Ideation; The Power of Clarity for Transformational Growth With Stephanie Obi and Eventecture

Power of clarity for Growth


I want you to introduce yourself. Because, you know I cannot talk about you as much as you will talk about yourself. I cannot talk about your accomplishments, the amazing things you have done for people in the entrepreneur sector and a lot of people generally. I’ll really love for you to introduce yourself to people.

Stephanie Obi

All right. Hello everyone. My name is Stephanie Obi and I am a Tech entrepreneur. What I do is that I help businesses to create and sell online courses. I teach people how to do this and I also own a tech platform where we help people to deal with the tech. They are not starting from scratch basically. That is what I do.


Okay, another thing. I have known you since church days- e-library. We also have a lot of mutual friends and there is one thing that is synonymous once your name comes up in conversation maybe when we are brainstorming and stuff. The one thing that comes up is that you have the gift of clarity. You have the gift of clarity. I am always like, God, I cannot wait to sit down with this girl.

I need to have brainstorming session with this girl. She has gift of clarity. She has gift of clarity. Even if they have an idea and they don’t know how to go about it, that Steph is that one person that it always makes sense to go and meet. Yes, we get it. You are the queen of online course and knowledge transfer and building online stuffs. But the number one thing that we know you for is that gift of clarity and that is why you are here to today.

This lock down is like. I personally, this is what I have gotten personally from the whole lock down situation world over. It is that ideas are being birth. Ideas are being birth and a lot of people; you know the way ideas work. Ideas come in different phases and a lot of people don’t know what to make of these ideas. They don’t know how to go about it. They don’t know what next step to take and how to turn their ideas into life.

As in bring it to life and you know, you know the worth and so, I want to ask you. We have a series of questions that we have thrown out there and that we have also personally created. So, I am going to dive straight into it to start asking you these questions. We have noticed that you are building a first of its kind knowledge-based industry in Africa with your company, the Trainquarters,.

We are guessing it started out as an idea that has possibly become your dream and your desire and that you are executing effectively. Can you please shed light on these things and the processes that you followed to ensure this phenomenal success you are recording?


Stephanie Obi

Okay, before I start answering these questions. I think I must emphasize on what you said about being very good at clarity. Even though on the outside, it looks like I only focus on online courses. But the truth is that, the process of creating any products involves clarity.

So, that is why I am very good at helping people to get clarity. Because it is almost like it is a system that you follow before you can create a product. So, if you are listening to me, please, open up your mind. I made a decision to niche down to online courses, but the principle that I use are universal.

They will work for you if you are trying to build any type of business because it is this process that help people to create products. Yeah. So, the first question is, you building this kind of knowledge company, you started as an idea and you execute it effectively. The processes you followed to ensure its successes.


What are the processes that you have to followed to ensure the phenomenal success that you have recorded? So, I have been getting newsletter from you and one of the newsletters. I think the last one says that., don’t worry I am stalking you. So, when I am ready, I shall be there.

The last newsletter I saw spoke about how you are aiming and you are targeting the millionaire-dollar target. And I am like, that means things are moving. Can you please enlighten us? The things you are doing?

Stephanie Obi

There are different angles. But the first thing I want to say is if you. Let me start with how ideas are being born. Ideas don’t just come to people. Ideas come to people who have a goal. Do you understand? It is not to get ideas alone; you have to create a goal.

You have to say I want this. And when you now desire something, God start given you ideas. So, in fact, I don’t know if you heard about people talking about vision burden and creating your goals, doing vision. That is why it is so important, because if you don’t have these big things you want to achieve it, you will not find the kind of ideas that we help you to achieve that big things.

If you are saying I want to earn a thousand dollars, you will get an idea that will help you earn a thousand dollars. If you say I want to earn a million dollars, you will get an idea that will help you get a million-dollar.

In fact, this same brain the caliber of the ideas will change because your goal is now bigger. And when I look at all the people that have achieved amazing things. They just dare to dream. They just dared it that, oh, I am going to try to achieve this and because they said that thing and they started noticing certain things and they started getting some unique types of ideas.

So, number one thing that I encourage people around me to do is just to dream. Sit down one day and dream. Maybe tomorrow. I saw a picture of myself doing my vision board and if you see how serious I am.

Like, tension mode. And I literarily lock out time in my calendar for this exercise. And it is time to dream and I am not doing anything else. I am not having phone calls, I am not touching my phone. I am just deciding what would I like to create? What would I like to have? And if you stay still a bit and listen to our deeper desire, you will hear something and many times it is a big massive thing.

So, the first thing is to write it down and I am going to achieve it. And of course, it will scare you but the more you say it, the more you attract your helpers and the more you attract ideas and the more you recognize opportunities. The more you say it.

So, I will give you an example, this year I say I want to earn a million dollars. Let me tell you! Normally, I will create a product and I will try to sell it individually. I will try to sell it individually. Let say my target was to earn 10,000 dollars and if I create a product and sell it individually, I can make that target. But because I am now trying to get a million dollars, I can no longer….as in before I will sell individually and get that target, it will be hard. What do I now start doing? I start thinking about who can go to that will give me access to community where I would meet more people and I can sell my product to more people.

In the course of achieving this big target that you now have; and you just start thinking how I am going to do it. And then the how will start coming to you. It won’t come in one day. Some will come today and some will come tomorrow. But it is coming because you have this big idea. This big vision. This big dream. If you understand this thing, I am telling you, you will realize that it is a waste of time to dream small dreams.

It is just like it is the same brain that you are using to dream small dream, use it to dream big dream. Because it just starts getting the ideas that can accommodate it. I will tell one of the partnerships that I went into when I was trying to get a million dollars. I have a product. Because a lot of people cannot afford the product and before, I will be like, okay, you cannot afford it, okay, sorry. But because I now needs thousands to sign up for that product, I went and partner with a finance company. And said to them, can you come and give me loan, they cannot afford my product, give them loan to buy my product because the more people that can get a loan to buy a product, the more people the more sales I can make. That idea, it came to me.

Stephanie, this company has been there forever, but it came to me because I have a goal I am trying to achieve and when I sit down to think, I am thinking how can I achieve this goal, who can I partner with, who can I leverage on. What relationship do I already have?

All of us already have relationships, we already have networks. We already have people around us. Because we are not thinking of a bigger vision and a bigger goal, we see them and we do not see anything opportunity. Because we don’t need them yet. So, the bigger your goal is, the more you start seeing opportunity around you. and that is how you are going to get ideas.

Now, when you then have ideas, it is a step you follow. The first step is to create a big goal. The second thing when I now have ideas, I test my ideas. I test them. Because I can have many ideas at the same time. And that is one of my biggest problems that I have so many ideas. And because I have so many ideas, and I am so passionate, I start overworking, like I am always working.

