When I launched my online course in 2013, I could not believe my eyes when I started seeing the credit alerts.

I had just launched my online course as an experiment.

Nobody I knew was teaching with online courses.

I didn’t tell anyone so that they would not discourage me.

I just launched it.

...and I almost fainted when I started seeing the credit alerts and even the thank you messages from people who were paying for my course from over nine countries.

What I did not know, was that online education was already a $103 billion industry.

Billion oh...in dollars.

It may not have gotten to Africa but people in the western world were already making so much money from it.

​Today, I’ve discovered 6 solid ways to make money from online courses and I shared them with you in the video below.

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People paid within the first 48 hours

I started working with Stephanie at a time when I was at a crossroad in my life.

The limiting belief that I run a social enterprise and so, should not charge my worth for the invaluable time and resources I was giving people was a major dilemma for me.

I was afraid to launch a course and unsure of what the outcome will be.

I took the leap and I went from having very little knowledge about online courses to creating a mid-range transformational course that people paid for within the first 48 hours of my launch.

For me, the course was much more than creating an extra source of income or monetizing my knowledge. It was about beliefs that had held me back from truly doing things afraid, charting new paths and living life fully.

I realized that I was worth it.

Hauwa Ojeifo - Joy Online Course

I Found my Gold. I had been dulling myself since.


Before working with Stephanie, I was dealing with indecision. I desired to make a change but I not sure what to do.

Steph helped me to find my gold. I had been dulling myself since. I launched a successful mini course and the feedback has been wonderful so far. I'm working on the next course with many people already calling to ask when I'm starting.

I’m so happy. With what I have learnt so far the sky is the starting point.

Buchi Iduozee, Training Beyond Slides