I Help Successful Entrepreneurs Start and Grow their Knowledge Businesses

Do you have a PASSION to teach other people?

Have you been thinking about how you can structure your experience into a product that people who don't have access to you can buy

Have you been toying with the idea of resigning from a business you set up, to focus on writing books, creating online courses, organising masterclasses all around the world, but you don't know where to start from, you feel overwhelmed and afraid

Have you been thinking about how you can turn your expertise into a profitable business that can pay for your lifestyle and even give your children and grandchildren a stream of income when you pass on to Heaven...I mean successful entrepreneurs all over the world are doing it and you would love to do this too.


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Client Results

Found a Topic to Teach

Before I worked with Steph, I was uncertain about what exactly to teach from my wealth of knowledge.

I also did not feel confident to put myself out there. I did not know how to leverage tech and social media and I did not know how to price my services.

Her Program made me feel so self assured, optimistic, hopeful and motivated.

I became certain about exactly what to teach and how to structure my course, confident in my own niche, voice and audience despite how many other similar content is out there.

I learnt how to use different tools/sites excellently eg canva, webinars, Instagram and Facebook Ads.

I learnt how to market effectively, price confidently, filter content to sell and those to give as freebies, etc.

The first time I launched my course, it was successful. I'm even launching again.

Amarachi Olusina - IELTS COURSE

Tiny Audience, Still Successful

I enrolled into the Course Launched Delivered even though I did not know anything about technology except how to operate my phone and laptop.

With all I learnt from Course Launch Delivered, I launched my online course with an email list of just 600 and Instagram followership of about 400.

I made sure I did everything Steph taught and I made sales!!!

Today, I’ve relaunched my course so many times, launched many other courses, and I’ve gotten students from different countries taking my course.


Miriam Raymond - Cake Instructor

Not A Techy, but I Launched My Course

The first time I reached out to Stephanie Obi,  I told her "I am not techy oooo" can you help me?

She said Yes and I signed up for her program.

By following Stephanie's guide, I not only launched my online course, I also hosted a successful virtual summit.

Stephanie provides a one stop shop for running an online business, because she taught me how to host a webinar, how to grow our email list, how to design graphics, how to build and maintain a website, etc

I am now the go to techy person amongst my friends.

I woke up this morning thinking about my life Pre- Stephobi and Post-Steph Obi the difference is CLEARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

Doreen Ayodele - Tax Hack Course

My Course Sales Grew

"Previously when I launched a course, I barely got up to 5 paying students.

After working with Steph, I launched one of my courses and it was a great success.

My course sales grew, my email subscriber list grew from 1000 to close to 4000 in a very short time, my conversion rates improved,  my courses and landing pages became more professional.

I now know how to strategically plan and launch my courses


Rotimi Leigh - The Wealthy Baker

$13,000 in Two Months

People started coming to me from afar to help with their brand strategy, but I could only work with two people at a time due to my tight schedule. I found myself turning the people I was passionate about back. I knew that there had to be a way to help more people.

I reached out to Stephanie Obi, the teacher of Online Courses. I paid for her program, learnt her Course Launched Delivered Method and delivered my online course.

In two months, I earned $13k from my first online course. I now have over 50 students enrolled in my online course from all over with world.

Ijeoma Ndukwe -MD/CEO Bubez Foods