Every time, I am always on a project. I am always in a hurry because I have so many ideas. And not all these ideas are great ideas and because they are my ideas, I am so passionate about them. They are like my babies. The first time I learn this thing was when I trying to launch my first workshop. It was an idea I had that I was so excited about. I started to launch my first workshop. I put it out there.

I marketed the product and nobody paid for it. All right, I have seen times without number when I will market something. With this idea, I am so passionate about it. It is a great idea in my head. It made sense to me. I love it so much. If you so something about my ideas, I will attack you. How dare you will you say my ideas will not work. But alas! the ideas will not work.

So, now what I do is that I test all my ideas. I test them. I test every single idea that I have. And my principle around ideas is that they must make me money before I spend any money. They must make me money. And I have a principle I say, cash is the only true test. If I want to launch an online product, people must have paid me money for that online course before I will go and launch it. Cash is the only true test.

If I want to launch a tech platform, people must have paid me money for that thing. Cash is the only true test. It is like when you want to get married. If somebody says that they love you and they want to post you. And they want to get married to you. if you like let all his friends be calling you iyawo. If you like, be going for all their weddings. Be wearing aso-ebi. If you like let him be given you pocket money every month.

If you like let him give you ring. But until that wedding day when you actually sign the contract, until then you have not married. Every thing you are doing is film trick. So, I have to remind myself about film trick too. That no matter how passionate I am about these ideas, if I have not received cash for it, it is not validated. It is not real yet.

So, what I do is that I create, in the tech world, they call it an MVP. For me I think, I create the smallest version of that thing and I try to find a customer for it. And if I am able to get money for it, it means that this idea is profitable because people were willing to pay for it before they even saw it. it means that this means is profitable This is the same thing I do for online courses.

Before I start creating video, before I start creating work book, before I start and create Heaven and earth, I will sell the online course. If I make money from the online and I would create it. If I don’t make money from the online course, I will sit down in my house, I will change it. I will change the ideas. In the tech world it is called pivot. I will change and relaunch something else.

So, other people create video and first of all create everything before they launch. I do the opposite thing. I make like a flier or something and post it on sale pages, I post it online. If anybody pay for it, fantastic. Because I a building a brand, I will not collect money and run away. I will deliver. I will just communicate that this product will be available in one months’ time. In that one-month time, I am testing to see whether if anybody will pay for it.


If more people pay for it, I am like this idea is a good idea. Like you don’t have to tell me anything. I have seen the cash. I have tested it. So, that is how I test my ideas. I don’t assume. Because, if I want to assume now, I am very passionate, I can be telling you that I feel it is a great idea. I can tell you that I saw it in a vision and I saw it in a dream. I will be carried away by all these other things. Meanwhile, the idea is not profitable and you have not tested it.



Thank you, Steph. Thank you so much. This leads us to the next question. You pretty much like answer three of the questions. It says, is there a way to become a pro at generating ideas? You know for someone like me, Ideas come to me in a dozen and everything. And there are some people will actually tell you, let us brainstorm. Maybe they can pick something from you.

Like you now, like you said ideas come to you. Like it is a norm. but there some people who ideas do not come to easily. Is there a way that ideas can come to you?

Stephanie Obi

Of course, it is a mindset. I don’t typically answer all this type of question. People don’t normally ask me these types of questions. And let me tell you again, when I see people doing something, I ask myself, why are they doing it? why? Why are they doing it? I will start doing research to know why they are doing it. If I don’t know, it means that I have missed out of something. And so Instead of, the normal thing people do is that they criticize.

Many of us are always in criticism mode. But for me, I start asking myself, why is this person doing this? Why? There is a reason why. If I understand the reason why, I will then ask myself, how can I make this thing work for me. And because of that, I am getting ideas from the oddest places. Oddest.

If I tell you, my methods, people that I learn from in my business are churches. I will see that maybe on the table, pastor will do nutshell, every week there is one nutshell on the table. I will start asking myself, why? Why are they creating nutshell? There is a reason why. No matter how digital we are, why are all digital. Digital. Digital. Why are they always printing out nutshell? It is like the pamphlet that they give us in church. I ask myself.

There is a reason why? Next question, how can I make this work for me? Who else can I introduce my nutshell to? How can I create nutshell? Each time I go to my speaking engagement, I go with my nutshell, because you have to give people something to go home with because they will forget what you have said. But one day, they will open their bibles or open the book that they carried, they will see your pamphlet. And they will be like let me even read this thing and that person will pick it up and read. Do you understand this thing?

So, you will not even believe it. Because I am always asking myself why are they doing this thing? And how can I make money from it? If I see them making announcement, I will say interesting. Why are they doing this? And how can I make it work for me? So, everywhere I go to, I am going with the mindset that why are they doing this thing? And how can I make it work for me?

When Covid-19 started, everyone started doing IG live. And a lot of people were saying and a lot of people were saying everybody is now doing IG live. I asked myself, why are they doing IG live? There is a reason, how make it work for me? When I ask myself these two questions, I see opportunity. I see opportunity. It has helped me to be less critical of others and to learn from others instead. So, I am constantly learning. Constantly. I can learn from lesson from the sky, lesson from the grass. I can learn from many things. Because I am constantly asking myself why are they doing this?


That’s amazing, I learn something new from there. The next question. When you have multiple ideas, that are not similar in actualization, how do you go about picking the best suitable. The one that can work for you. you some of us, we can bake, we can cook, we can write, we can do this, so, how do you pick the one that work. How do you streamline?

Stephanie Obi

Using the instances you gave me of I you have plenty ideas; you can cook, you can bake, you can design. How do you pick an idea? I am going to share with you my own example. When I started my business, not a lot of people will know this about me. But I used to be an accessories design. I used to be very crafty with my hands and I actually have a fashion label where I was designing T-shirts, I was designing ear rings, necklaces, bangles, footwears and all sort of things.

I used to be a designer. But I then had other interests that were bubbling up inside me and I don’t know which one to pick. I did not know which one to pick and I remember that I listened to TY Bello one day. And she was talking about how she had so many interests. She knows hair, she knows photography, she knows make-up, she could sing. She is multi-passionate and multi-talented.

Some of us are like that. We have so many interests, we have so many talents and we are good at all of them. We are good at them. And she said that she intentionally picked one. So, she picked for photography to be her number one channel. And it is not just photography like any kind of photography. It is like corporate photography. She said she does not do wedding. She does not know do all these other ones. She picked one and she became so good at it.

So, from that early age, I realized that, even though I know so many things, I am going to try these different things and then to see which one I want to say I am going to get so good at. It is actually a decision. You decide. Because you can do so many things and you now say I am going to pick one and become so good at it and become known for it. it is a decision.

