Tired of Brain Pickers?

At first, when people start coming to you for advice, you’ll be flattered and you’ll even feel excited that you can share your knowledge with others…but when you start having free sessions almost every other day, when it starts competing with the time you should be spending with your family, when you start to feel like the people you are helping for free are not even implementing your advice…it begins to get annoying.

It gets worse when you see that these people you are helping for free will still go and pay good money for another person’s online course who is not even as qualified as you.

In my Youtube Video today, I’m talking about how to deal with the people who want to pick your brain.

I’ll like to hear from you, in the comments section below, is there a different way you have handled this matter and also let me know if this video helped you.

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Thank you so much for watching, if you know anyone who needs this video, please send it to them.

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  • Kik

    Reply Reply October 24, 2018

    Oh I thoroughly enjoyed this session. Its very helpful. Thank you so much

  • Bimpe

    Reply Reply October 24, 2018

    Hi Steph, how about those so called friends that feel entitled. They will never pay for any of your classes but they want it all for free. Stylishly asking for recipes and poking their heads into your work space to see how you make Cakes. Then one day, they decide to get a formal training, but instead of coming to you, they go and pay someone else. Do u unfriend them? They are real leeches!

  • Faith

    Reply Reply October 24, 2018

    Nice video, thanks for the enlightenment. You’ve spoken the truth

  • Titilola

    Reply Reply October 24, 2018

    Thank you for this video. I’ve had some people come into my DM to pick my brain and the moment I tell them to pay for a consultation session, they go quiet.

    Thanks for letting me know I’m doing the right thing.

    I’ll work towards creating more products that I can sell to people like this.

  • Nkechi

    Reply Reply October 26, 2018

    This is the story of my Life! But the sad thing is that the brain picker was a friend.
    One time, I jokingly told her that friends and family are no longer allowed to pick my brain and she broke down in tears telling me that what my statement means is that she’s an olodo 🤷🏽‍♀️

    I will definitely put these tips into practice

  • Betty Mwaura

    Reply Reply October 31, 2018

    You rock Steph!!!

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