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How to replace your annual salary with a Six Figure Course

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Let me guess 

You have a very valuable expertise but you're not sure of how to get people to pay to learn from you.

Anytime you host a free training, people attend and tell you thank you but when you mention a payment, you hear crickets.

Sometimes you get clients, but the number is discouraging. The money you earn from the program is not enough.

It can't pay your bills.

It's not the type of money that can make it easy for you to transition out of your 9-5.

You want your online course to bring you more than you currently earn in your 9-5.

You want to be comfortable.

You want to be able to fund that big business idea that you've been thinking about.

You want to be able to handle emergencies.

You want to buy a house, travel, spend more time at home with your kids.

You're tired of where you are and you're now ready to work with a coach who has been where you are and can support you.

Let's work together

Hi, I'm Stephanie

Award Winning Business Coach and Six Figure Mentor

After I successfully launched my online course in 2013, I quit my job and decided to face my online course business full time.

This is where the struggle started.

Even though my business made money, it never crossed the six figure mark and as you can imagine, things were really tough. I had the passion to impact lives but I was always stressed about money.

In 2018, my business eventually crossed the six figure mark and we have achieved this goal consistently year after year.

In hindsight, I was focusing on the wrong things.

Now that I've figured it out, I now help other women to turn their expertise into six figure courses faster than I did, so that they can transition out of their 9-5 without regrets.

View Some Success Stories

Steph helped with a mindset shift in pricing my course the right way. Pricing my course with the value that it offers to users not underpricing or overpricing the course. It doesn't matter what competition is doing.

During my course launch, I had a few fears and Steph said something that was very profound. It felt like the Holy Spirit speaking to me.

My focus changed from fearing that people will not pay to having faith that I will attract the right people who can pay for my course and that's exactly what happened.

 I launched my online course and got 23 students with an email list of 200 people. To date, Over 300 students have paid for my course and it's still selling.

Tobi Otokiti - Creator, Transition to Product Management  

In 2020, during the Pandemic, my business grew. I took on so many one on one coaching clients and on some days I would have 3, 2 hour coaching sessions with female executives. I was exhausted.

After coaching for 6 hours straight, sometimes even 8 hours, I wouldn't want to talk to another human being. All I did was coach and eat in between.

Before I knew it, my friendships started to suffer and I gained so much weight, I became embarrassed to leave the house. My mum came to stay with me and complained bitterly about my long working hours and about my incredible weight gain (you can trust our African mothers).

What was so painful was when I looked at my account I couldn't really justify the long hours per se. I was working very hard but I was burnt out and I wasn't happy.

So I decided to work with Stephanie Obi.
This year alone, my course has earned over $30k 
and it's still selling.

Glory Edozien (PhD)  

Before I worked with Stephanie, everything was a struggle for me. I wanted to deliver the best value and impact lives but the money people were paying me was not encouraging.

I wanted to increase the price of my course but I felt that people would not pay for it because they would not be able to afford my course.

After I joined her coaching program, everything changed.

- My course got rebranded .

- I increased the price of my course by 350%

- My course sales skyrocketed and I was able to make much more money.

I also started attracting quality clients who were interested in my course.

Ibironke Yekinni - Switch to Software Testing 

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How to replace your annual salary with a Six Figure Course in USD

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Enter your name and email address below to get my free guide on how to replace your annual salary with a six figure course (in USD)

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