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Today is the D-Day!!!! I’m launching my Pretty, Fab and Online interview series today.


In this series, I will interview inspiring and fabulous online entrepreneurs who are running businesses that they are passionate about, and have leveraged on the internet beautifully.

Today, I present to you Adaku Ufere of Thirdworldprofashional.


Stephanie: Hello Adaku, thank you for being here today.

Please can you tell us about yourself?

Adaku: Hi Stephanie. My name is Adaku Ufere, born on the 7th of July 1985 and I’m an oil & gas lawyer working for an American multinational corporation, a lifestyle blogger at and a fashion writer at Guardian Life magazine.

Stephanie: Oh great! That’s very impressive.

Adaku Ufere: Thank you.

adaku thirdworldprofashional

You started thirdworldprofashional in 2008, what inspired you to start blogging?

Adaku: I moved to Abuja in 2008 to go to Law School and earlier in the year I’d read a book; ‘Fabulousity’ by Kimora Lee Simmons which said a great way to showcase your individuality was by starting a blog. While in Abuja, it was a new environment, I was meeting new people; doing interesting things….I thought I better put everything down so my friends and family could see what I was up to.
So that’s how TWP was born, as a visual diary at first. The fashion part happened by accident.

Lol, please tell us more about the accident

Adaku : It was really strange because I’d be doing posts about interesting things happening in Abuja or places to go and people would be asking about whatever I was wearing or where I got my clothes from.

I also started getting emails asking for advice about what to wear and where to shop so somehow I started veering into fashion.

Stephanie: Wow!!! I’m sure that you’ve always known you had a thing for fashion. Is there any other talent you discovered about yourself from blogging?

Adaku: Yeah I’ve always loved clothes and dressing up. I think I discovered a more social part of myself.
I balance a fine line between being an introvert and an extrovert and I lean more towards the introvert bit but writing the blog gave me a lot of visibility and I had to learn how to handle the new social responsibilities that came with it.

Stephanie: ok

adaku thirdworldprofashional
How have you been able to commercialise TWP?

Adaku: TWP actually generates several revenue streams.
First of all, ads of course. From putting up product reviews, look books etc. I charge a fee for that.
I also join affiliate networks like fashion traffic, reward style and, so it’s a click based earning stream.
I write freelance based on exposure from the blog and that earns money.
Then as an offshoot i have where I sell new and pre-loved items.

Stephanie: nicee

adaku thirdworldprofashional

How have you been able to balance this with school/work?

Adaku: Well I’ve been writing TWP through Law School, practicing Law, Masters and now in-house Law. So I’ve never done it when I was free so to speak, juggling blogging and work is what I’ve always done

Stephanie: lol, any tips on how you do it?

Adaku: I just focus on work throughout the week and blog weekends. I write about 5 drafts or so on Saturday and Sunday and post throughout the week.

Stephanie: Hahahaha, you are indeed a queen of blogging.
Stephanie: Very nice
Adaku: Lol, it’s not easy o

adaku thirdworldprofashional

You have a lot of followers on your blog, what endears them to you?

Adaku: Oooh my followers are the BEST!
I truly believe I have some of the best blog readers on the planet. Like they truly care about me and my blog, what I stand for etc and vice versa.
They are passionate, opinionated; they tell it like it is. I know I can’t bullshit TWP readers, they see through that shit. Lol.

Stephanie: Lol

What advice do you have for people who want to promote their business with the help of a blog?

Adaku: Well make sure what you write what you know. People can sniff out a fraud a mile away and if you are insincere they’ll be able to tell and it won’t win you any followership.
Second of all, make use of new media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, the traffic on these sites are phenomenal and there’s no better way to create a brand imprint and generate awareness than through new media.

Where do you see TWP in the next 5 years?

Adaku: In 5 years…..honestly I don’t know. TWP has evolved without a specific plan and that has been part of the excitement for me, just seeing things fall into place. At this point I like to take things one day at a time; we’re slowly expanding, from online to print media and very soon on your TV screens. So all I can say at this point is stay tuned 🙂

Stephanie: Thank you dear, this has been splendid and very insightful interview. Thank you for sharing with us, and staying up late to answer my questions. Lol

Adaku: No problem dear, I had a great time.

You’re welcome xx

I hope you enjoyed this interview as much as I did. For me, Adaku’s story is really awesome because she had built a business out of what she loves to do, she’s herself, and she leveraged on technology beautifully.
Pretty and smart. Follow her on www.thirdworldprofashional.

I would like to hear from you, what is your biggest take out from this interview.

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Looking forward to your comments.

With Love,


  • princess

    Reply Reply July 5, 2013

    very cool, just realized blogging can bring in income, niiice

    • Stephanie Obi

      Reply Reply July 10, 2013

      Thank you dear

  • Torera

    Reply Reply July 13, 2013

    I just stumbled on your blog and riri’s song is playing in my head “Where have you been all my lai ai ai ai aife”??? I’m inspired. New to the blogosphere…hoping for the best

    • Stephanie Obi

      Reply Reply July 13, 2013

      Hellllooooooo Torera,
      Thanks for your comment. I checked out your blog, and I love it. I’m also a DIY freak, lol and it led me on an amazing journey. I look forward to reading your posts. Well done

  • Debola Adeoso

    Reply Reply July 24, 2013

    Stephanie, this is a very good piece. Well done, and keep doing what you’re doing – blogging. Cheerio….

    • Stephanie Obi

      Reply Reply July 24, 2013

      Thank you Debola, really appreciate your message

  • Modupe Ehirim

    Reply Reply March 1, 2016

    My biggest takeaway – start from where you are, then pay attention to the response youre getting to your blog posts and direct yourefforts to what your followers ask for…

    Adaku started with a visual diary and then went on to fashion.

  • Onuchi Victor

    Reply Reply October 6, 2017

    Hi Stephanie, Your blog design is nice and simple. I love it!

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