me, I have not yet earned 30 billion, so I don’t know how we want to do it. Maybe you will go and meet the person that has earned 30 billion and ask the person to teach you how they earned 30 billion but Stephanie, I have not reached that one yet. The one that I know is the one that I am teaching. So, if you want to learn that one, it’s fine.


Tosin Ajibade 

Okay, someone here is asking, I think this is in reference to ‘what can I teach’. So, the person can teach French. Will CLD do this with me?

Like you have been saying, when CLD starts on Monday, today is Saturday, tomorrow is Sunday. It’s N50,000. Our goal is to make $100,000 this year, lockdown or no lockdown, we are making $100,000 this year.


Stephanie Obi 

So, all these questions you are asking me, maybe you think your own case is special. Your case is not special, it’s the same thing. When people join, they join with different ideas and we pass them through the same framework. I don’t, know why you are asking this question, do you think your own is special? Yours is not special, people have joined all sorts of topics and they are using the framework to get results.

So, if you don’t think that you will get result, the question is: why don’t you believe in yourself? Because I have explained to you that I have been doing this for the past eight years, I have gotten results, I have a proven framework, I have helped thousands of people to be able to launch their online courses. You can google me if you think I am playing. Google me, google Stephanie Obi.

You can go on my page and you see what I have done. So, if you don’t think that you can actually achieve it, the question is: Why are you afraid? Why don’t you believe in yourself? Why don’t you think you can? Why are you looking for another person to believe for you? Nobody can believe for you, you have to believe by yourself. And many times, fear exhibit itself in different ways.

You will hear me say something and you will still be asking me the same question over and over again. It’s because you don’t believe you can achieve it. I am asking you to take a step in faith, join the program. When you join the program like this, you will be serious, you will get result. Your case is not different AbdulRaheem Aisha. People are learning languages every day. Your case is not special. 


Tosin Ajibade 

I have been battling with my French speaking for the past four years. In short, five years now. Yes, I only know ‘bonsoir, bonjour, je mapelle Tosin, J’habite a Lagos, Nigeria’. Like it’s just a bit here and there. And I actually want to learn how to speak and write French but I have been going back and forth with it. I have had private tutors who would come even in between work.

We would have like one hour questions and test and all. I pay her every day to teach me French and in between all of these things, I will have to focus on something else. This is one language I want to learn because it actually breaks barrier into other countries especially with Western African countries. Portuguese is another language I also want to learn because I have been to some countries where they speak Portuguese.

For me, it’s fascinating because when I travel and I meet other people who speak other languages, I don’t want to be like you but I just want to have a basic knowledge of it. So, even if when it comes to French, I can put one or two things together. If I see, I can write but when it comes to speaking, it’s difficult for me because I am like I don’t think I want to embarrass myself. When it comes to French as a course, this is something people like me want to learn. So, I might even be one of your first buyers if you have this course. If you go on CLD, join CLD. Once you join CLD and you let me know, then I will buy your course. 


Stephanie Obi 

Aisha, see guaranty. Thank you Tosin. 


Tosin Ajibade 

Someone is saying: I haven’t started the CLD but just being on the platform. I can’t sleep. Content won’t let me rest. Please join. Okay, she is actually maybe telling the person to join CLD basically. Someone here is also saying she can even make money substituting courses to other languages. That’s an idea. Aishat AbdulRaheem, are you watching? Like, you can actually translate other courses to other languages. Even If it’s French that means I can enter Cotonou, Benin Republic. I can even sell my courses in Cotonou, Togo and the rest of them. So, guys if you have any other question please, this is regarding CLD. Someone here is asking: how can we join CLD? Please check Stephanie Obi’s page right now. 


Stephanie Obi 

It’s @stephobi. Clink on the link on my bio, you will see join Knowledge is the New Gold challenge, join it and you get thirty days CLD trial. We are starting on Monday, we are launching our online courses. I am so excited for you guys. 


