Online Course Creation With Stephanie Obi and Tosin Ajibade (Olorisupergal)

Tosin Ajibade  Hi Stephanie, can you please tell us about yourself? For those who don’t know you, let them know who you are.   Stephanie Obi:  My name is Stephanie Obi. And I am a tech entrepreneur. I focus on helping female entrepreneurs to create and sell online courses. All right, I have been doing…

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Talks with Ubi Franklin 

  Ubi Franklin   I don’t have any other question to start with. But this, I like money. You need to tell me how you made 280,000 dollars from one course. We need to start from there first. Because my listeners will like to hear that as well.    Stephanie Obi   Okay, here is the thing.…

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Monetize Your Knowledge with the Perfect Online Course With Stephanie Obi and Lagosmums

monetize your knowledge

Lagosmums Thank you Stephanie for joining us, I was saying before you came on, that this pandemic has made our lives changed and whether or not we were ready for the virtual economy before, everybody now have to be online and making sure that we are looking for alternative streams of income especially for small…

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Ideation; The Power of Clarity for Transformational Growth With Stephanie Obi and Eventecture

Power of clarity for Growth

Eventecture I want you to introduce yourself. Because, you know I cannot talk about you as much as you will talk about yourself. I cannot talk about your accomplishments, the amazing things you have done for people in the entrepreneur sector and a lot of people generally. I’ll really love for you to introduce yourself…

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