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This Course is for you if...

  • You’ve been trying to launch your course for years, but you don’t know where to start from. You keep listening to free training upon free training but you are still confused.

  • You want to be able to scale up your income to $10,000 and even $100,000 but you don’t know how to do it 


  • You have several ideas of what course you should launch, but you don’t know which one. You feel so confused

  • You’re not a techy and you’re wondering, “Can I really do all these by myself?” I have so many questions

  • You don’t know how to design a launch plan, you’re not sure of what should happen on day one, day two, day three, etc

  • Or worse, you may have tried to launch your online course before and it was a total failure



Almost There...

We value your privacy and would never spam you

I0X My Income and Relocated Overseas  

God bless the day I decided to invest in myself by signing up for Stephanie's CLD Program. I had been teaching courses but the highest I ever made was $555. When I got into the program, Stephanie's teachings literally opened my eyes.She showed all of her master plans. They were simple and well detailed teachings, nothing withheld.

I hit the ground running immediately and this time I made 10X what I used to earn from my courses. Today, I've decided to pursue my dream to live overseas for a year to learn a new language. I'm very excited because as I explore the world, I have an online business that won't suffer.

Wonderfull Abuah - Sew Clothes That Fit

I Became Certain About Exactly What to Teach

Before I came on Course Launched Delivered, I was uncertain about what exactly to teach from my wealth of knowledge.

I also did not feel confident to put myself out there. I did not know how to leverage tech and social media and I did not know how to price my services.

Course Launched Delivered made me feel so self assured, optimistic, hopeful and motivated.

I became certain about exactly what to teach and how to structure my course, confident in my own niche, voice and audience despite how many other similar content is out there. I learnt how to use different tools/sites excellently eg canva, webinars, instagram and Facebook Ads. I learnt how to market effectively, price confidently, filter content to sell and those to give as freebies, etc.

The first time I launched my course, I earned four figures in dollars.

I’m now getting ready to launch an online English Proficiency course, using the same system

Amara Olusina - IELTS Course

I am now the Go To Techy Person Among My Friends

The first time I reached out to Stephanie Obi,  I told her "I am not techy oooo" can you help me?

She said Yes and I signed up for Course Launch Delivered. By following Stephanie's guide, I not only launched my online course, I also hosted a successful virtual summit.

Course Launched Delivered is like a one stop shop for running your online business, because Stephanie taught us how to host a webinar, how to grow our email list, how to build and maintain a website, etc

I am now the go to techy person amongst my friends.

I woke up this morning thinking about my life Pre- Stephobi and Post-Steph Obi the difference is CLEARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR


Doreen Ayodele - Tax Hack Course

Steph's Method Was Easy To Follow

Shortly after I joined Course Launched Delivered, I fell ill and couldn’t use my laptop or phone for months. I started watching the lessons as soon as I recovered. I was 7 months pregnant, but determined to launch my course. Steph’s method was easy to follow and her voice of encouragement was ringing in my ears.

To be honest, I chose the simplest of every option she gave for the launch stages because I was always tired. The thing is, it still worked! During my first launch, first launch, CLD paid for itself, all other costs and then some.

I’m sitting in my living room in Port Harcourt smiling as students review my course and send in testimonials. I have students from Lagos, Enugu, Atlanta… People have started joining the waitlist for next time I re-launch.

During the launch, I also got more clients in my consulting packages and requests to organize trainings for staff.

I used the Course Launched Delivered method to launch a transformational course and two mini-courses.

It was my passion to teach what I know that led me to Course Launched Delivered, but today it is a major stream of income in my business and I’m impacting people in places beyond my physical reach.

Tolu Micheals - Multiply Your Sales With Words

People Actually Paid for My Course and Said Thank You!!!

I feel like with what i've learnt from Steph, the opportunities and possibilities are endless.

I always knew I wanted to launch my cake classes online, but I didn’t just know where to start.

After working with Steph, I now understood so many important things I never even considered before.

I grew my audience to 3000+ people. People actually paid for my course and said thank you!

I just want to say thank you for the awesome journey!

My business game has changed for the better.

Bimpe Omotosho - Beautiful Fondant Cakes


Almost There...

We value your privacy and would never spam you