When I was deciding to pick my online courses, I wrote down all the things I know how to do very well and I ask myself which one do I have comparative advantage in. I could have said I can be a business coach. I can`t be a business coach, if I come and say I want to be a business coach, can I compete well in the market? Am I like, they will start asking me, where is your case study? Where is testimonial? Where is your result? Where is your this. I don’t have it here, but I know within me that I am a good business coach. I don’t have the result. But It is something that I know, I have done it for few of my friends. It is a skill I that I have. But I do not have strong backing.

The second thing I ask myself is that, what do I have that is undeniable truth that I am so good at it. The thing I have was online course. By that time, I have launched about 20 online courses and I was so good at it. And so, I said okay, let me position myself as the go-to-person for online courses. Even though I can do other things.

Even though, when you come to me, you come for online course, but the truth is that I will teach you other things. I will talk to you about marketing and I can help you to find clarity and how can help you check how profitable your business is. So, I do other things, but the way I put myself out in the market I online courses, but it helps me to stand out. If you look at TY Bello another example.

Even though she picked photography, her knowledge of hair, make up, clothes and even things like visuals, something like that. It makes her work to stand out. So, you don’t have to showcase everything that you are doing. The other strength you have can add to your positioning. So even though I am …even though I am an exceptional marketer, I am so great at it, but I ask myself do I really want to compete with all the digital marketers.

So, instead of trying to compete with all the digital marketers. I decided to carve a niche for myself. Online courses, it was new, nobody knew about. so, if you want to do online course, you had to come to Steph. At that time, you had to come to Steph, although now the market is now crowded.

There are more players in the space now. But because I picked online courses, many years ago, I had enough time to build top leadership around that topic. I had enough to even build, to write a book, to publish, to launch a tech platform. I am one of the market leaders now because I picked a niche in an area where people had not yet gone into. If you look at the list of the things that you have, ask yourself that what is that thing that is unique about me and how can I position myself with that thing.

The mistake that many people make is that they want to copy. It is not intentional, because you want to be like this person. If I copy this person, people will come to me. People will understand what I am doing. I say instead of copying, have a unique niche for yourself. I am telling you. It is a longer path because you know, you have to do some work in building yourself as a brand. But there is something to say for being the only person who can do something or number one person who can do something.

You will attract the level of opportunity that another people cannot have. So, ask yourself what I am so good at? What do I have an uncommon expertise in. It might be so easy. When I was trying to niche down to online courses, I struggle with it because I was like this thing is too easy. But guess, it is easy for me, but not for other people. I want to do something deeper. I want to do marketing. I really, really wanted to teach marketing. But there is no way I could have competed, there is no way I would have stood out if I tried marketing at that time. Because that time when I tried digital marketing, people would be telling me thing you are telling me is too deep.

I just want followers, just give me followers. I will be like it is not about followers. So, it was easier for me to start online course and then when I tested the idea, people were willing to listen to pay me for it. And so, I started with it.


So, we are often heard you speak about knowledge-based industry. How does one make something of this even if we don’t even know how to make sense of our ideas?

Stephanie Obi

Okay, each time you have an idea, you don’t know how to achieve it, it is an opportunity for you to, it means that there is something you don’t know and there is an opportunity for you to learn. To go and learn it. So, the mistake some people make is that they have an idea, and then they sit down and do nothing about it. I don’t know everything and because I don’t know everything, I go and learn. Do you understand? If I don’t know anything, I go and learn.

If you don’t know something, you go and learn it. It is as simple as that. And there are many ways you can learn. You can go online and go and start learning stuffs. If you go online, if you dig hard enough, you can find anything online. But also, there are also some categories of people who say, I don’t want to figure it out by myself, I don’t want to start experimenting by myself and I don’t want to go and learn, like go and watch all the videos and I want to go somebody who had figured it out and I will learn from that person.

So, for me, if I want to learn something, I just found somebody who had done it and know it. And I learn it from the person. It is shorter and it will save me time. I don’t even have the time to go and watch all the videos on YouTube. It is a decision to learn and all of us, nobody has passed a level where he or she cannot learn. It is not possible.

You cannot never arrive. So, if you don’t know how to do something, I think that you should open up your mind to learning and the interesting is that, there are different kinds of people online who teach the same topic. So, someone might want to learn online courses, they might not like me, they might not like the way I talk, they might not like the way my voice is, they might not like my face. It is okay if you don’t like me.

Go to someone else who you like. But don’t sit down and say you will not learn from anybody. It is self-sabotaging. So, if you want to learn, if it is something you want to learn, look for who can teach and you will learn from the person. Sometimes, somebody will say, I can teach you for free. Sometimes, they will say you have to pay me to teach you. You want to learn something, so you will go and learn from someone that teach. Like that is the easy way to say it. And look at me that started saying I wanted to earn a million-dollars.

I have never earned a million dollars, but guess what? I know people who have. I know people who know. So, I went to learn from them o. I attended their classes. I am telling you. Some will say it’s not in Nigeria, wherever the country is, I will go there. Because I want… It’s me that wants to learn something. I will go. And then, when you go to learn something from other people, they tell you things you have never heard before. I am telling you.

You will think that you know everything, you don’t know everything, you don’t know everything. There are things that I have never heard before. Because, obviously if I knew, if I knew, if I knew them, I would have done it but I don’t know it, alright? Then they tell you things you already know but you may have forgotten.

You already know it but you may have forgotten. One of the classes I went to, the speaker, her name is Joe Okonjo. She was talking about how to read same set of books every…For the past fifteen years, she reads the same set of books. The same book, the same book, the same book, the same book, she reads it over and over and over again. So, there is something that had to be set for mastery.

The fact that she knows something, it doesn’t mean that you will always know, you may have forgotten. But, when you go to a class, you will say it again, you will remember it again, you will apply it again and that is really how you become a master. So, in anything you want to learn, whether it’s to launch a knowledge product or it’s to maybe launch like any kind of business at all, you have to be committed to learn. Because, look, look at Toyin’s business now. Toyin, I don’t know how many years you people have done this business. How many years have you done this business?


Ten, it’s going to be ten in October

Stephanie Obi

Ten? Ten good years! If I now want to enter your industry, can I know everything you know, that you have known? Can I know?


You can learn now

Stephanie Obi

From who?


You can come and learn from us.

Stephanie Obi

Exactly, So, if you want to learn anything, the easiest way is to look for somebody who already has, has already done that thing and go and learn from the person. If you don’t want to learn from the person, go online. But if you go online, it’s tougher because … You know I actually believe that, there are some things that are not online.


