Lessons from Big Brother Naija

I really enjoyed watching Big Brother Naija, because I used it to calm my head down in the evening time, when my brain was becoming too hot. Lol.

While it was entertaining, it also opened my eyes to things I needed to do in my business.

I decided to share some of my business lessons with you.

  1. New Media is the New Media

First of all, I’m one of those people who watched the entire show on Instagram. We have two TVs in my house, we have a dual DSTV subscription too, this means that I could have commandeered one TV in my house to watch Big Brother, but I just discovered that, I preferred to watch the clips online.

It was more convenient for me, instablogs like Olorisupergal gave me the highlights of what happened during the day and I could easily scroll through the comments to see what other people were saying, which was another form of entertainment.

I was already looking through my phone anyway, what was the point of going to watch the show on my TV, when I had my phone in my hand. My phone had become my main source of entertainment…especially that Instagram. Instagram makes me laugh so much.

…and that’s when it hit me.

There are so many people like me, looking at our phones for entertainment, news, information etc.

I started asking myself, how else can I leverage on the New Media?

In partnership with Eureka Moments, we’ve been planning an exclusive dinner with all the participants of the “How to Structure Your Business” Online Course by Tara Fela Durotoye.

The event is strictly by invitation to all participants but we have decided to make it a New Media Event.

This means that you can watch clips online and you can even watch a livestream of the event on our social media platform.

If you would like to watch, please take note of the date and stay tuned to my platform for details.

2. There will always be people who like you, just the way you are

We can complain to no end about Cee-C’s attitude, but the truth is…there are still people who like her just the way she was.

It’s not one or two people who like her, a lottttttttt of people like her and their love is fierce.


I saw them fighting for her in every comment section.

I saw them voting for their king, Cee-C, everytime she was put up for eviction.

I saw them get Cee-C to the Top 2 position.

I saw them shower her with gifts, they even contributed money for her.

Do you know what this means?

People will like you just the way you are.

In the line of my work, I see a lot of people hold themselves back because they are scared that people will not like them.

Look at Cee-C, with all of her bad behaviour, people still liked her because they could connect with her emotionally…maybe they’ve been in her shoes before or they liked a particular thing about her. They came up with excuses for her, they called her strong, virtuous, etc.

They sha liked her.

I’m going to start using Cee-C as an example to anybody who tells me that they are scared people will not like them. Lol.

3. The Winners had a team

If you look at the Top 3, they all had a team of people who were rooting for them.

As in…serious team.

They had campaign strategists.

Some teams even had people who were funding them. That is, a big man who was a supporter of the team could send 20k to several active people to use the money to vote.

People were not playing oh.

It was so easy to predict who would be leaving the Big Brother House because we knew the people who were campaigning and the people who did not have anybody to campaign for them.

I was just like, “Oh my God…this is an amazing”.

Ofcourse, I heard people say, “Why are you killing yourself for people who don’t even know you”.

The truth of the matter is that, we as human beings like to believe in a cause higher than ourselves. It’s not about whether the housemates will give them money or not, the housemates stood for a cause that they believed in.


So I’ve come to campaign my own campaign.

I’m launching my first book in the month of May, titled “Knowledge is the new Gold”, and it’s really about helping women to find their gifts, skills, and knowledge that they have been taking for granted and to turn it into an online course that can make them money so that they can become financially free.

If you know me, I’ve been talking about this for years. I want to help women make more money. Online courses is just the tool I use.

I find that a lot of women who need my help have never heard about me before and so I wrote this book to be able to reach more people.

To do this successfully, I’ve decided to set up a launch team.

If you like me and what I stand for, and you would like to be a part of the team that helps more women to become financially free, please click here to apply to join my launch team.

If you have any gift, skill, connection, platform that we can use to make this a successful movement, please tell me about it.

As usual, active members of the launch team will get some bonuses from me. If you have your own lesson from Big Brother Naija, feel free to share it with us in the comment section and if you know someone who will benefit from this post, please share it with them.

Thank youuuuuuu.

 Here’s the link to apply again, https://www.stephanieobi.com/launchteam/