About Stephanie Obi

Stephanie Obi is a leading African Woman in Tech, pioneering the knowledge technology industry in Africa. She has spent the last four years creating wealth opportunities for Africans through her signature method, The Perfect Online Course™. She also runs an agency which has produced online courses for Africa's most successful business leaders including Ibukun Awosika, Tara Fela Durotoye, and Osayi Alile to mention a few.

With an online community of over 50,000 people which is constantly growing, Stephanie has demonstrable expertise on marketing to African entrepreneurs, training them at scale and growing engaged online communities. 

Dubbed the Queen of Online Courses, She is the founder of TrainQuarters, a knowledge tech platform which is powering online courses for Africans by Africans. She's a First Class Graduate of Computer Science, an MBA from the Lagos Business School and the Author of the Amazon Bestselling book, Knowledge is the New Gold.  

Recognised as an expert in African technology space, Stephanie is regularly invited to speak at conferences and has been featured in reputable media platforms. She is a comedian and loves to travel to experience new cultures

A little bit about me and how I got here

I am a Nigerian girl, born and bred in Lagos. I am Igbo but I'm sure you can tell already from my surname. In 2010, I started making Ankara inspired t-shirts and accessories and the name of my business was ST Colours. One day, I woke up with a strong desire to share my knowledge of how to make Ankara accessories with others. I wanted to teach people how to make Ankara Accessories, so that they could become empowered. 


I held my first workshop in the garage of my parent's house. All my siblings and even my parents helped to set up the place. They cleaned the place, washed and arranged the chairs and tables, and re-parked the cars. Here is how it looked when they were done. 

Unfortunately, nobody attended my first workshop. After crying my eyes out, I decided to try again and this time, I started marketing my workshop online. To my amazement, people started reaching out to me from different parts of the world. I could not travel to all the cities I was getting requests from and I decided to launch my first online course.

To date, this course has been taken by people in over 9 countries including  Cameroon, Kenya, Australia, Zambia,  Canada, United Kingdom, United States of America, South Africa and also Nigeria.

online training



I went on to launch over twenty online courses and as I did this, I documented my processes. I discovered what worked and what didn't work and I started to create a framework for launching perfect online courses.

With time, people started asking me to show them how I was making money from courses and I started to teach my framework. Today, hundreds of women have used my proven framework to launch their own online courses and generate up to five figures in dollars.

Our community, CLD Tribe is the most supportive group of course creators all across Africa.


In 2018, I published an Amazon Best Selling Book, Knowledge is the New Gold, to show more people that they could turn their skills, knowledge and expertise into profitable online courses 

I also launched an online course production agency, The Knowledge Refinery, which creates and manages online courses for individuals and organizations


In 2019, I launched a tech platform, TrainQuarters which is a one-stop digital platform built to help African businesses easily host online courses and train thousands of people without needing any tech expertise.

TrainQuarters helps businesses to have their entire online course set up in 48 hours. It also has so many features they can use to market their courses.


I've been featured on so many platforms including Guardian Woman, etc

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