Yeah, actually

Stephanie Obi

Even when people write free content, they write some things and leave out some things. When people write books, they write some things and leave out some things. But, you, you will be there doing the things saying: “I am trying it, I have tried it, I have tried it”.

My dear, they left out some things, they left out some things. So, the easiest, the easiest way for you to learn something is to go to somebody who has, who has, who has done it and learn from them. If they say pay, pay because the true value of what they are giving you, is priceless.

It’s not pinned to ten years’ experience; you can’t pay for it. You can’t pay for all the mistakes that they made, the money they have lost and how you will be avoiding the mistake, there is no price you can put on it.

So, if you, if you, if you are trying to learn something, of course, you can check online and some things you can find online but some things, the higher you go, the higher you go, the higher you go, the more you have to go and sit down and learn from some people. Because you think that keeping hidden secret, I don’t know, hidden secret


Yeah, thank you Steph. So, this question, this question actually came in late but it’s from my, like my sister and it’s very, very, very pertinent. I want to ask you the question: as creatives, how best can you communicate new concepts and ideas to new leads or how best can you convert new concepts or ideas into new leads to prospective clients because we have found that some only asks for ideas and concepts to take elsewhere.

This also happens to us, you know, initially, when we started our business, we just used to design for people. We go design o, you know and at the end of the day, they actually… they don’t want to work with you, they are just like getting all those things and it can be very frustrating because you know, creating stuff, coming up with ideas, brainstorming and stuff, it takes a lot you know. So, how can you maintain both the integrity of your idea and satisfy the need thereby converting them to a client?

Stephanie Obi

All right, one by one. So, how do you communicate new concepts and ideas to new leads and prospective clients?



Stephanie Obi

So, the question on communication, you know it’s like this: we are saying A, the customer wants to hear B, many times we are saying A, the customer wants to hear B. Now, if your idea is so new, I will recommend that you spend some time interviewing the customer, asking them questions, understanding what their pinpoints are. When they tell you what their pinpoints are, you will, you may test your ideas using their language.

Don’t say you want to do and something… The way they are describing it, you are actually describing the solution that the client needs but they might not recognize that it’s the solution they need. So, what do you do? Before, you offer a solution, ask the client that you want to have a meeting with him, ask them questions. When they tell you what their problems are, you use their word to derive your solution.

Otherwise, they will not understand your solution is the solution. They will still be confused, alright? Now as creatives, there is a way our mind works. So, we know what we want to do alright? We know what we want to do but people don’t know what we want to do, and they are not in our heads. So, the best way to communicate what you are trying to say is to use their words.

So, don’t be too too too too excited about your idea and how you are going to say it and what it really is. It’s like scientists or tech people. You go and meet tech people, they are speaking jargons, you don’t understand what they are saying. As in, you will be saying the same thing o. You are speaking in simple English; the tech person is saying jargons. So, there is a disconnect because of communication.

Now, when you go to your clients sometime, you are the tech person and what you are saying is jargons. But for them to understand you well, you have to use their own words, alright?

Now the second thing you said is that: we used to design for people, we used to design for people. We design for them and then they go and give it out. That happens all the time and the reason why you design for people for free is because you had not yet put a value on that design that you are doing for free.

When you put a price with it, you will stop giving it out for free. I don’t care if this is what the customer needs to get, to make a decision. You can decide that this design, it has a cost. This thing I am telling you, in my business people come and say oh Stephanie, I want to work with you, I want you to launch an online course for me, can we get on the phone? I don’t do free phone calls.

For me to speak to you, you have to pay me $250. Because, my time, my value, every word I say is valuable. I know, I know. Everything I say, you can use it and go and do something with it. I am very aware of that but because it’s my… it’s my time and it’s my knowledge, you may not put value in it but me I put value in it.

And so, for thirty minutes, you pay $250. If you then decide that you are going to go ahead, and pay for my product, we will deduct it from the overall cost. But for me to sit down and do like this thing you are saying, free design, for free, Never! Never! I won’t do it. And because I have spent time branding myself, positioning myself as the expert, you want to work with me.

So, I don brand myself… this thing I am saying, may not work for everybody but it works for people who know that they are, they, as in, they have value. And if you go to anyone else, you will come back to me. I know that and because of that, this is the confidence that I use to say: okay, we can have a session but this is the price for a consultation.

If you want to go ahead with us after that, we will deduct it from your, from your package. That way, they think about it. Do I want to work with this lady? If I do, that’s fine, if I don’t, let me go and start looking for the other person I want to work with. Let me not waste, let’s not waste each other’s time, okay? Let’s not wait each other’s time. And I do this because I know the value that I bring to the table. It’s not going anywhere and then I also have a rep in building my brand, alright?

I found out that people that have strong brands, go and look at it everywhere, people that have strong brands, no matter what is going on, people want to move with them, no matter what, no matter what is going on. You will first of all book application, you would… they will tell you ‘I only work with three people in a month, I only work with…’

Go and check it and so if you decide that this is the level I want to play in, you will attract the customers who appreciate your time and who value your services. Will some customers go? Yes, they will go and it’s okay. You have to be comfortable that clients are going to go. As in, the way you think about is that you know, this our industry, some people must eat.

So, people can go to the other person, it’s okay. Me, in this big world, in this big massive world. In Africa alone, there are one billion people. In all over the world, there are billions of people. There has to, there has to be at least ten people who value my time, at least ten.

So, I tell myself there has to be at least ten people in the whole world who can pay, who can agree to my terms. And if you don’t agree, you are not among the ten people, so it’s okay. I keep going until I find the ten people, and guess what? I find them, I find them but this thing I am telling you, you cannot do it in a place of hunger, you can’t do it in a place of scarcity, you can’t do it in place of, of desperation.

So, if you are in place that you are just looking for like your first bread and butter, maybe you can be doing all those things but if your bread and butter is okay, alright? You have things that… you can pay yourself, you can pay salary, you can pay this, you can pay that, every other thing, is premium for me o. My time, my time is not my bread and butter product.

My bread and butter product in my online courses, they are scalable. Anybody can pay for it, hundreds can pay for it, it’s scalable. I have done the work once and people can sign up for it at once, But see this my time, it’s not scalable, I can’t give it to everybody and so I can’t be wasting time because that time that I am spending with you doing all these plenty things for you.

I could have sat down and just continue my thinking of how I will get this my one million dollars. I could have sat down and make strategic moves to help me get a million dollars, alright? If all I am wasting with you, and you don’t want to patronize me, you just want to come and test me. I won’t allow you waste my time. No, you won’t waste it, I won’t allow you. So, that’s my reason behind that.


I love your energy, right? I am coming, I am coming, don’t worry. Oh my gosh! Okay, so the next question: people always talk about how if you have ideas that don’t scare you, they are not big enough. Does this mean every idea needs to be outlandish? Whatever happened to starting small?

