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You're a Christian Entrepreneur and you have a deep passion to teach others online but...

  • You're wondering, how do I start? Am I on the right path? What topic should I teach on? How can I create an online course? What should I include in each of the course? How will I get people to pay for it??
  • You tried to mentor a small group of people but it just kept on taking more money out of your pocket. It was not very sustainable. There was also a time constraint. It was difficult to keep having these mentoring sessions because you are always so busy.
  • You're wondering if this passion to impact lives can at least pay for itself or whether people will actually pay you to learn from you even though you have been doing this for so long. You have so many questions and you feel stuck

and because of this, you still have not launched an online course or even a book

People who are not even as good as you, are creating online courses, writing books, positioning themselves as thought leaders, impacting lives and even making so much money online

You know it's time

You're beginning to feel a big void in your heart.

You're beginning to feel like you're not fulfilling your purpose.

You can't explain it but it haunts you at night


It's a Calling...Accept the Call today

I know this because the same thing happened to me.

I was running a successful Ankara Accessories business and then God started calling me to teach.

He seized my peace of mind.

He started asking me to teach other women how I built my Ankara Accessories business

This passion consumed me and so I took a bold step and started.


I thought everything would go perfectly because it was God sending me on an assignment.

But when I launched my first workshop, nobody paid.

The place was empty.

I felt so bad because I was trying to share the knowledge that had taken me a long time to learn but they didn't want to pay me.


What I did not realise it that there is a business of impacting lives.

Even if you want to help people, you have to master marketing and product design.

I was very shy and didn't like marketing at the time, but I started to learn.

I made a lot of mistakes because I was trying to figure things out on my own.

But after a while, I started to notice some trends.

I started to notice patterns.

I started to notice how people respond to things.

I started documenting my system and now I have trained thousands of people on my system and inspired thousands of people to launch their own online courses.

Today, my business has grown.

We pioneered the Knowledge Tech industry in Africa.

We now have a training school that teaches people how to create and sell online courses, an agency that produces online courses for businesses and a software that helps businesses host their online courses even if they are not techy.

There's no way I could have imagined that God was taking us to this height.

But as I obeyed, He kept giving me new assignments...just like the parable of the guy with the five talents.


If God is calling you, answer the call



You have no idea where He is taking you to




A One Year Group Coaching Program that helps Christian Entrepreneurs to launch their First online course and earn at least $10,000




(Worth over $2,000)

How Much You Can Earn


(From your first milestone)


(From your second milestone)


(From your third milestone)

Total Amount: $16,000


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Meet The Creator of The CLD Programme

Stephanie Obi is a leading African Woman in Tech, pioneering the knowledge technology industry in Africa. She has spent the last four years creating products and tech platforms that help individuals monetize their knowledge. She also runs an agency which has produced online courses for Africa's most successful entrepreneurs including Ibukun Awosika, Tara Fela Durotoye, and Osayi Alile to mention a few.

Dubbed the Queen of Online Courses, Stephanie is all about creating wealth opportunities for Africans. She has helped over 1,000 business owners across the globe to monetize their knowledge leveraging technology and is empowering African Millennials to start digital businesses.

Stephanie is the founder of TrainQuarters, a knowledge tech platform which makes it easy for individuals and organizations to own their online schools and host their online courses. She's a First Class Graduate of Computer Science and the Author of the book, Knowledge is the New Gold.  

Recognised as an expert in African technology space, Stephanie is regularly invited to speak at conferences and has been featured in reputable media platforms. She is a comedian and loves to travel to experience new cultures

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay directly to your bank account?

If you have problems paying through the links above, kindly send an email to

Who is this program for?

Successful entrepreneurs who:

  • Know that they are good at what they do
  • Already have people who come them for advice
  • Are serious about launching an online course within the next three months
  • Love God and want to lead men to Christ
  • Are passionate about impacting lives and leaving a legacy

When can we access this program?


Can I get a refund?

No we do not give refunds because we have found out that people who do not have an option to back out of their commitments get better results. We do not want to attract dabblers or people who do not believe in our ability to get results. Only sign up for this program if you trust that Stephanie and the CLD Tribe can help you.

How long will I have access to the lessons?

One year. It is an annual subscription program. You will be expected to renew your membership after one year if you want to continue being in the program

Can I pay over the space of six months?

To keep it tidy, we have limited the number of installment plans we can offer. Please pick the option that works best for you

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