Tosin Ajibade 

Okay, so, I am actually scrolling to see if there are more questions from people. We can just wrap up this show. Aisha said something here that she actually helped Bola review her French version of her book. I have my second coming out soon.

So, Steph I have been working on my second book since 2018 after I launched my first book and I have been going back and forth with on this book. I will resume with the book this year and one of the goals that I wrote last year was to translate it into Portuguese and French.

You know like I said, I have been wanting to speak French for the past five years and I have been doing private classes, I have been doing what I can but this is one thing I want to try with my book which is translate from English to another language so that people can also dive into it and even understand what it is when it comes to influencer marketing, when it comes to social media and dominating your space as an influencer.

So, that’s one thing I am actually doing in my book and to translate that book, I might need your services but I need you to register on CLD. We have to sell the market, you understand.

Someone says she loves your personality. Someone said she came across your page recently and she wants to join. I think you can also convince her again that this will be the right time for her to make this investment. This is a huge investment. Like Stephanie said, if you want to earn $10,000, you can invest $1,000, if you want to earn $100,000 that means you can invest $10,000 but this is the right time and best time for you to make this decision. So, Aisha please register tonight.

Thank you so much everyone for joining. This has been fun. The program was one hour and we have gone from different levels talking about the fearless gang. Number two, talking about TrainQuarters. Number three, we talked about the CLD course and what you can also do as someone who has knowledge. You can even monetize it. We also talked about the book ‘Knowledge is the New Gold’. So, guys, please follow @stephobi on instagram. Click on the link on her bio to know more about the CLD course that is starting on Monday. So, guys, thank you all for joining. Stephanie, any last word before we leave?

Stephanie Obi 

 I want to say thank you for staying with us. And I also want to encourage everybody. Whether you can afford the course or not, don’t be discouraged, don’t be too sad. If you cannot afford it, like really you are in a state where you can’t afford it, you can go online, you can try, you can read articles, you can just try and see how far it gets you. And some people can actually figure something out online but if you need help and you know you need help and you know that you don’t have time to waste, and the next thirty days are crucial for you, I will encourage you to take a step in faith and sign up for the ‘Knowledge is the New Gold’ challenge.

When you do, you will get thirty days access to CLD tribe. You will also get lessons, my proven framework. You will also get encourage, like a community. You will be there with I think we are over one hundred and fifty people now who have taken this challenge. You will be there, you will make new friends and together you will have achieve your goals. So, I encourage you guys to join us. 

If you are open to the idea of taking a loan, you can even sign up to our Shecluded partnership and they can give you a loan to come on the program. But whatever your decision is, I wish you all the best. I wish you so much success in your endeavors.

This meeting that we have met today is not by chance, I believe that a seed has been sown in your heart and you will go ahead to do great things in life but one thing I want you to remember is that when God was creating you, he didn’t create duplicate, it’s only you. You are the only person and the world is waiting for you. So, please don’t be afraid. Launch yourself out, launch products.

Don’t be afraid, people are looking for your help and they are waiting for you I promise you. When I realized this thing for the first time, I couldn’t believe it because I used to have a low self-esteem and I thought I wasn’t good enough. But now, I realize that I am good and there is only one of me in the world.

Only me that has this my laugh, ginger, energy, knowledge, brain, vibe. And guess what, you too have your own things that are unique about you and so when you put yourself out there, some people will like you, some people will not like you, it’s okay. You are not jollof rice, you are not for everybody. It’s only Jesus Christ that came to save the whole world. You are for some exclusive people and so you will find your people, you will find you thrive.

You will make money and you will impact lives. So, please don’t allow this to be a motivational speech where you just aspire to perspire. Please take action. Somebody says take action. Thank you, guys, we got to go now. Good night. 


Tosin Ajibade 

Alright, thank you all for joining. I am sure you guys had fun and got one or two things from this session with Steph Obi. And I really want to say thank you for those who watched part one, this is part two. Thank you all for watching and I can assure you that this will be the greatest investment you can ever make. This time, try to see all the thrives today, start on Monday and I will see you guys next time also and its bye from me. Goodnight.