Stephanie Obi

Okay, if you have ideas that don’t scare you, they are not big enough. I believe it, I believe it. I believe that if you have… let’s not say ideas, if you have a goal that is not, that does not scare you, they are not big enough. The first time I set this one-million-dollar goal, one million-dollar goal, my mouth was shaking. It was shaking. Now see the way I am saying it so easily, I am saying it so easily like, as if its pure water.

The first time I said it, it’s as if I put something, it’s as if my mouth want to drop and fall down. It was very tough and of course, it scared the hell out of me but, you know, when I first of all said it, the next thing I did, I put a screensaver, I just look at it in my screensaver. I have a screensaver, one million dollars, it’s there. I go through it every day to remind me, I say it all the time.

My password in my computer was ‘one million dollars’. Now, I have changed it but before it was one million dollars. I said it o, until it stopped becoming too heavy for me. I started saying it. I even now had the liver to now talk about it in my email list that this is what I am doing because before I was afraid that… I was afraid. So, the first thing is that set your desires.

The second thing is that overcome the shame now. The shame is that, let me not say it out too much o. What if I don’t achieve it? Won’t people laugh at me? So, let me keep my goals to myself. What if people laugh at me? But guess what? The more I said it, the more I said it, the more I attracted helpers.

Everybody now knows that Stephanie is on this journey to one million dollars and so they are out to help me. I am telling you; I am telling you, it’s amazing. And so, you think that people will laugh at you but the opposite happen, it’s that you attract helpers. It’s like the same thing when I said I want to get married and I put it out that I want to get married.

Do you know that people came to my DM to start hooking up with their brothers, some people hooked me up with their friends, some people said Stephanie, am I not the person for you? I was just like, it’s amazing. If I was hiding it, you know, I am being afraid, I may not have attracted all the help that I have been getting. I am telling you people will send me books on relationships, people will send me You-tube videos to watch. Stephanie, watch this video, it is very good, it will help you, it’s very good.

People are sending me things now because they know my goal. So, I feel the same thing that when you. it’s great to have big goals that scare you, alright? And then voice it out loud.

Now, with regards starting small, you start small but you think big, alright? You start small but you think big. Have I earned one million dollars? No. Have I earned 50% of it? No but I have started, I have started working towards it. I am counting down… Every day, I say okay, how much have you arrived today? You write it down, I have started, it’s a journey, it’s a journey. And so, you start how you can start, where you can start. And the thing about it is that when you even start, you will know how you are going to do it o, you will not even… it’s not as if you have a concrete plan of how you are going to do it.

See me now, at first, I didn’t know how I am going to do it. Then by February, I had a plan on an excel sheet and I was like yes, this is how I am going to do it. Covid-19 now came and scattered that plan, like scattered it, scattered the plan, and so, I hard to start again. Alright, so when you start small you don’t necessarily have to know how you are going to do it, how it will work out but baby steps, baby steps.

Clarity comes by doing, you don’t get clarity by thinking. You can’t think about it, it’s by doing. When you do, you will know what works, what doesn’t work, alright? When you do, you will know how it makes you feel, you know. At least, the body gives us a lot of feedback.

If you are happy doing it or you are not happy doing it, your body will give you feedback and you will know whether you are in a good place or not. So, you will get a lot of, you will get a lot of clarity by doing, taking small steps, and just starting small.


Wow, I am loving this, I am loving it, I am totally loving this session. Thank you for speaking from your heart and not using too many big words. Just explaining to people and applying it to your situation. Like, I always like to tell people about how we moved into a facility, a 5850 square meter facility and, we moved in August.

As at March, we didn’t, we had not, we knew that we were looking for a space but it had not crossed our mind what wanted until we said: you know what? Its time and we started searching and all these things that you are talking about is actually real because I know I have applied it to my situation.

Until you open your mouth, you know, even as we Christians and because of our background we know that we say is what we give life to. Once you open your mouth and say, this is what I want to achieve. Like, everything starts to work together, you start to meet people that will help you actualize it, you see stuff. I remember going for vacation once and I saw, what is it called? I don’t know what they call this place.

Like, where the concierge of the apartment they stay. So, I went there you know, where they could play snookers and everything. And I was like wow, I really like the way this place is and I would like for our office to be like that. And you know, after building our office, there was one day I looked down and I saw the courtyard.

The courtyard is where they play table tennis, play games and it dawned on me. I was like oh my God! This is how I saw it in America. Do you understand? Like all you need to do is, you don’t just stop at thinking, you have to act. You have to say: I want this and then the world… you know people say world, people say Jesus, you know everything now starts to work together.

A lot of things has happened for us that even when 2020 started, there was this sense of urgency but my own burden was that, God was saying that I should slow down, that it was my season of rest. I had plans and I had goals but I needed to hibernate and so by the time this whole Covid 19 started, it left me wondering but at the same time, I knew that I was on a process, I was in a place where I was learning and unlearning.

From that period of learning and unlearning, I was going to launch out into something even greater than what we already have on ground. I’m really grateful to have Stephanie on board, and I’m grateful she is speaking from her heart, and sharing from her personal experiences.

My next question is, can we please help break down clarity and making sense of an idea, especially in a turbulent time like this one in which we have found ourselves.

Everybody is talking, there are so many webinars going on, so many live sessions going on and sometimes, Akin and I have to sit down and say “what exactly do people want to hear, what exactly is going through the mind of people?” and this has helped us to ask the right questions from the very beginning of this series.

The first person that we featured was Bankole, because we needed people to talk about people’s fear and anxiety and not to rubbish it, we needed to validate the fact that we are also afraid but it doesn’t stop there. What is next? After that, we brought Pastor online to help us shed light to what is going on, where do we stand faith wise, what does this mean for our business, how do we maneuver from here, how do we move on along?

Then, we brought Tomi Balogun to talk about investments because we know that there opportunities now and people are making millions in this time, where is the best way to invest? Then we brought Mr. Demola Banjo, to talk about diversification because we know that having one stream of income will not pan out going forward, having multiple streams of income is that way to go.

We have sat down and asked ourselves, what do people want to hear, what do they want to learn? We also brought Dr. Yemi Amusan to talk about technology and the way forward, how does technology help out as we are here? He was very instrumental to me speaking to you because he kept talking about innovation. Ideation and innovation have like a symbiotic relationship, one can almost not do without the other.

This evening, Stephanie has absolutely blown my mind and I was really grateful and I’m sure a lot of people have learnt from what you are sharing.

Can you please help with clarity and making sense of an idea especially in this time as we have found ourselves. How do we draw out the loins, how do we make meaning of the ideas that are dropping when we are not even sure of tomorrow? People are scared, they don’t even know what next steps to take.

