Lessons from a Heartbreak

I thought I was going to share a lesson from the FirstGem event that I attended yesterday, but my heart is pulling me in a different direction. During the networking session at the FirstGem event yesterday, I said hi to a lady and asked, “How is your business”. Immediately, I noticed that her body language…

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Lessons From Banky W and Adesua’s Wedding

Last week Saturday, I watched Banky W and Adesuwa’s wedding…all from the comfort of my bed. Just in ​case you don’t know who Banky W and Adesuwa are, Banky W is a well known musician in Nigeria and Adesuwa is a well known actress in Nigeria. Their wedding had the type of attention that Princess…

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How I spend close to nothing to launch my Online Courses

I haven’t really shared this before, but one of the tools that has saved me in my business is my online course website. I literally spend close to nothing when I’m launching my online course. Let me explain. There are many tech tools you need to launch an online course. They however have a monthly…

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Lessons from Ebuka’s Agbada


A few days ago, a young man named Ebuka wore an “Agbada” to his friend’s wedding and it broke the internet in Nigeria. Just in case you don’t know what an Agbada is, it is a traditional attire worn by African men to formal events. For a long time, the Agbada has not gone through…

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Branding Lessons From Kenya

One of the first things I did when I got to Kenya, was to speak on a panel about “How to build a profitable global personal brand from scratch”.   ​I believe that everybody is already a personal brand, you just have to decide to become more intentional about your brand so that you can…

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[Case Study]: How to launch a Successful Flash Sale with Online Courses

I just rounded up my own flash sale of my online courses, and I was happy with the results. In today’s post, I decided to share with you my results, the steps I took to achieve it, and the mistakes I made so that you can avoid them. My desire is that you also launch…

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Types of Online Courses

online courses

Hello Guys, In today’s post, I talk about the two main types of online courses and what to use them for. There are two main types of online course. 1. Mini Courses This is when you teach a particular skill. You can teach it by showing people video tutorials of how you perform that skill.…

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2 Year Old Mistake

During my NYSC, I was lying on my bed one day, and I had a brilliant idea.   “What if I can make t-shirts with Ankara Fabric?”   The excitement ran through my veins. I loved the idea. I had never seen it before, it was novel, it was innovative, it was creative.   I…

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