Stephanie Obi

Let me explain, these are great times. I’m so excited about the lockdown and even the pandemic. I know people are dying but let’s put that aside. Why I’m saying is that, there are now so many problems and whoever brings ideas that can solves these problems is going to be something else.

Have you ever heard the saying that Airbnb was born during a recession, it is in times like this. Your businesses can be getting disrupted but calm down, there is a bigger picture. For everything that is happening, there is no a problem and you can create the solution.

You know how there is a lockdown and all the children are now at home, before your children will go to school, someone will take care of them for some hours and when they come back, you just stay with them for 2-3 hours. Now, they are with you from morning till night, the level at which parent shout has increased. One of my clients launched a course called “No Shout Parenting,” that teaches how to stop shouting at your children and she is selling.

Secondly, there are so many people now that all their businesses are brick and mortal, even though there is online, they didn’t go online because they had a good brick and mortal business but now that is there is lock down, nobody has to tell you that you should go and open your online store.

What happens when you open an online store is that, you expand your market. If you were only selling in Lagos before, now you can start selling to all other cites in Nigeria, in Africa, all across the world. We all buy things online from overseas, so why are the businesses here not selling to people overseas because we want to limit ourselves to just our cites, to just our localities.

Let’s imagine your business was doing so well in Lagos, when the young techy person comes to meet with you about creating an online store for you, you pushed away the idea, now you are looking for the person who will do it for you. However, when you do your online store, it will increase your sales, this is a period for you to pause and evaluate yourself, have you been leaving money on the table, are there opportunities you are not paying attention to?
In my own business, there were so many things that were low hanging proofs but I didn’t see it because I was okay with my business the way it was going. When corona hit me, I had a wake up call, I had to pause and start reviewing my business. When I started reviewing, I saw so many loopholes and I started asking so many questions.

The last time I didn’t have money was like 4 years ago, this corona period, I didn’t have money because my normal clients became afraid and wanted to hold on to their money. For the first time in four years, I had a cash flow problem, I couldn’t pay salaries, it seemed like I had forgotten what it felt like to be broke, I remembered again. Now that I have remembered, I ran back to the business and started evaluating it and in this my same business, I found new income streams, in this same business, we cut costs. There were so things that we were paying for and because they were not plenty money, I will just ignore it.

Now, all those leakages, we have cut them off. My money that was hanging somewhere, I had forgotten, somebody owing me money, I had forgotten, I started remembering everything. I was trying to pay for Facebook ads, $1400, the money disappeared and I forgot, I didn’t send any message to the bank that my money is missing and I haven’t gotten a refund, I forgot it. I had another money that was lying somewhere, $6000, I forgot that one too.

I forgot all these money because I wasn’t looking for money, I was busy, I just knew I had money somewhere but my mind was not on it. However, when corona hit me, my brain calmed down, I started looking through my business and discovered places where we have been leaving money on the table. It opened my eyes to see the leakages and also to start seeing new opportunities.

I listened to Mr. Akeem Bello one day on a live session on IG, and he explained that, life as we know it might not return back to normal until 2022, so think that after the lockdown, things are going to go back to normal. No, things are not going to go back to normal, and so you have to adjust quickly because this is the new normal. Adjust, innovate, think of new income streams, it is inside your business. The mistake we make is that we believe that we have to automatically overturn, do upside down, however, you don’t have to. You already have assets, ask yourself “how else can I use this assets?”

My online course that I sell is $1000 and you have access to the program for one year, it is either you pay it or you don’t pay it, that’s the price. Now, in this corona time, people can not easily afford $1000, what I did was to launch a N50k version of that same online course. I’m not doing anything, the work has already been done, but I launched a N50k version and I am saying, instead of having access to the program for one year, I will give access to that same online course for 30days.

Today, 124 people have paid for it, in this corona period. Moving on, I then said, if you can’t afford the N50k, you can get a loan from our partner, Shecluded, they will fund you to be able to pay for this 50k product, people are applying for it and some people are getting it while some are not. I am not doing anything extra, this product I am talking about, I have already done the work. I’m just repackaging it in a different way because I know that some people might not have a huge some of income anymore.

It is like peak, before, they use to sell big tins but to enter into some places in the Nigerian market, it had to create sachets milk, before it was only cowbell that was doing sachet milk, now peak too is also doing sachet milk. I said this in the last hour, I always ask myself “this thing that international people are doing, how can I make it work for me?” and when I see other people doing it, how a premium brand can make itself more accessible just by repackaging. I asked myself “how can I repackage what I already have?” so that I can now attract people who were unable to work with me in the past. If I can work with them for 30 days, it is something. That income should not be left on the table, of course, there are still people who can afford to work with me for $10,000, but for majority, they can’t pay it again. This is another income stream for me.

Another income stream for me is my community, I have a community of 50k engaged people that they open and read my emails, they actively follow me on social media. I have done anything with that community, I haven’t monetized it, people with less than that size are serious influencers but I haven’t positioned myself into an opportunity like that. It was because I was making money, when they tell me to come and be an influencer, I just brush it aside, now I have changed, I’m now ready. I started seeing other income streams in that same business. Look at your business, you may have built a brand, there are many other ways to monetize that brand.

You might have created some assets, there are many other ways you can monetize your assets. You may have built a community, there are many way you can monetize that community. Instead of saying these are tough times, tell yourself “this is a time to innovate.” If you see the great ideas I have now, I’m so overexcited about them because they were there before but because I was looking, I didn’t find them. If you are looking for new ideas, you will find them, start with the right mindset and you will start seeing opportunities.


People often talk about hibernation when you get an idea, that you just don’t jump but then again, we hear about procrastination and many unpleasurable effects. Are we saying we should be ready to go at any idea that comes to us? For instance, I had an idea to call you for instalive which I didn’t last week, but alas, a lot of people also had the idea and they now did their own instalive before me.

You can have an idea and you sit on it but then again, there is the issue of not procrastinating because sometimes, that same idea that you believe is synonymous to you, somebody else also has it and may move with it. My question is that are we saying that we should run with any idea we get immediately we get it or it is okay to sit on it and just wish upon a horse until things form together?

Stephanie Obi

I believe that there are different kinds of people, some people are starters and some people are finishers. For starters, as soon as they have an idea, they start. That’s there default setting, they just start making plans and moving with it. However, the challenge with starters is that they can not finish because before they finish executing that idea, another one will come again.

They always have a series of unfinished ideas, I’m a starter, if you see the kind of ideas I have, many of time don’t and so I now have to have a system where I now ask myself “okay, this is an amazing idea, but is it a priority for me right now: it’s not, when will it become a priority?” I wrote it down “I can do it in May, or June or September or Next year” I write it down.

This helps me to start planning because many times, when I get an idea and I want to start working on it immediately, the challenge is that I can’t achieve the real potential of that idea because I didn’t plan. However, if I had waited to carefully plan it out, it would have been such a much bigger idea. Another frustration that I have is that, I only have 24hours in a day, and so many times, even if I don’t want to stop, my calendar will remind me that there is no time.

I and my calendar are very close because anything I want to do has to enter my calendar, if there is no space, it means there is no space. Even when I want to work on personal project, if I want to rest, I have to write it down that I want to rest by a particular time, it has to enter inside my calendar. My calendar tells me that even though the idea is a good idea, there is no time to execute it now and so I have to schedule it for another time.

I schedule things ahead of time because I have plenty ideas but there is no time. When I see other people doing my ideas, I can’t get frustrated because I don’t have the space to do it. Also, I have realized that ideas don’t come to one person, there are many people having same ideas at the same time but what happens is that, the way you execute it will be different. Initially, it might look like you people have the same idea but two or three years down the line, you people will be so different and so it is okay if other people have the same idea as you, as long as you actually execute.

If you have problem executing, you might have to surround yourself with people who will help you execute. I have a challenge finishing and so I get people on the team who can help me finish because I am not a finisher. I only know how to have ideas, to finish executing the idea is an issue and so I hand it over to someone else who finishes it.

I have found out that, some people are finishers, when they have an idea, they spend so much time thinking about the idea, and refining the idea.



Due to the fact that I have a partner in business, I come with ideas and I always want to execute immediately and it’s almost like we are passing on batons. I have an idea and I ask for his opinion about it, and he goes “run with it.” This is usually what happens with us, and when he says, “run with it” he knows that when we get to a certain point, I pass on the baton to him and I’ll just be cheering him on.

For the first time, Stephanie has actually explained how our process works. Even in our leadership style, he lifts from the front, I lift from the back and we meet halfway. I totally get Stephanie.

Stephanie Obi

If you find out that you are the finisher, that you don’t have the energy to start things. You need to find someone on your team or somebody who is close to you, who is a starter. For finishers, when they have an idea, they will process that idea till they give up on the idea, they will talk themselves out of the idea.

If you are a finisher, please stick to a starter, a starter will always urge you to move. Just that prompt is enough to get you to start and so intentionally pick people who can help you start. Even me that I am a starter, if I want to do something big, I will go and tell some people and these people are people who will always prompts me to start at any slight chance they get. Those prompts are their strength and so if you have any friend who is like that, recognize that strength and make use of it.

You should realize that sometimes as friends, that is the value we bring to the friendship, when I was younger and I was not as emotionally intelligent as I am right now, I use to shout at my friends to start that idea but now, I don’t shout, I just talk encourage them gently and when they do it, great things happen to them, great opportunities and I’m happy for them. They realize that what I do for them is that I get them to start.


The next question is, how can event planners go digital?

Stephanie Obi

The first thing is to ask yourself is:
Are there still going to be events: There will still be events but there will be different kinds of events. Now, there are going to be digital conferences, Virtual seminars and meetings, there are going to be virtual board meetings. There are still going to be events and so you can still support them virtually, there are still going to be AGM but they still want to have this their backdrop.

There are still going to be conferences but do I want to plan a digital conference by myself: No I don’t have the time, the reason why I need to hire an event planner is because I don’t want to plan the event myself, that is the fundamental issue. Now, I want do an event but I don’t want to plan the event myself, I still want to hire an event planner but the event planner has to help me plan it digitally.

Your skill has to change, you have to become flexible because I can’t do a physical event but I can do 2k people Virtual event, how do they register, who do I invite to come and speak, what will the flow of event be? All those things are issues and they are not issues I want to bother my head around, I still want to hire an event planner to take care of them. If you can transfer your skills quickly, you will be able to do relevant things in this new normal. Instead of getting fixated on this is how we do things.

For instance, I use to do physical trainings before, then I decided to start doing online trainings, the knowledge is still in me and I would have done a physical training but I now decide to do my training online. This is the mindset shift I want you to know, the way you use to make money before is not the same way you will make money now. In this new era, there are new ways you can make money but you have to open your eyes to see them, allow your mind to have new ideas.

When I was doing physical training, it use to make me money and a lot of people loved the physical training but I came online and guess what, I made more money. People who are not doing online training yet have not seen the money, me I have seen the money, I have seen the opportunities. Until you open your mind to new things, you won’t see the opportunities, you can’t see it until you go there.

When you start, your customers will start giving you more ideas about things they want and before you know it, you start seeing yourself launching a tech platform because it is still an opportunity in the market. Don’t fixate yourself, you can propose anything, there is no way I can believe that one girl that use to make Ankara Accessories would be a tech entrepreneur today. I would never have imagined it but because I went online, I saw the issues online and I started creating solutions.

There will still be events and for you, it means that, there will still be opportunities to make money.
As you go online, you must realize that you have transferable skills that can be monetized in different ways, firstly, you can monetize through physical event, secondly, you can still monetize your knowledge in different ways. As an event planner, maybe you are good at negotiation, guess what, you can teach negotiation. There are so many opportunities online, you just have to open your mind to it.


I have seen you delve on this question for a while, you know when naysayers come for you, those people that feel they need to tell you that they don’t like you. When moving from one chain of business to the other, how do you set your mind on positivity only, even when people around are discouraging you?

I remember when I started this Monday morning stuff where I would talk about entrepreneurial journey, there was someone who will always send me a message every Monday morning to put me down. However, I can never be bullied even if you are Goliath and so I would ignore her but one day, I attacked because I learnt that sometimes, you don’t always have to defend yourself, just go after the person too and so that day, I attacked and then, I blocked her.

The person however used another account to send me a message to say “I thought you are a Christian” I said, “I’m a Christian but I’m not a fool, you don’t have to listen to me, if you have a problem with what I am saying, then you are not my audience. There are some times that you can do and undo, put your neck on the line for some people and they will still attack you. I think this is an example of what the question means, what do you do in such situations?

Stephanie Obi

I don’t know if you notice my energy, when I first two videos, someone sent me an email to say “why are you like this, your video is not professional, you are so energetic,” I allowed it to enter into my head and before I knew what was happening, I stopped producing videos. A few years later, someone who saw me, spoke to me that “do you do videos? I said, No, she said “you should be doing videos, you are so energetic” I have a positive vibe and it’s my natural trait, that’s how I am.

However, one person, when I was starting criticize me and I listened to and I stopped producing videos. Another friend of mine told me that, why do I always say stories, that it is too personal, she told me if I want to run a good business, I have to be professional, I should stop saying everything online, online, there should be boundaries, I shouldn’t be speaking about my personal stories, I should be professional but guess what, today, everybody likes a professional who tells stories.

What I have come to realize is that, when people criticize you, it’s not about you, you are doing something that they want to do but they can’t do due to the fact that they are critical with themselves. Let me explain to you, Eventecture came and started doing Monday morning motivation, “what have her the audacity, who is she, how can she, she just came and said she wants to start Monday morning motivation for entrepreneurs, how many businesses has she started, is she like Harvard?” They are saying all that because that is what they say to themselves, they also have those ideas but they don’t do it because they feel like they are not good enough.

They are now seeing you actualizing that same idea and they feel like “that person is not good enough, why are they doing it” and so they are so passionate that they feel like they have to tell you that you are not good enough.

The truth is, that is the way they see themselves and so they can not imagine why you are doing it. This is why no matter what, the moment you come outside and put yourself out there, you are going to attract a lot of haters because people will question who you are to be doing what you are doing. It’s a problem and you can’t help it. What I do now is that I feel sorry for them. Just leave them, God is working on them.

Eventually, they will start telling you “I’m so inspired by you, I love what you are doing” I see it happen all the time. Those your naysayers, the reason why they are saying those words at you is because of what is happening in their own mind, they can’t imagine themselves doing what you are doing but you are doing it regardless.

When I was starting my accessories business, my friends said “how many businesses have you braved that you are coming to do business school, how many businesses have you done?” I said “well, I may not have done plenty businesses but I have done accessories business and I’m enough to help other people, what I have is enough, let me start with what I have,” and I started. This my friend watched me grow, one step at a time, she watched me grow.

Few years later, she called me and said “Stephanie, I am so proud of you, I admire you, I really love what you are doing, I want to start,” and I helped her start. Many times, the way I see it is that, it’s not about me , it is about them. I don’t allow it to enter into my heart again because it is a distraction. All these my I want to make $1million, the way I say, there are people who will be saying “who does she think she is, how dare you, who are you?” It is because they don’t believe that they can earn $1million and so they are angry.

You can’t grow around naysayers, some of them, they hate you but when you come out in real life, they will be all over you here and there but they hate you. You just have to have compassion on them, God is working on them, He will help them eventually and they will change.


Thank you so much Steph, I really appreciate you coming to talk to us. Now, I’ll let Stephanie talk about Trainquarters for those who intend to turn their knowledge to gold.

Stephanie Obi

I get a lot of questions on “how do you go digital, how you make money from ideas during this period, what do we do, how do we stay relevant?” I want you to under something, businesses that are done to solve problems earn a paying, if you solve a problem, somebody will pay you.

There are different ways to solve that problem, you can solve that problem by organizing an event, you can solve that problem by structuring it for me, you can solve that problem by teaching, you can teach physically, you can teach online. Why I talk about launching an online course, why I am asking you to do it is to solve problems. In this instance, if you have already been solving a problem online, you have been making money regardless.

However, many of us focus our problem solving to offline but guess what, the same way you are solving problem offline, you come also solve problems online. One way, you can solve problems online is through an online course. You don’t create an online course just for the sake of creating an online course, you create an online course to solve problems. If you have identity any problem, you might be able to solve it using an online course.

The beauty of this is that, when you create an online course, you no longer limit yourself to just Lagos, you no longer limit yourself to just Nigeria, you can now solve a problem globally and get paid for it.

The question I want you to start asking yourself now is that, “what are the needs people need and how can I solve this problem globally?” That is why you create an online course. When I created my first online course, I used to do Ankara Accessories training, I used to be an Ankara Accessories designer, I had done accessories for 10 years and built a business out of it.

As an entrepreneur, I had IQ, and I said to myself “I can teach other people how to make these accessories and make an income out of it, this knowledge I have is valuable, O have been doing business for 10 years, what is know is valuable, I’m not teaching them everything I know, I’m only teaching them part of my knowledge.” This was how I started training people how to make Ankara Accessories but I was only training people who were in Lagos, however, the more I marketed online, the more I was found people who wanted to pay for my product from outside Lagos.

When I launched an online course, I started helping people who were all over the world and wanted to learn how to make Ankara Accessories.
As an entrepreneur, there is something you know that other people around the world want to know about, it doesn’t have to be your top skill, it can be something else you are using in your industry. For example, I know a lady who is a fashion designer, she has been in business for over 15 years, she built her online store by herself. She paid N450k to a developer to build it for her, long story short, they didn’t build it for her.

She decided to learn how to build an online store by herself. Today, she is teaching other fashion designers how to build an online store. It is just one of the things that she knows, she is not teaching exactly how she makes her clothes. I want you to see yourself as valuable, you know too much and other people need to learn. That thing that you know is an asset, you can package it into a product and you can sell it online, to all the nations in the whole world.

If you want to get started, you can come and join our program, we have the Knowledge is the New Gold Challenge, it is a 30 days program where we train you how to identify a problem that you can solve, how to package it into a an online course, how to sell it first and get paid for before you start creating it. A lot of people say to themselves “I’m not the kind of person that can launch an online course” someone once said, “if you spend 10,000hours doing something, you are an expert in that thing,” if you spend the last 2-5 years doing one thing, you don’t need anybody to give you a certification on it, you are already an expert in it.

The reason why I can speak about this thing for 2hours is because I have been doing it for years and so if you ask me any question, I can answer. If you know anything, and you can package that knowledge into a product, you can sell it.

The mistake many experienced entrepreneurs make is that, because they are making money from other things, they neglected the idea of an online course but guess what, there are so many quacks out there, who have no business teaching but they are teaching because you that you are the expert, haven’t started teaching. All these people are existing and are making money because you that is certified have not come out to do anything and because people are hungry for knowledge, they fall for these scams meanwhile this is an income stream for you.

If you look at all the knowledgeable people all over the world, they are creating online courses now. They are now realizing that they have been leaving money on the table, they are now creating online courses, all of them.
If you are there and you are sabotaging yourself, leaving money on the table, I want to encourage you, because one thing is sure, you have knowledge that other people are begging to learn from you.

Please, package it into a product, sell it to the world, internationally, this is how you will become a global brand. The way to gain global visibility is by creating products. When you decide to do an online course, a T.V show, there are a number of things you can create and people will hear about you through your global products and pay more for you.

There is a guy called Buddy, he has a T.V show, Cake Boss, when I went to New York, I saw his cake shop, I went there because I have been seeing him on T.V and I knew his name, I went there hoping to see him, I didn’t see him. That is what happens when you create global products, T.V shows are global products, Netflix is now in Nigeria, looking for contents, they are looking for reality T.V shows. I just hope you understand what I am saying.


We have ran out of time again, thank you so much Stephanie. Thank you, God bless you.
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